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CloverEats: Rubamba in New Haven

I’ve had amazing arepas from the Ay! Arepa food cart, and so was excited to check out the restaurant Rubamba. I think this experience confirms how big a difference presentation can make – just look at how beautiful the arepa looks above, plated so precisely! 231 palabras más

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July 16th/Day 77: A...merican Beaver?

Can we talk about this sign? Can I point out the fact that the English name of this animal is the “American Beaver”, while the French name is “Castor du Canada” (i.e. 522 palabras más

Project 365

Beef Arepas! (Cornmeal Flatbreads) with Pickled Jalapeños & Avocado

This post is dedicated to my adventurous husband and daughter who bravely tried something that they a) had never heard of, b) knew was a little spicy, and c) couldn’t slather with melted cheese, as is their typical preference.  1.384 palabras más


Breakfast of Champions

Leftover slow-roasted pork arepa, yuca fries, and aioli verde from Hola Arepa; coffee (not pictured)


Cafe Racer Kitchen Vist (#1?)

Well I finally got to MY most anticipated Truck restaurant of the year, the Café Racer Kitchen. I would have gone much sooner, but after hearing a month wait for their… 1.193 palabras más

Coconut Curry Bowl With Plantains

It’s one of those dishes that tell a story – “I am very hungry tonight”. Ever come home from a long day of something, and throw your kitchen together in one crazy, infamous dish of epicness?  195 palabras más


Hearty Mixed Lentil Soup

This brilliant hearty soup, filled with bold spices and mixed beans, is definite a crowd-pleaser. Perfect for this big-batch recipe, of course you can always halve the ingredients if you want less. 243 palabras más

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