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Nasugbu, Batangas

This is the first time I roam around the streets of Nasugbu in the middle of the feast.

Strolling to nearby places like this one above the hill. 14 palabras más


On My Own

How does it feel like?

To be vanished completely?

To lose existence?

In this world full of broken dreams

It’s easy to slip away

Without anyone noticing… 77 palabras más

ABCs of Umno assembly - key points to take away


With the Umno annual assembly over, Malaysian politicians are totting up its key takeaways, and mulling over when the general election will be called. 654 palabras más

Current Affairs

Leicester City - Defender Connor Wood clears the ball away from Spurs' Cy God...

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I would never...

But the business of living is fucking hard. I just want to sleep forever. I don’t want to exist. I want to…drift away.

Being alone. In the silence. 126 palabras más

Away from me..

I watched her fade into the setting sun. Her silhouette becoming a shadow, then a line and then a dot, and finally nothing. I was left with nothing and  silence. 22 palabras más

Twenty-Five Carols in Twenty-Five Days, Day 3, Cold December Flies Away (Noel X)

Cold December flies away at the rose red splendor.
April’s crowning glory breaks while the whole world wonders.
At the holy unseen power of the tree which bears the flower. 661 palabras más

Twenty-Five Carols In Twenty-Five Days