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Why You Need To Run Away

I hope for once you choose yourself and run away. Run away from all your problems, from everything that stresses you out, from the situation that breaks you. 548 palabras más

Asian stocks: Time to sell in May and go away?


SINGAPORE: A well-known trading adage, the old saying to “sell in May and go away” warns investors to get rid of their stock holdings this month to avoid what is traditionally known as a tough time of the year for equity markets. 619 palabras más

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Away in the woods

(This was written some time around 1995.)


Away in the woods underneath mystical skies

Continental Relaxation


I, enjoying the nature of life, ponder what surrounds me. 132 palabras más

State Of Disarray


Where can I go to get away

fly somewhere beyond the fray

leave no trail, no message behind

just dance on the wind to another time

Dealing with parents' mortality


My father, 81, and I talk occasionally about his death. At breakfast he, not an ailing man, can turn into a prophet of doom amidst spoonfuls of cereal. 1.261 palabras más

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What Is Life Teaching You?

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know. Pema Chodrom

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