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Arroz con Pollo ~ an i&* recipe

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I can’t cook rice. In the oven, on the stove, minute rice, boil-in-bag. You name it, … 327 palabras más


Elizabeth Gomez: 9 Constant Struggles for Korean Puerto Ricans (Koricans, if you will)

  1. Being mistaken for Filipino
  1. Fighting the urge to add kimchi to arroz con pollo
  1. Being mistaken for Hawaiian
  1. PUERTO RICAN PRIDE expressed through a subtle display of Asian emotion…
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Arroz con Pollo Verde

This past week, I decided to torture myself with a 3 day modified juice cleanse. Breakfast, lunch, and every second in between consisted of guzzling juices filled with a month’s worth of fruits and veggies. 329 palabras más


Arroz con Pollo

Arroz con pollo is one of my favorite recipes. Its easy, simple and delicious.



  • 1 TBSP vegetable oil
  • 1 lb chicken breasts (skinless and boneless) cut into stripes…
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The Boca Chica Report

By Ernest Barteldes

On our sixth trip to The Dominican Republic, we made a few changes: instead of leaving in the early hours of Thanksgiving Day and spending a sleep-deprived afternoon at the resort, we decided to book the flight on Wednesday evening right after work – even if that meant adding the cost of an extra night at the resort (which was actually offset by early booking, so it was not an issue at all). 1.267 palabras más


Sunday Recipe: Arroz Con Pollo

As a second generation Puerto Rican American I love cooking food from la isla, however, I don’t have the same culinary chops as my mom or… 268 palabras más

Arroz Con Pollo

Cooking in Costa Rica

Each ISA High School program includes cultural activities throughout the week, in which students have a chance to delve a little deeper into their host culture. 107 palabras más

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