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Foreign Cuisine: Arepa Edition

Arepas. Well, what did you expect? I’m married to a Venezuelan. We eat arepas at our house at least once a week and they. 583 palabras más

August 17th/Day 109: TIFF, Insanity, Cathy

Officially signed up for volunteer shifts for this year’s TIFF. It’s going to be a really hectic two weeks and I’m probably not going to get much sleep. 89 palabras más

Project 365

Arepas con Plátanos y Frijoles o Pollo y Guasacaca

K…so obviously Spanish is not my first language. :)  Maybe that should read “arepas con plátanos y caraotas o reina pepiadas y guasacaca”.  Or maybe I should have mentioned “pabell… 880 palabras más

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New student acquired

Last night I was beat. I think it was because I wasn’t eating enough. I’ve been so preoccupied as of late that I keep on forgetting to eat. 615 palabras más

Most popular South American snack

I posted an article recently by The Biennial of the Americas about the best Snack food in South America.  It got me thinking about all of the amazing snack food I have tried during the years I spent in South America . 110 palabras más

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CloverEats: Rubamba in New Haven

I’ve had amazing arepas from the Ay! Arepa food cart, and so was excited to check out the restaurant Rubamba. I think this experience confirms how big a difference presentation can make – just look at how beautiful the arepa looks above, plated so precisely! 231 palabras más

Restaurant Reviews

July 16th/Day 77: A...merican Beaver?

Can we talk about this sign? Can I point out the fact that the English name of this animal is the “American Beaver”, while the French name is “Castor du Canada” (i.e. 522 palabras más

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