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Raul Brossy PPJ 3-4



Recolor Decals(0h)



Texture Mom and Kids


This week has had great and terrible parts. Let’s start with the terrible. Half the team was away for the meetings due to Easter or ECGC. 277 palabras más


Lisa's New Tattoo

A friend got her first tattoo on her birthday recently! Drew this with a (Snapchat) reference photo. Really unsure about how to draw tongues… Will keep working on anatomy.


I think of all the education that I missed.

And I
I vault to the ceiling
I climb the walls

And you

And I
I get around your sickness
Empathy rains down… 34 palabras más


OC - Lucy

A persona I created awhile ago based off the League of Legends “champion” (Jinx) and burger motifs (?)(?)(?). Used as an avatar for a friend. … 24 palabras más


Preview: Chonteng by Teater Ekamatra

Presented as part of their Artist Residency Programme, this April, Teater Ekamatra presents Rizman Putra’s Chonteng. Translating to ‘doodle’ in English, the installation takes the form of drawings exploring ideas of line and mark making based loosely on the method of automatic drawing, documenting the stream of iconography and creatures from the consciousness of the artist. 147 palabras más


Thinking over, overthinking: Notes on Perfeckshunysm

I recently read a comic where the main character draws a line on a blank piece of paper and then immediately declares that the paper is now ruined. 561 palabras más