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“It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another.”  Nelson Mandela

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workshop on a brief history of indian and european art

Culture Monks presents a workshop on A Brief History of Indian and European Art

To equip art lovers, connoisseurs, students, teachers and art buyers with a clear understanding of arts, Culture Monks launches a series of workshops. 342 palabras más

Training, Workshop, Residency

Someone made a reference to outsider art this week and it sent me researching some links on it. Like Dada, outsider art is one of the most interesting things about 20th century art, though of course it has no specific time period.

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Peter Paul Rubens, The Feast of Achelous, 1615

Peter Paul Rubens, born June 28th, 1577, in Siegen, Germany, wasn’t just one of the most influential Flemish Baroque painters of his time, he was a Renaissance man in his own right. 223 palabras más

Travel: Paris Part 2

Dear Readers,

So this is a bit of a delayed post from my trip to Paris back in April. I had travelled to Paris for a long weekend in order to complete some research for my dissertation. 774 palabras más