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Kathy wasn’t the best cook, but Ralph loved her arroz con pollo.  This weekend we are going to Virginia to a house by the bay that she used to go to all the time with her best friends from New Jersey.   407 palabras más

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Tuve que enfatizar en el titulo “Arroz con pollo peruano”, porque este plato no solo se prepara en Perú, se cocina en casi todo Latinoamérica, pero todo sabemos, que en cada lugar se le aumentan, o quitan algunos ingredientes a la receta original, es por es que siempre es bueno resaltar el origen de la receta, tal y como lo hice, sin crear un aire de superioridad, claro esta. 453 palabras más

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I got a new cookbook last week, Williams Sonoma’s One Pot of the Day, and it inspired me to try to cook more. I’ve been getting a little bit lazy about making meals at home; it’s hard to motivate yourself to cook when there are so many cheap and delicious take-out options here in Portland. 501 palabras más

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Cooking Cuban - Arroz con Pollo

I sat at the table watching my grandmother uncover the large pot sitting on the stove. As steam billowed from under the cover, the fragrance of oregano, garlic, onion, tomato, chicken and a hint of white wine, tickled my nose and made my stomach growl. 940 palabras más


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The one negative about moving 3000 miles is the cravings you have that can no longer be fulfilled. There isn’t a Popeye’s Chicken or a Golden Corral within 25 miles of me. 282 palabras más

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