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Peppiadas: de Caracas a Madrid.

En los últimos años, la gastronomía venezolana ha ido poco a poco calando en España y especialmente en Madrid. Puede que sea por la reciente ola migratoria que se está produciendo en Venezuela, puede que sea porque la comida venezolana es siempre de buen agrado en el paladar de venezolanos y extranjeros, o por ambas. 343 palabras más


Lychee Phirni with a touch of orange blossom

I am born and brought up in India so me liking dairy based dessert is very natural. Most of the indian dessert have dairy in them in some or the other form. 499 palabras más


Rice pudding anyone?

So for all readers from the states this may or may not be something you are familiar with. From my time in America I think something that is similar is Arroz con leche, or simply rice with milk. 461 palabras más

Arroz Con Leche

Day 1 In San Juan, Costa Rica

Two years ago, my family and I traveled to Costa Rica for a few days on a group trip. I have been meaning to post about our experience ever since, so here it finally goes! 322 palabras más


"the most sensual, delicious dessert"

In her aphrodisiac cookbook Aphrodite, Isabel Allende calls her variation on the traditional arroz con leche “the most sensual, delicious dessert.” Should you be in a good mood,” she tells us, “you can cover your lover from head to foot in this mouthwatering arroz con leche and slowly lick it off.” 359 palabras más

For Two

Arroz con Leche (Mexican Rice Pudding)

Ever since I got back from Portugal I’ve been in an international state of mind. It’s still pretty cold in Philly and I wanted something hot and sweet. 305 palabras más

Sweet Tooth

Miami: Everglades National Park (January 2015)

I’ve already seen the beach, the artsy parts, all the touristy places. What else was there to do? I looked up things to do on a last minute attempt and found the Everglades. 341 palabras más