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AutoLisp 2.5

about 1986 R.C. Bradlee published a Xeroxed page book “Programming Autocad” which featured the Autolisp command set as of autocad version 2.5. Selection Sets had just been added. 1.996 palabras más


The importance of structural steel detailing...

Steel fabrication and modeling technology have advanced over the years in providing the drawings with the needed accuracy and quality for both shop and field.  388 palabras más

Steel Detailer


When dimensioning a drawing, it is important that the user places the dimensions the correct way. The correct way to dimension is to provide enough information that the manufacturer can understand without difficulty. 475 palabras más


Do you have the ECAD/MCAD collaboration that you need?

Collaboration between Altium Designer and SolidWorks

As more and more electronic products involve both electrical and mechanical components, and product release cycles get shorter, there’s a real need for stronger collaboration between the ECAD and MCAD domains. 216 palabras más

CAD Software

Autocad Help System for Lisp and VBA (ActiveX)

I have found the front end pages for Autocad programming languages VBA (ActiveX) and Lisp (Visual Lisp). Here is my big suggestion. You can copy and paste an entire page of links into Excel and the links transfer. 535 palabras más


The Hypercube Journey

I am really thrilled and excited to share a story from a favourite writer, writing group friend, and fellow Dragon on our Moving Dragon Writes blog, Richard Kefford. 1.410 palabras más


Black is new love 

render by me, design referenced.

Software : Max, Vray, Psd

3Ds Max