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Being a Scorpion......

For a very long time I was wanting to write on this topic.”being a scorpion”,
yes I’m a scorpion not a moon sign but a sun and lagna sign as scorpion. 500 palabras más

Tonight I'll be teaching the class "As

Tonight I’ll be teaching the class “Astrology & the Chakras” at Pathways from 7-9 PM, with an investment of $25 cash. To reserve a spot, contact them at 314-842-0047. 7 palabras más


Meditations 9:02

Saturn, Pluto, Lilith approaching

The final stages of the matrix

The energy is tumultuous

This is the time

Where one should be resting


Fortifying defenses… 8 palabras más

My Personal Astrological Profile

Amy Rachea Griswold
November 8 1991    07:34 PM
Lubbock, Texas
– 6 GMT
101° 49′ W    33° 39′ N
Tropical Zodiac  –  Placidus Houses

The Luminaries: Sun and Moon… 7.126 palabras más

Astro Aspects, 12-13th Dec, 2017!

MERCURY conjunct SUN!
This has been building. This is exact tomorrow.

The Sun shines some light and Mercury drops you some messages, insight, answers, information and clarity into something that’s been on going. 25 palabras más


Husband Wife Dispute Problem Solutions

There are many things that can happen in a moment. People have been looking for any kind of miracle that can solve their real life problems. 491 palabras más