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beauty never washed way

just because time has danced

and ran a line

and its circles through the eyes

it never was the end

and forever on the warmth… 95 palabras más


Sorry for lack of updates and posts. 

Other things just got in the way, and had a lot going on.

I’ve just been away this weekend, I organised it all my self, for my carers birthday. 22 palabras más

Mental Health


Today reached 70 degrees, and my spirits soared! Such a wonderful mid-February surprise. Tomorrow will be more of the same. Saturday and Sunday in the 70s on the 18th of February? 8 palabras más


Thirteen Hours Away

‘Where is my home?’
Asked the figure, alone.
Different is he from the others,
Sight, sound and flavours.

Your dreams make your friends jealous,
On your shoulders you get callous. 45 palabras más


I Lost Love

Oh I gave my heart

Gave it away before

I gave it away in no time

Just about a quarter past four

And so I keep it now… 14 palabras más