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Preferujte místo chcete

Žijeme ve světě kde CHCI, JÁ POTŘEBUJI naprosto přebíjí již od narození naší přirozenost volby, toho co preferujeme, co si zvolíme. Ano, volba je těsně napojena na intuici a naše Vyšší Já, ovšem jak často ji potlačujeme a nahrazujeme prostou potřebou. 9 palabras más

Ray Mayor

Rallying Calls to Prayer - 2: Prophetic Strategy

In The Rallying Cry to Prayer the Cryers write, “We believe that as we step out in faith – the Lord will give us the strategies – not just to know how to hear the warnings of what the enemy plans to do – but more than that, He will speak to us from heaven showing the counter-attacks we are to use. 549 palabras más


Classic to fall for...

When you have a moment to yourself to observe vulnerabilitys …in specific to love. Writing a letter or gifting matters of care to someone becomes momentos to revisit. 89 palabras más


What Is Spiritual Awakening And How To “Achieve” It

As with all of my expression here I don’t come as an expert in some field nor do I claim that my definition of spiritual awakening is complete. 1.754 palabras más


Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

There are just so many, they include, mental, emotional, even physical symptoms but I will share some of the ones I have experienced similarly because I can talk about it :) 965 palabras más

Shift to New Earth and New Civilization 2

This is our second video about the soon to come, new civilization or the new earth. This enlightened teaching explains what the new civilization will be like and how it will come about and who will qualify to participate. 78 palabras más