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Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium 2014, Part Two: Arepas and Underbellies

About a year ago I went to Houston, Texas for a seminar. Not long after that I went to Oxford for the Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium. 1.001 palabras más

Venezuela: Festival and a Food Truck

Every year DC has an event that includes art, food and beer called Crafty Bastards.  Artists of all types come from around the country to sell their crafts.   442 palabras más

Eating World Challenge 2015 Country Cuisine

Penn Plates feat. My Love of Arepas

With fall quickly approaching (although it doesn’t feel like it in my AC- free room), it is prime time to do the final sweep of New York City’s open-air food markets. 572 palabras más

Treat And Eats

Mañana es el Día Mundial de la Arepa

Por cuarto año consecutivo, la arepa será homenajeada en varios países del mundo.

 La arepa tiene su día mundial muy bien merecido. Hoy, como cada segundo sábado de mes, se celebra esta efeméride. 175 palabras más


Colombian Breakfast Arepas

I’ve never been to Colombia…  YET.  But I have many Colombian friends who boast the deliciousness of their native cooking – Rubén, Andrew, Karina, Enrique, and my good friend, Dolly.  572 palabras más


Foreign Cuisine: Arepa Edition

Arepas. Well, what did you expect? I’m married to a Venezuelan. We eat arepas at our house at least once a week and they. 583 palabras más

August 17th/Day 109: TIFF, Insanity, Cathy

Officially signed up for volunteer shifts for this year’s TIFF. It’s going to be a really hectic two weeks and I’m probably not going to get much sleep. 89 palabras más

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