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Country 043 - Venezuela (El Arepazo)

: 181 Augusta Avenue, Toronto

A good way of figuring out what to order for this blog is Googling “ national dish.”  In the case of Venezuela, their national dish is pabellón criollo, which consists of braised beef, rice and beans, and is typically served with fried plantain. 186 palabras más


Pupusas, arepas, y tortillas

For the first time in a while I made pupusas yesterday.  Pupusas are corn meal cakes that are often stuffed and topped from El Salvador.  This time I made it with encurdito to top it, a kind of crunchy cole slaw topping.   319 palabras más

Arepa sin harina

Arepa sin harina?? Cómo? Dónde?

Pues si hay una!!

Esta receta es perfecta para esos antojos de noche que nos provoca una arepa.

A mi me encanta tostadita y se puede rellenar con lo que quieras, queso, pavo, huevo, atún, pollo, etc. 98 palabras más


Las Arepas Venezolanas

Once upon a time an American redhead went to a birthday pool party and met a tall, dark and handsome Venezuelan man. Growing up in the northeastern United States the redhead had never met anyone from beautiful Venezuela before. 667 palabras más

Cafe Racer Kitchen

Last week I ate what felt like all of the arepas. I took my little brother to Hola Arepa while he was visiting, I met a coworker for lunch at Arepa Bite in Moundsview, and I capped off the week in my own backyard at… 570 palabras más


🇻🇪 Cinco de Julio (Venezuelan Independence Day) 🇻🇪

Happy Cinco de Julio (fifth of July)!! Today marks Venezuela’s (officially República Bolivariana de Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) Declaration of Independence in 1811.
I’m out at my local Venezualan cafe, sweet pepper in Bradley Beach NJ, for the national dish: pabellón con Criollo (specifically the “pabellón con barandas” (baranda is Spanish for guard rail) is served with tajadas (fried plantain) because they keep the food from falling off the plate) 44 palabras más

National Holidays

Caracas Arepa Wednesdays >Taco Tuesdays

Post work on Wednesday, we decided to check out Caracas Arepa at their East Village (93 1/2 E 7th St). If you’re not in the Manhattan area, they do have locations in Brooklyn and Rockaway. 223 palabras más