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Leka Leka

An Arepa stuffed with cheese and guacamole at Leka Leka, Madrid.

Popular in Latin American countries such as Venezuela and Colombia, an arepa is a pocket of dough made from maize, packed with various fillings.


BienMeSabe: Venezuelan Arepas in Chicago

When we go to NYC, we always enjoy getting arepas – Venezuelan corn masa patties with a variety of fillings – but we didn’t really have a go-to arepa spot in Chicago ( 391 palabras más


Colombian Eggs

“Colombian Eggs” is a family favorite. To our family Colombian eggs are scrambled eggs done in a specific way. Instead of scrambling the eggs ahead of time and then cooking them, we make our Colombian eggs by heating up the pan, cracking the egg(s) into the pan, and then scrambling them as they cook. 165 palabras más


Arepas integrales

¡La arepa es uno de los mejores desayunos del mundo! Definitivamente es mi carbohidrato favorito salado para desayunar. La harina de maíz es muy versátil y puedes mezclarla con cereales, semillas y vegetales para hacerla mucho más nutritiva y agregarle color y sabor a la masa. 329 palabras más


Lotus Blossoms, Water Lilies, and Arepas

All my cycling friends have been posting pictures of lotus and lily blossoms from the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. Easy cycling access to the gardens is provided by the new Anacostia River Trail. 356 palabras más


Arepas with Shredded Pork & Pickled Onions

In the south, we have “hoe cakes,” but in South America, specifically Venezuela and Columbia, they have “arepas.” While arepas are similar to hoe cakes, their distinct difference comes from the type of corn meal used. 649 palabras más


Arepa Dude

Walking through San Pedro Plaza I noticed a guy selling arepas de queso (corn cakes with cheese).  The smell was intoxicating, so I decided to buy one.   49 palabras más