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Frangipani flower

The frangipani flower that we found exclusively in warm countries has five petals and the centre is often yellow. This flower has a rich history with multiple meanings among the Hindus (dedication and devotion), in Buddhism (immortality), among the Mayans (life and birth). 8 palabras más

Non Classé

Ayurveda: 3 food combinations that could be affecting your digestive health

Did you realize that it’s not just the food you eat but the combination of food in meals that causes discomfort and a difficult digestion after eating? 555 palabras más


So, What Exactly Is this Ayurveda You Speak of?

Ayurveda translates to “the science of life”. The practices of Ayurveda aim to allow us to be in life in the fullest way possible with a healthy body, mind and spirit. 702 palabras más

Forest Essentials - Premium Ayurvedic skin care

The Indian middle class, to which I belong, are renowned for our value for money mentality when it comes to spending cash – may it be on clothes, groceries, trips, cars, electronics, anything. 463 palabras más


Healthy Vegan Cookies

Today I wanted to share a great 3 ingredient Vegan cookie recipe!

What you need:

2 x Bananas

Porridge Oats

Chocolate Chips (vegan or normal) 102 palabras más


Inhale - Exhale. Retain?

The science of Yoga includes physical Asanas, certain vows as to the mode of living (Yamas and Niyamas), and different exercises of mind and senses concentration which are meant to prepare one’s mind to a deeper contemplative practice – meditation. 349 palabras más


7 Kitchen Medicines You Need to Use to Remain Healthy

Your health is in your Hand this is what Acupressure practitioner says.

Your health is in your Mind this is what Psychiatrist believes.

Your health is in your Stomach this is what Ayurveda starts with. 674 palabras más

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