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The Meal

 2.5 hours  2 people

Eric’s Thoughts

Don’t let the name fool you – Arepa Boyacense is breakfast grilled cheese. 

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South America

Cartagena I

“The problem is that Carribean reality resembles the wildest imagination.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

We went to Colombia in August of 2014 with Darren and Erin Cartagena is a lively, humid, city, the heat of which can be suffocating, but there’s no shortage of things to do. 301 palabras más

Jojoto Venezuelan Arepas

On a sunny Saturday afternoon before my train departing at Liverpool Street station, I decided to arrive early and walk up to Shoreditch for the Urban Food Fest. 441 palabras más


A Taste of Venezuala at La Cocinita

*This review is originally posted on North by Northwestern*

Lately, Evanston has seen quite a bit of a turnover in its food scene. With restaurants offering food ranging from Arlen’s Chicken (which, unfortunately, has recently closed down) to Peppercorn Kitchen, does Evanston really need another new cuisine? 706 palabras más


Arepa: Reina Pepiada

When I first moved to Toronto I was eager to try out Arepa, mainly because I had seen an article about it on which caught my attention. 531 palabras más


International Relations: breakfast sandwich edition

When I woke up this morning, infinitely more hungover than expected, I knew a breakfast sandwich wasn’t a desire but a necessity. I’m not kidding when I say that making it out the door was a top-ten strugglefest. 394 palabras más


Venezuelan Food

Venezuelan politics and our current economic crisis have been dominating the news for a long time but because food is way better than my country’s politics, and Venezuelan cuisine is one of the many reasons why I love my country, I thought about sharing with you some of our traditional dishes while I try not to cry because of how much I miss them. 852 palabras más