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Sociology is usually defined in terms of the scientific or systematic study of society, two notions that postmodern – and just serious – thinkers today openly question. 634 palabras más



„Voir pour prévoir, prévoir pour prévenir.”

(A vedea pentru a prevedea, a prevedea pentru a preveni)

Auguste Comte

   Sociologul și filosoful francez Auguste Comte (1798-1857) a fost fondatorul filosofiei pozitivismului, filosofie care nu mai căuta explicarea cauzelor ascunse ale fenomenelor, ci se mulțumea cu studiul datelor experienței, … 2.164 palabras más


The Political Ideology Family Tree

If you leave a thing alone you leave it to a torrent of change. If you leave a white post alone it will soon be a black post.

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Policy And Politics

Comte's Seven Categories Of Human Knowledge

Comte did us the favor of, not only dividing human knowledge into seven categories, but of also putting them in order from least to greatest. This order comes about because, according to Comte, each category of science depends upon the truths discovered and utilized in the science before it. 363 palabras más


Comte's View Of The Three Stages Of Human Worldview Development

Auguste Comte believed that there are three stages in human mental development: 1) the Theological, 2) the Metaphysical, and 3) the Positivist.

The Theological outlook, itself, is farther divided into three progressive phases… a) Fetishism, b) Polytheism, and c) Monotheism. 541 palabras más


Islam as Socialist (Soc-Islam)

Dear readers for the next few minutes “Nalaik Panda” will sound nerdy so bear with me even i reprimand my self being like this .In the Final Semester of Electrical Engineering we are forced to study sociology, Pakistan Engineering Council doesn’t give you options to chose the subject of your choice. 1.215 palabras más