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Take an Art Trip: Galleries you should visit in Dublin!

Dublin is always full of really exciting and interesting exhibitions, festivals and pop up events. There is always something new to see and learn in Dublin. 462 palabras más


Joan Miro, The Potato, 1928

Happy Birthday to Joan Miro, born April 20, 1893, in Barcelona, Spain. While widely regarded as a Surrealist artist, Miro never restricted himself into any one group or movement, leaving himself free to experiment with other styles without compromising the integrity of any one establishment. 247 palabras más


Upcoming exhibition I’m part of next month – anyone interested in art of the female form, objectification, feminist art might enjoy this! Here is the link:

Vaporgong p2

Extending on from the previous, this post will feature scholarly and academic sources on the Vaporwave art movement and attempt to delve into how the history of art in order to further understand the aesthetic of this movement. 194 palabras más

Rock Cave ART

9000 years ago

Bhimbhetka Caves, Madhya Pradesh.


Bhimbetka, in the Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh, right in the middle of India (see maps), is the best-known rock art area in the sub-continent, so much so that it rated UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 2003. 426 palabras más

Visual Culture and Early Films

The history of films has gone a long way. Long before they were invented, the tools and technology underwent many experiments. There were some visual experiences that ancient people discovered while playing with light. 1.369 palabras más


in London With the Art Historians

I spent half of the past week in and around Somerset House at the Association for Art History annual conference, listening to all kinds of scholars discuss aspects of art history. 715 palabras más