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8M in La Castellana

“If we Stop, the world stops”

This year International Women’s day, the 8th or March was very special in Spain due to the fact that a national strike was held, with the objective of making women’s labour visible on a national scale and show how their labour is just as important as men’s and call for this to be reflected in their rights. 631 palabras más


Madrid has an Unexpected Heat Wave

Yesterday and today are exceptionally hot days for Madrid in May. Compared to hot in Arkansas, it has been very manageable. Yesterday, Paula and I went to the art museum Reina Sofía, Real Jardín Botánico, La Iglesia de San Jerónimo y El Prado. 542 palabras más


La carta que nunca leerás. Parte 11. Estado civil: Ilegal. 1 de 2.

Después de pagar la cuenta del desayuno en el hotel, me ayudaste con la maleta y subimos a tu Mitsubishi azul eléctrico.

Encontré un cd de música pop fuera de moda, era de ella. 1.204 palabras más


Madrid Atocha train station

The new station was put into operation in 1992 converted it into a tropical palm tree garden.  The huge hall with a roof structure made of cast iron and glass was built in 1892 by the architect Alberto de Palacio y Elissague and redesigned in 1992 by the architect José Rafael Moneo. 57 palabras más


Madrid Musings: Toledo

26/08/2017: Day 6

Last day in Madrid. Our Airbnb host said that we have to check out by 12:00 because he has another guest coming in. 1.811 palabras más

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