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The culture of yerba mate

Before I came to Argentina, I had no idea what “yerba mate” was. By reading about mate online before my trip, I learned that it is a plant-based beverage that is very common here and I was very excited to try it, expecting it to taste somewhat like green tea. 445 palabras más


Isaías Leo Kremer -- Cuentista judío-argentino del campo/Argentine Jewish Short-Story Writer of the Countryside -- "Don Wesser"


Isaías Leo Kremer nació en 1947 en Villalonga (Provincia de Buenos Aires ), pueblo donde su familia se había afincado varios años antes y donde su padre trabajaba en el campo. 4.928 palabras más


Sergio Aguero unhurt after car crash

Manchester City and Argentina star Sergio Aguero has escaped a car crash unscathed.

Aguero, 31, was involved in the incident on Wednesday morning but didn’t need to go to hospital and instead reported for training as usual with Man City. 185 palabras más

Premier League

Stormy weather...

As I’ve already mentioned, it’s spring here—which is mostly warm, sunny and beautiful—but on some days, there are thunderstorms that remind me of the ones I experienced growing up in my hometown. 693 palabras más


No me digas "ni machista ni feminista"

Cuando dices “ni feminista ni sexista” no estás evitando una postura política, de hecho, te estás revelando como un espectador de la injusticia.

No olvide que ignorar el maltrato a las mujeres sigue siendo una decisión ー su apoliticismo no existe. 253 palabras más