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Libre Office Calc - Konvertovanje brojeva u ASCII karaktere

Funkcija CHAR konvertuje broj u odgovarajuci ASCII karakter.

ASCII tabelu mozete pogledati na ovoj adresi:




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Replacing Exotic Characters in Excel

I was using Mozilla Thunderbird for email. Occasionally I would export emails as individual EML files for archiving. As described in another post, this process gave me two separate outputs: actual files whose names that weren’t very pretty, and a much better list of emails. 3.660 palabras más

DEVUAN 3: justificada decepcion, systemd cada vez mas molesto

Devuan 3 Beowulf ofrece una selección de 5 entornos de escritorio en el momento de la instalación: Xfce, Cinnamon, KDE, LXQt y MATE! Pero tal como intento Mijail Arso ( … 938 palabras más


SureM (SuperM) International SMS Charge Method

Generally, there are two types on how SureM charging International messages according by calculating the type of messages ㅡ ASCII and UNICODE.


ASCII : Alphabets, numbers, special characters (@,$,*,% etc) that are seen on the keyboard. 113 palabras más

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The geekiest thing you'll do today: watch Star Wars in ASCII format

TOPICS: ASCII, asciimation, Star Wars, Telnet

Yes, there are plenty of sites to watch movies online for free, apart from the huge range of video-on-demand services we already have. 36 palabras más

Chapter 2 - Text Encoding and Regex(nlp)

Text Encoding –

Textual Data can be in different languages and text analysis for each language is different. For example grammar for English and Spanish will not be same. 785 palabras más