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Wifey Material

No matter what I say I’ll never get through to you
No matter what I do I’ll never win your heart, you know it’s true… 86 palabras más

Spencer Tunick's Melbourne nude photos released in vivid colour ...

Bear thought you might be interested …

“The 860 Melburnians who stripped off in the name of art for a nude photo shoot during the heart of Melbourne’s winter will today see the works they took part in. 54 palabras más

Bear Tales


i’m sorry

for all my mistakes–

good love

was a language

i had

to learn.


Why can’t I stop thinking about you
Especially after everything you just put me through
Checking my phone every chance I get
I know you see my message, respond to it… 60 palabras más

The Most Common Command & the Most Common Promise in the Bible is?

~ It is interesting to note that the most frequently found command in the Bible is ____________ Guess? It is not “Love one another” or “Love God” or “Forgive others” or “Do unto others”, etc. 487 palabras más