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Walk away..

You gave me no choice but

To walk away

From love

From you

And it wasn’t as painful as expected

Though the nights

Tell a different story… 23 palabras más


Jesus will Return. Part-One.


Every Christian tradition has its own ideas about the time and the place of the reurn of Jesus, but as believers in Him we must stick to what the bible has to say. 57 palabras más

Jesus Return. Part-One.


There are many claims made by the various Christian traditions in relation to the return of Jesus, but we as believers must stick to what the bible has to say. 34 palabras más

As she walks away

Hey guys,
Don’t worry, I haven’t left. I know how bad being left standing out in the dark alone and vulnerable feels from experience, and I will not do that to you. 50 palabras más


Dispatch from Virginia

G.’s office decided that they wanted him in the USA for a few months. I chose to tag along, given that my software engineering degree didn’t come with a free project in the States. 996 palabras más


Being away

2 months since I have been gone from my home country. It is so strange that I don’t feel so far and that I already consider home where I live. 615 palabras más

First Months

Drifting Towards Tonight's Home

One of my favorite times of the day is the journey home during the night.

Racing by in my mind , a long day, filled with delightful moments. 47 palabras más