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  1. MAC “Strobe cream” – 30€
  2. Money, money, money…€€€€€
  3. Tom Ford “Black orchid” – 53 €
  4. Michael Kors X FUJIFILM INSTAX® Camera –  130 €

  5. Iphone 7 – 750€
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#PersonalBlogPost: Bag Blogging Boy

I’ve been thinking about what to write for today’s post, and I thought I’d like to put the focus on the Boy and not just the wonderful… 1.233 palabras más

Louis Vuitton

Are You Up For Python? Givenchy Python Antigona

Antigonas have become a fashion staple. At this point we have one or know someone who has one in simple plain colors. So perhaps it’s about time to go exotic in the bag we’ve been loving all these years. 203 palabras más


Gray Fall Jacket

The weather here has been really unpredictable, even more than usual. This jacket has been perfect because it’s lightweight but it’s just enough when it starts to get a little cooler. 47 palabras más


Budget Buy - Mossimo Satchel from Target

I recently found this gorgeous satchel at Target from the brand Mossimo. I have to admit, I’m kind of a purse snob & this is my first Target purse but so far, I’m in love! 310 palabras más

New Products

Givenchy Tweaks the Antigona

Our well loved Antigona gets a design tweak that resolves its one minor quirk. 203 palabras más


Damir Urban o svojoj ulozi u Antigoni

Kantautor Damir Urban tumači lik proroka Tiresije u predstavi “Antigona – 2000 godina kasnije”, koja večeras i naredna dva dana igra u Sarajevu.

Kako ste se uopće našli u ulozi Tiresije? 909 palabras más