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Demystify Ayurveda: Love vs Attachment, a Kapha dosha imbalance.

Love and Freedom are the foundation of our joys. True-love is to offer true freedom to someone you love, including yourself. What happens when your love is going out of whack? 1.096 palabras más

What foods are good for nephrotic syndrome?

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney condition in which a group of complications takes place simultaneously. Excess protein leakage in urine, swelling in the body, High cholesterol level, and decreased protein level in the blood are some of the major complications that appear in Nephrotic Syndrome. 538 palabras más

Nephrotic Syndrome Ayurvedic Medicine

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosa): "She who has a hundred husbands"

I have mentioned before that I have been taking Ayurvedic herbs as a way to help balance my doshas, but I am also taking these herbal supplements to help with other things as well. 496 palabras más

Test Your Hunger!

When you are feeling hungry, here is one Ayurvedic way to find out whether it is an emotional craving or a real biological need.

Drink some Licorice Tea, Chamomile tea or Mint Tea. 58 palabras más

Kazne, vikanje, nagrade

Retki su roditelji koji se nisu suočili sa problemom da dete neće da ih sluša. Gotovo da ih nema. Kazne, pretnje, pa čak ni nagrade ne pomažu. 365 palabras más


When the Food You Eat Causes Acne :/

With school coming to an end, my stress levels have been at an all time low and I’ve been sleeping the full recommended 8 hours! My skin was looking the best it has been in such a long time until night I realized that in the span of day, my whole forehead was breaking out! 395 palabras más