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Missing... #poetry

Imagine it not being noticed,

Once there, but now you’re gone,

Yet the World it keeps on spinning,

Your absence noticed by no-one…

The Occasional Poetry Of Peter J. Thomas

All That I Know Now

There was so much noise, so much music around us.

People would visit all the time.

Christmas was eventful because, presents. Birthdays were bigger because, well presents also. 158 palabras más

Brain Sludge

Cory Conacher #89 Ottawa Senators 2013-14

2013-14 Away White
Set #3 Size 54
Team LOA & Team Tagging

Nice wear. Black marks all over the jersey, including a repair on the front chest. 13 palabras más


I'm sorry I've been gone. Here's why...

Today I started Lexapro, and to explain why we need to discuss everything that happened in the last year.

I did not anticipate 58-95 hour work weeks, a lack of desire to do anything but eat or sleep outside of work, even on my days off. 1.370 palabras más

That's What She Said

Bryce Salvador #24 New Jersey Devils 2009-10

2009-10 Away White
Set #2 Size 58+
MeiGray LOA and MeiGray Tagging

Heavy wear. A lot of sew repairs. Stick and puck marks everywhere. Various board burns and loose threads. 8 palabras más