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Revit and Strange Civil 3D Behavior

In general, Revit interacts pretty well with AutoCAD .dwg files. Things can start to get a little strange when dealing with large survey and site files, but there are workflows that will keep your Revit file and CAD links manageable ( 468 palabras más


CAD is No Longer the Middleman in the Design Process

It is no secret that CAD has forever altered the landscapes of design, engineering, architecture, industrial manufacturing, and many other industries. However, it hasn’t happened as quickly as one might have thought. 569 palabras más


A CAD Dinosaur’s Journey, Part 4: Get the Lay of the Land

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Cadalyst’s blog series by Patrick Hughes, A CAD Dinosaur’s Journey into Modern Times. In this three-month series, Hughes chronicles his transition from AutoCAD R14 to v2015 and from an outdated PC to a state-of-the-art professional workstation. 704 palabras más


Aligning CAD Integrator versions with TRIRIGA Platform versions

Mani Sanjeevi: The intention of this post is to help you identify the appropriate release of CAD Integrator is required based on your TRIRIGA Application Platform version. 15 palabras más