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Greg Adams and East Bay Soul - Possibilities

Trumpet legend Greg Adams was the bedrock of the formation Tower of Powers. As a founding member of the group he has recorded fourteen albums and composed many of their hits. 158 palabras más

Smooth Jazz

Turf War 1 recap (part one)

As I continue to work on my latest mini comic Turf War 3 let’s relive the stories of the last two years!


Christiane Spangsberg | DesignKhora Favourites

It has been a while since I stumbled across an artist whose work I wanted in every project as well as every room in my home. 104 palabras más


Suzy Q

When I wrote my previous article Devil Gate Drive, I assumed that Nino has based his B-17 cover on the popular song from 1958.  However, I am never adverse to being proven wrong if it builds my knowledge of either comics or anything else. 213 palabras más


Happy 60th Birthday Viggo Mortensen 20th October 2018!

Actor, writer, painter, photographer, musician – is there anything Viggo Mortensen hasn’t done? Directed a film? He’s doing that too, with Falling due to go into production any day now. Happy birthday Viggo Mortensen!


Ongoing Encouragement

In an early entry of this blog I posited that the habits we form over time must necessarily evolve to adapt to the changes that positive habits bring in our lives. 345 palabras más