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My book is in Barnes & Noble!

How amazing is this? A year after I self published my travel budget book, “Wanderlust: For the Young, Broke Professional,” it is available in Houston at Barnes and Noble! 15 palabras más

while away

mind so sharp

golden is the key

words and then of the free

something it  was the easy

felt of the load of mind

release… 45 palabras más


Old Man Passed Away While He Is Inside The S*x Worker Making Love, They Had To Be Surgically Removed!

People often joke about how men wanted to passed away while they are in heaven in short they wanted to pass away while he is making love with an opposite gender. 32 palabras más


One perfect weekend in the mountains. The weather, the people, the thrill of my first serious climb in snow and that view! Words are simply not enough…

Veliki Vrh, Begunjščica (2060 m)


where will we go on holiday in 2016?

If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll know that as a poor and lowly student I have to travel on a budget… 1.432 palabras más

On A Budget

New Years in LA

When I was a kid till last 4 years ago we usually spend our new years with our relatives here in the Philippines. We all gather in my lola’s (grandmother’s) house and have a big reunion but ever since she passed we basically went our own way, So for us we decided to spend our New Years in different places. 276 palabras más


LACMA on a New Year's Eve

I had been asking and asking my parents for us to go here. They aren’t a big fan of the arts so they usually just wave me off but this time I finally got the chance! 183 palabras más