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Away "Bigger" Carry-On

Since we decided it was time to get rid of our yard sale luggage, we’ve been eyeing the Away Luggage and finally pulled the trigger. We researched a lot of different luggage and considered their reviews. 434 palabras más


Highschool Of The Dead Writer Daisuke Sato Has Passed Away


Writer Daisuke Sato died on March 22 from coronary artery disease. He was 52.

Illustrated by Shoji Sato and written by Sato, Highschool of the Dead debuted in 2006 and was turned into an anime series in 2010. 84 palabras más


Some Of The Witcher 3's Character Animations Are Still Blowing People Away


CD Projekt Red’s RPG masterpiece came out nearly two years ago, but damn does it still hold up. And recently, a handful of people’s favorite character animations from the game have been… 909 palabras más


Journal de Janeiro - Week 7

The week started as good as it could, given the rainy forecast. On Saturday, we went to Urugaiana market for my friend to find some swimsuits. 583 palabras más


A Weekend in the Capitol

Recently I have visited Washington, D.C., the capitol of America, and all I have to say is… wow. It took my breath away. So many sites to see, so many delcious food trucks, and did you know that they have a China Town? 433 palabras más


Santa Barbara vs Dos Pueblos

Last week we played Dos pueblos away and I was very impressed on how the team played. Like San Marcos, Dos Pueblos is also one of our rivals, but mostly for baseball. 356 palabras más