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Hidden Holdouts and the Puzzling Pricing of Collective Rights: An Analysis of the Venezuelan Debt Crisis

The emergence of “activist” investors across a range of markets has been one of the most interesting phenomena of the past few decades (see here… 1.572 palabras más

Finance & Economics

Kissing, Abortion, Culture... What to do?

Sidenote: I really should be studying right now, but instead decided to write this.

Something that has really interested me since I got here has been Argentine culture. 1.148 palabras más

La Boca y La Bombonera

Hey guys I’m a little late posting this here, but here is a video from my trip with Study Buenos Aires to La Boca and Boca Juniors Stadium, La Bombonera.

Sunday's Soundtrack for Surfing: Astor Piazzola

Live at Montreal Jazz Festival, c. 1988 (but then again, my Spanish ain’t so good….)

With his classic (and incredible) quintet (which, by the way, kicks Flippin’ Ass!). 29 palabras más


Campanópolis: a medieval recycled fantastic place.

A village with medieval style that rises on a plot of 200 hectares west of the great Buenos Aires, fruit of the vision of a man without any architecture study but with great imagination. 158 palabras más


Salta, Argentina

I WAS back in Argentina for the second time this trip.

This time around I was keen to explore the country’s northwest.

I crossed the border at Paso de Jama, the northernmost border crossing between Chile and Argentina. 310 palabras más

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