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To summarise our design concept and finalisation of the stage set for Scene 4.ii we created a final board to document the process, from concept through to technical detailing. 30 palabras más

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SCENE 4.11//Technical Detailing//

As our concept developed and our design became finalised, we recorded this progression as we went. From basic floor plans to final plans, also sections and visuals rendered and un-rendered. 284 palabras más

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I’m sure most of you know that the iconic Hubert De Givenchy has passed away. This man was a legend in fashion. He paved the way for so many designs and designers that we love today. 408 palabras más


Antigone - Group 2 - Interim Critique Feedback

We presented our current concept and ideas to the other groups and two other Co.Lab subjects as part of our interim critique. Our 10 minute presentation focused on the development of our concept from our initial idea, analysis of precedents, plans and sections for our installation and proposed visuals. 266 palabras más

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Antigone - Group 2 - Proposal

It was decided that our concept could be utilised for both scene two and also for setting the atmosphere on the journey of the audience from the bar to their seats. 180 palabras más

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Antigone - Group 2 - Word Projection Concept

After researching relevant precedent studies our concept really started to develop. In particular we felt the Nota Bene precedent where the digital installation projects text and creates a silhouette background from this of particular relevance to our concept. 374 palabras más

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Antigone - Group 2 - Colours and Moods

Our concept is based around portraying and exaggerating the emotions of the characters and the moods throughout scene 2. The use of colour can be one of the biggest factors in creating mood within theatre and will form an integral part of our concept. 160 palabras más

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