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Autodesk Factory Utilities - Identify Parts in Layout Drawings - Descriptors

Following on from my previous blog on identifying components in Inventor layout drawings, we’re looking at another alternative method, using the Factory Design Utilities in your Autodesk Product Design Collection subscription (and the method is also suitable for previous versions of the Factory Design Suite, as it was previously named). 74 palabras más


Display old style Dialog Box in AutoCAD 2018

To display a Dialog Box when using the Open, Save As and other commands:

  1. At the command prompt, enter FILEDIA.
  2. Enter for the value.

Source: Autodesk Knowledge Network


Embed Images in AutoCAD file

To insert a raster image into a DWG file so that there is no need for an external image file:

  1. Open the raster image in an image editing application, such as Microsoft® 
  2. 78 palabras más

How to trigger a python script from AutoCAD


This has been achieved using AutoCAD 2017 and Python 3.5.


First, I wrote a python script which will throw a pop up with a dumb message. 297 palabras más


How To Create A 3D Canopy Model With AutoCAD

This autocad video is presented by Mufasu CAD Channel. The tutorial is specifically designed for beginner’s AutoCAD users to improve their basic level with AutoCAD… 28 palabras más

Make Block with ActiveX

code in VBA and Visual Lisp for comparison,
connect, establish application and document objects, draw line in modelspace, add a new block, draw line in the block, insert the block. 285 palabras más