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S novom 2015. godinom je došlo vrijeme za putovanja na nove destinacije. Kako je  Dalai Lama rekao: „Jednom godišnje, otiđi na mjesto gdje nisi bio“. U redu, mudri čovječe, tako će i biti. 2.776 palabras más


Toledo: The Historic City

The “Historic City of Toledo” is another UNESCO World Heritage Site that my friend and I visited during our trip. Special hat-tip to our Aussie blogger friend for the destination recommendation because Toledo is honestly really beautiful. 565 palabras más



I have been living in Spain for over nine months now, and I was beginning to feel a bit sheepish when people asked me if I had been to Madrid and I kept answering no. 1.100 palabras más


Mel Fisher Maritime Museum

During the 1500s to the late 1600s, Spaniards would collect gold, silver, jewels, and rare spices from the Caribbean islands and the South and Central Americas. 306 palabras más


Buenisimo, Celebrating 30 years of Marriage - Day 3 & Day 4

Reflections from our Spanish Adventure

  • A Trip to be Savored; Eating and Drinking our way through Spain in 10 days…

Have you ever planned an adventure where everything went right?  2.153 palabras más


Treasure Hunting: Documenting the Continuing Odyssey of the World’s Most Famous Treasure Hunters

   Adventure seekers have a different genome than most of their fellow human beings. They are programmed “to go where no one has gone before,” as Gene Roddenberry recognized in his… 522 palabras más