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Do you obsessively fiddle with your phone all the time? Win back some mental space with these tips


Your nose is stuck to your phone for hours a day. Given the nature of work these days, it’s a necessity. But being “always on” isn’t healthy. 602 palabras más


Some Cons of being long-term Abroad

We all know that travelling usually implies breathtaking landscapes, tasty food and life-long memories. All our friends flood our social media with hearts and thumb-ups, our parents tell us to be even more careful than when we are home, and our partner (in the case there is one) tells us they miss us every day and wishes they could come along.  1.507 palabras más


Messy love life...

But it wasn’t all love life was a mess before I came and well…it still is!! All these days after I left my heart still belongs to the same guy…silly right? 132 palabras más

Thieves Rob Apple Store in Massachusetts and Get Away With $13,000 Worth of iPhones


In a video posted on the

The Natick Apple location still carried security tethers on the iPhones — a feature Apple is… 323 palabras más