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Miami: Everglades National Park (January 2015)

I’ve already seen the beach, the artsy parts, all the touristy places. What else was there to do? I looked up things to do on a last minute attempt and found the Everglades. 341 palabras más


Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

Choosing one sensation was difficult, and it was even harder to pick one piece of music (I chose three).

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El gusto por lo dulce de los argentinos (Parte 2)

En el post pasado vimos algunas de las cosas dulces que tanto le gustan a los argentinos. En esta segunda parte nos vamos a enfocar más en algunos postres que si bien no fueron inventados aquí en Argentina, son obligatorios en cualquier restaurante clásico argentino y que en cualquier hogar del país en algún momento han sido preparados y consumidos con gozo por demás. 730 palabras más

Comida En Argentina

3 Easy Winter Desserts | Arroz con Leche - ChocoBanana - Dark Choclate Mousse

I know it’s a bit late, but… FELIZ NAVIDAD!

I Hope you had an amazing christmas full of good thing. Are you still on a leftovers diet? 416 palabras más


Slow cooker coconut rice with cinnamon and dates (arroz con leche, with a twist)

After gallo pinto*, arroz con leche (rice pudding) is my favorite dish from my time in Nicaragua. For some reason, it’s taken me years to make a serious attempt at arroz con leche myself. 259 palabras más


Curbing the cravings with tasty holiday sweets

Faith Grimes


Cranberry Sorbet

For the holidays my abuelita always makes arroz con leche.  With its warm and delicious aroma, it is amazingly satisfying. 735 palabras más

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Photography 101: Moment

The theme is Moment and with that I can say that a lot of my big and small moments in life are surrounded by food. There’s something about gathering with friends and family and enjoying a delicious meal. 42 palabras más