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Sharks united

Despite a convincing scoreline, Lodway were made to battle for three points against Nailsea. 655 palabras más

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National Portrait Gallery - The Canopy

Its curvy white shape resembles a giant fishnet. It could be another work of art, but was actually installed to cover and protect an inner courtyard from the elements. 

National Portrait Gallery

April 24th, 2017



Sweet Jesus,
I miss the love we use to have. It brought me so close to you.
Yes, I know I still love you and never stopped. 178 palabras más


Hands on: Vivo V7+ sports a decent design but is let down by drab screen


After China and India, Singapore was the next market that Vivo wanted to get into with its bang-for-buck V7+.

So, earlier this month, we saw the Chinese manufacturer release it here for an attractive… 555 palabras más


Our Weekend Getaway

Hi Lovelies,

How amazing is a weekend away? My partner & I recently celebrated our nine year anniversary as previously mentioned in my ‘9 Year Anniversary Post’ 813 palabras más

Bill Viola: The Moving Portrait @ The National Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C.

The American Art Museum shares its premises with the National Portrait Gallery, both being part of the Smithsonian Institution. First-time visitors may have a hard time distinguishing between the two, but that’s just a minor detail – what’s important is to allow time to enjoy some incredible works of American art, like Bill Viola’s ”The Moving Portrait” exhibit, which was running until May 2017. 210 palabras más


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