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No to Trump No to Nato Protest! Don't Extradite Assange for exposing War Crimes 3/12/2019

Tuesday 3rd December 2019, 4pm No to Trump No to Nato, Don’t Extradite Assange for exposing War Crimes

The Trump administration Department of Justice is waging a war on WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange and WikiLeaks heroic whistleblower Chelsea Manning. 58 palabras más


Visiting Assange, Britain's Political Prisoner - 

I set out at dawn. Her Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh is in the flat hinterland of south east London, a ribbon of walls and wire with no horizon. 39 palabras más

"US abuses justice systems to target its enemies, like it did with Huawei – Assange’s father"

“The incarceration and extradition trial of Julian Assange is one of many examples of the US abusing the legal systems of other countries to target its political enemies, said John Shipton, the father of WikiLeaks’ founder. 70 palabras más


#FreeTheTruth Event in support of Julian #Assange - Photos and videos 28/11/2019

On the 28th of November the Free The Truth event brought together an amazing panel of speakers in defence of Julian Assange the WikiLeaks publisher whilst artist displayed political art and music was played on the piano. 338 palabras más


Four Candidates for Kingston and Surbiton: Julian Assange Should be Released from Prison

Four Candidates for Kingston and Surbiton: Julian Assange Should be Released from Prison

By Jeremy Barras – 27 November 2019

Yesterday evening, inside the Jacqueline Wilson Theatre at Kingston University, I asked two candidates running to represent the area in which I live, Kingston and Surbiton: “Do you think Julian Assange should be released from prison and not extradited to the United States?” 616 palabras más


28/11/2019 #FreeTheTruth Conference in support of #WikiLeaks publisher Julian #Assange


FREE THE TRUTH, London, Nov 28th17:10 hrs

On Thursday 28thNovember, over 500 artists, politicians, judicial experts, healthcare professionals, whistleblowers, journalists, publishers, trade unionists, community activists, academics, students and members of the public will participate in a discussion and art exhibition examining the persecution of award-winning journalist and publisher Julian Assange. 239 palabras más