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Quick, grab the blowtorch!

It’s bizarre how ingredients as humble as rice, milk and sugar can be transformed into the creamy, sugary goodness that is rice pudding. Arroz con leche requemado  317 palabras más


A Colombian Holiday Treat

The beautiful country of Colombia stretches across varying terrain, from the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean to the lush rainforest, where the gateway to the Amazon lies. 125 palabras más

BP Insider

What a still moment. It’s late morning in The City, and it’s so quiet at home that one would think the entire neighborhood up and left for the day. 222 palabras más

L.A. Stories

Arroz Con Leche

Arroz Con Leche by Norma Garza
Video and Production by Claudia D. Cardona

Norma Garza, the long time Assistant in the Alumni Relations Office, perfects one of her favorite dishes from her childhood. 176 palabras más

Media Production

Mistura 2015

Last Wednesday I went with my friend Anna to Mistura. This is the largest international food fair in Latin America. It is a great cultural festival, where Peruvians celebrate their rich culinary tradition and amazing biodiversity. 319 palabras más

Daily Life

Mexican flavors and a wedding

I think I should dance a little bit, just this one time, because… this is my first post!

*dance, dance, dance*

Ok, lets begin.

Recently I received a request from a bride to be; she wanted some cupcakes with… 328 palabras más


Father's Day Brunch en Salsipuedes @ Bristol Hotel

Ayer fue el Día del Padre, y nos fuimos con un brunch espectacular en el restaurante Salsipuedes en el Hotel Bristol en Ciudad de Panamá. Recientemente el Bristol cambió el formato de su Brunch de buffet “all-you-can-eat” a carta, pero ayer para celebrar a los papas, papis, papasitos y demás, regresaron a su versión original de brunch. 85 palabras más