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"Art as Far as the Eye Can See"

During my studies of Environmental Design in Paris in 1995, I had an interesting meeting with Paul Virilio who was the Director of Ecole Speciale d’Architecture / ESA at the time. 109 palabras más

House Architecture

Cafe church interview

This morning, Mom invited a female pastor to bless our house.

This afternoon, I joined my sister, Mom and my younger brother to roll cookie dough at Flour Power. 127 palabras más

Daily Life

Bohemian Blues

Got a simple stamping design for today~ I added some blue and white colors on top of my gold glittery base color and stamped some feathers, arrows and some triangular shapes. 30 palabras más


Envisioning Success/Οραματίζοντας την Επιτυχία

My collage is inspired by the meaning of success and especially what it means to people in most countries in our modern society.

I think that it looks like an unintentional vision board ;) 195 palabras más