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I don’t believe we should make America great again. We should make America change for good. People & lives should always come before politics. We need a revolution, & it’s about time power is used for good.

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Ayurveda Is Called “Yoga’s Sister Science.” What Does That Mean?

In what sense is ayurveda yoga’s sister science?
Philosophically, both yoga and ayurveda spring from the common ground of Sankhya philosophy. The goal of both is to eradicate pain and misery. 1.149 palabras más



ABHYANGA MASSAGE in Kalari style

The warm oil with either a light or deep massage relaxes muscular tension, and penetrates deeply through the skin into the tissues. 296 palabras más


Cardiovascular Integrated Health by Dr. Christie Smirl

A healthy heart and cardiovascular system is essential for a happier life. Heart health includes nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, emotional health and state of mind. Let’s take a look at heart health from the stand point of Western Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. 767 palabras más


Day 1 ~ Easy does it

So today was the first attempt at living Ayurvedically. Let me run through some of the key things.

1. Morning Routine

After sleeping in until 7am, eventually got up feeling pretty groggy. 607 palabras más

Living Ayurvedically