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Nostalgia y Rock: Tobogán Andaluz en Lima 2017

“Hace tiempo que no puedo escuchar”, sobre todo cuando te encuentras en el bar Vichama en el Centro de Lima. Donde muchos saben que el sonido se mezcla con las paredes y el sudor de la gente. 470 palabras más


Uruguay Smokes the Competition With World's Biggest Ever Barbecue

A small city in Uruguay has hosted the world’s largest known asado, winning bragging rights over a rival barbecue hotspot in Argentina.

Minas — about 65 miles northeast of Uruguay’s capital Montevideo — put almost 200 cooks to work to break the Guinness world record. 127 palabras más

The Prison at the End of the World

The town of Ushuaia lies at the southernmost point of Argentina on the island territory of Tierra del Fuego. 200 years ago the only inhabitants were the Yamana tribe. 503 palabras más

South America

Real Talk

One of the best dates I’ve been on was with a gentleman from Argentina. We met on Butterfly Beach in passing, as I headed to my car at the top of the stairs to grab an extra blanket. 527 palabras más

I Heart SB

Desolate and Grassy

Three years of peace and prosperity want their tributes of infected bodies sprawled apart in communal graves surrounding the city of heavenly air. Veterans return to enjoy empty palaces and endless hours with big breasted/wide-hipped skeletons as their children hold tight during their final frail breaths. 59 palabras más


Femicidio y Paki

Cuando estaba visitando a Argentina durante el verano pasado, mi grupo y yo visitamos un museo de arte. En este museo, yo conocí dos chicos en frente colage de fotos. 182 palabras más


Let's give South America a try- Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the “New York” of South America. The biggest city in the biggest South American country outside of Brazil, Buenos Aires is a business and tourist hub on the east side of Argentina. 940 palabras más