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The flowers in the patio

At the house we stayed at in Jericó, Antioquia, there was a vine with magnificent flowers that curled vigorously around the posts and rails of the internal patio. 291 palabras más



The city of Medellin is a huge place spreading several kilometres down the narrow valley. It has a violent past linked to the Colombian drug cartels and is the place where the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar lived, was imprisoned and was eventually gunned down on 2nd of December 1993. 874 palabras más

South America

Lo chévere de vivir en Medellín

Caminando en las calles de Medellín y conociendo la ciudad, no puedo parar de pensar en voz de J Balvin, “a mí me gusta”. Estas son algunos de las razones porque: 810 palabras más


Some things I like about Medellín

When I arrived in Medellín, I found myself singing “I think I’m gonna like it here” in my head like my musical (nick)namesake*.  After being here a for a little while, it seems I was right. 1.017 palabras más


Colombia Antioquia / The ultimate Medellin Trip



For about 10 years it was not possible to visit Medellin. It was the “Most Dangerous City in the World” due to the drug-fueled violence of Pablo Escobar, in the last 20 years… 1.023 palabras más


Escale à Jardín - Antioquia.

Une fois de plus notre GPS (google), nous trouve une route secondaire pour faire les quelques heures qui nous séparent de “Jardín – Antioquia… 339 palabras más

Noël 2017