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This Man Walks Up The Stage With An Unbuttoned Shirt. His Next Move Blew Them Away!

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Britain’s Got Talent is a talent competition that aims to search for people who has a unique kind of talent that could really amaze everyone! 19 palabras más


there’s a war
in my head so i
to seek refuge
from myself.

Life update

Well well, here I am again after a pretty long time. Maybe some of you have been wondering where I’ve been & maybe some of you didn’t even notice that I didn’t write even a small, pretty post. 359 palabras más


Woman Nearly Passed Away After Her Hair Was Washed In A Salon. This Could Also Happen To You!

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Most women love to get their hair washed at the salon because of the fact that it boosts up their confidence and makes them look good as well. 18 palabras más

Moonlight thoughts

Night time. And I think we had a night with the full Moon yesterday.

Moon. Hmmmm. A full Moon is crazy time, right? Why is a full Moon night such a special thing? 209 palabras más