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in praise of the red velvet kitkat

Cue up “Love Cats” by the Cure, and join me in celebrating the return of the elusive and much anticipated Red Velvet flavored KitKats.  For some reason, these are a Valentine’s Day seasonal offering, available only in the miniature size.  92 palabras más

Art And Culture

"My Homeland"

Maryam is 14 years old from Afghanistan. Below poem titled “My Homeland” is written by her. The poem explains the pain of her countrymen in Afghanistan. 276 palabras más

Ismaili Muslim Authors

Experience Yemen Blues at the Aga Khan Museum

Using the Yemeni synagogue chants and music of his childhood as a base, Ravid Kahalani mixed in a few other musical ingredients – jazz, funk and African music – to create the hot sound of Yemen Blues, the world music band he fronts.

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Anatomical Renderings by Nunzio Paci.

Taking the analogy comparing blood vessels and tree branches literally, Nunzio Paci (previously) creates oil and graphite paintings that connect humans back to nature.
Paci’s works look almost straight from a medical textbook except for one flaw—the trees and animals that sprout from his subjects’ mouths, chests, and necks. 88 palabras más

Creativity And Courage

Artist Vasudeo Kamath remarked, “There are many portrait painters, but very few accept the challenges to paint something new!” 175 palabras más

Art And Culture