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Key West – Tips for Weekend Visitors

Key West – Tips for Weekend Visitors

By Kelly Dean

The objective of this article is to give you destinations you might not have considered when it comes to visiting Key West. 922 palabras más


A Bad Day in Florida is Better than a Good Day Anywhere Else.

Hi Friends! We’ve been busy getting our feet wet in the Florida scene and i’m sort of obsessed! The weather has been flawless – warm; breezy; sunshiny. 289 palabras más

A Few Hours in Atocha

Well, if anyone has ever told you travel doesn’t never goes as planned, they’re likely correct!  After a delayed/cancelled/rescheduled flight, my mom finally arrived in Madrid just in time for us to head to Atocha station and buy our train tickets for Barcelona. 315 palabras más



Continuing my review of some of my most memorable overseas train journeys…….

Shooting forward twenty odd years from my previous memorable train journey, in 2012 Mrs Wilbur and I undertook a mini train tour of Spain taking in Santiago de Compostela, Córdoba via Madrd, Cadiz and Seville. 756 palabras más

Overnight Train Journey

My Journey to Spain

Two weeks ago, I embarked on my 5-month adventure to Spain. After a day of travel including a layover in Munich, I finally arrived in Madrid where I would be staying the night before taking the train to my final destination, Pamplona. 425 palabras más


Photos (Pt. 1)

While there are already a countless number of things I could write about after these first couple days in Madrid, I figured that I would let some of the photos I’ve taken so far speak for themselves. 268 palabras más

madrid getaway 2017

My second favourite train station in Spain (after the prettily tiled Jerez station) is Atocha in Madrid, with its fabulous tropical gardens under a soaring arched ceiling. 102 palabras más