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And she walked away..

She stood there frozen while the world around her changed. Giving up on some dreams and weaving a few new ones she kept on staring at the distant star wondering how it glittered beautifully while burning from within. 191 palabras más

Dear Next Crush, You've Been Warned. 

I recently heard for the first time “Bad At Love“, “Sorry” and “Hurricane” by Hasley, and some phrases got me thinking, along with the article “ 806 palabras más


"Industrial fishing wastes 10 million tons of fish every year..."

“A decades-long review of fishing practices concluded that 10 percent of all the fish that are caught worldwide are thrown back into the ocean. This amounted to around 10 million tons of fish — which are either dead or dying… 49 palabras más


Run Aways!

And I realised we can not run away.

I realised we could change ourselves, cut relations, be someone we are not, change our names, change our beliefs, renovate our rooms, change numbers, not reply to texts, not pick up phone calls, make friends with disgusting interests, run to places, change our hobbies, work crazy hours, and be everything we would never want to. 355 palabras más

Beneath The Stars

Behind the scenes of Swept Away on the new AIO podcast!

Hey nerds! Remember Swept Away, that I kept screaming was “brilliant”? Well, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the episode that rocked the world of people in Odyssey. 41 palabras más

Adventures In Odyssey

Poem: away

At home,
maybe the sun is shining,
there’s a way to find out,
but not for sure,
for in this place,
the eyes can’t see,
out that far.