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Dish of the day: Sancocho de res

A very traditional Colombian dish, from Bogota region. A very filling stew, or “pot au feu” of beef, with a soup made with plantain, potato, cassava and maize. 16 palabras más


Maita's Arepas; How to make Arepas in 10 easy steps

Maita’s Arepas

We have a market near our home that sells locally grown fresh vegetables for great prices. Like green, red and yellow bell peppers for $ 0.69 each, or bags of large carrots for just $1. 997 palabras más


Dish of the day: Bandeja Paisa

A typical Sunday Colombian brunch. Frijoles (Red beans), avocado, grilled pork, chorizo, rice, arepa (a kind of corn bread) and fried plantain!! Very rich in protein and quite intense but the perfect dish to start a long day!


Rapidito Colombian Gourmet Bites

After a recent excursion to a rather fantastic Spanish restaurant in Chicago’s Lakeview, my restaurant advisor and I noted a Colombian restaurant on the landscape east of where we had experienced a wow factor in coastal Spain dining. 347 palabras más


R. House, Part 1

R. House is a (relatively) new place that opened in January 2017 in Remington, the neighborhood south of Hopkins. It’s another food place surrounding our campus, and I’m glad they opened. 606 palabras más


Del Mar Salt Cod Arepa

Good morning friends!!  So this past month I was asked to help CFE International in coming up with some new recipe ideas for their fantastic salt fish products!  606 palabras más