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Reina Sofia

The Reina Sofia museum is situated in a perfect area in Atocha where a lot of tourists tend to visit, it’s in an open quad area with vast amounts of hotels, restaurants and parks within walking distance. 418 palabras más

Museo Nacional Del Prado

Over the weekend we went to the Prado Galleria, I haven’t been there since my last visit during my foundation Art and Design course. The Prado museum has collected a large amount of big famous painters within their institution as part of their permanent collections such as Goya, Titian, Rubens, Bosch and more. 601 palabras más

Un Domingo en Madrid: El Brillante & Museo Reina Sofía

Me gustan los domingos domingueros en Madrid. Ir caminando desde mi casa hasta el centro, pasar por delante de las tiendas de Serrano, foto en la puerta de Alcalá, ver como en Cibeles aumenta el gentío y una vez allí comprobar la dirección exacta del sitio a donde quiero ir. 412 palabras más



Outtakes 234


By Cait Collins

I love rocks, minerals, crystals, and gemstones. Each one has its own beauty. Even river-tumbled stones possess color, texture, and properties. 368 palabras más


Toledo: The Historic City

The “Historic City of Toledo” is another UNESCO World Heritage Site that my friend and I visited during our trip. Special hat-tip to our Aussie blogger friend for the destination recommendation because Toledo is honestly really beautiful. 565 palabras más