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LINQ and the AutoCAD .NET API (Part 3)

This is part three of a series of posts on LINQ and the AutoCAD .NET API. We stopped in Part 2 with the following implementation of our LayerHelper: 1.193 palabras más


Working with scales

Changing the scale of drawing can often be problematic, but using a simple chart like the one above, it is quite simple. If you are using software that scales using a factor of 1.0 as 100%, then simply adjust the figures above accordingly so for example, 10% is 0.1 and 200% is 2.0. 38 palabras más


IV73453: Login prompt is missing when a user opens a previously published drawing

In the CAD Integrator (CI) release prior to the 12.x releases, the login prompt would automatically display with previously published drawings. That appears to have changed with the 12.x releases. 26 palabras más


6 Things I Love About AutoCAD 2016 – Part 2

AutoCAD 2016 is here! To celebrate, I’m sharing my top six favorite new features. This is Part 2 of the list, so be sure to check out… 266 palabras más


AutoCAD Training 2D & 3D

Architecture, engineering, and construction professionals rely on AutoCAD software to create precise 2D and 3D drawings.

AutoCAD is a high end CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) Program. 37 palabras más

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LINQ and the AutoCAD .NET API (Part 2)

In the previous post we noticed that our first strategy of returning LayerTableRecord objects was problematic. Today I want to go into more detail about that. 2.071 palabras más


AutoCAD Courses and AutoCAD Training Centers and Institutes in Delhi

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is stands for automated computer aid design and it commercial software application for 2D and 3D designing and drafting purposes. The AutoCAD is derived from interact CAD and it is available as a desktop application since 1982. 461 palabras más

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