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Rainbow Mountain Adventure

On January 11, I got up at 2am to embark on my adventure to the Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca, which is the Quechuan name of this unique stone formation. 495 palabras más

International Away

12 Reasons Why Portugal is Stupidly Beautiful (and You Should Totally Never Ever Go)

Portugal is gratingly beautiful, and here’s why you should definitely never ever go.

1. The Beaches

I mean, come on… Do I really have to put this in the list? 501 palabras más


Empire State of Mind

Going to the top of the Empire State Building is something that I had never been desperate to do. But when the opportunity arose to take an elevator up 86 floors to receive the “ 288 palabras más


Gaines Adams Passed Away At the Age Of 26

On Sunday morning, Gaines Adams, defensive lineman of the Chicago Bears, died in South Carolina at the age of 26. According to the Chicago Bears, this player died at Self Regional Hospital. 20 palabras más

Swansea 0-4 Arsenal - 5 Keypoints From the Match

Four goals. A clean sheet. Three points.

The very definition of the perfect day at the office.

This comfortable victory sees Arsenal climb to third in the table and match the result of the shadow dwellers who won at home to West Brom. 1.147 palabras más