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The Practical Use of Advance Organizers

Advance organizers, a concept formed by Ausubel (1978), give students a toolkit to organize new, incoming knowledge. By directing attention to what is important before a lesson, students know what to focus on during the lesson. 524 palabras más

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Movie Trailers for Your Lesson: Using Advance Organizers

P1 – Practice intentional inquiry and planning for instruction.

In current discussions regarding the benefits of discovery models of teaching versus traditional presentational models, the question that is usually asked is which model better enhances the student’s retention of knowledge? 629 palabras más

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Student voice: It's Powerpoint, but not as we know it

I’m in an art gallery in Halifax when I realise I’ve been planning murder. Not only that, but my love affair with screen beans and embedded video is over, finished! 741 palabras más


Ausubel's Subsumption Theory

Do remember when I wrote about memory palaces? Well, I guess it will depend on where you put it if you read the post! Well, I was reading for class this week and the topic in one of my textbooks was Human Learning. 919 palabras más