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More isn’t better.

You probably know that intuitively, even though our culture doesn’t currently support this truth (or your intuition for that matter). What can you do when all of the messaging around you is the OPPOSITE of what is Healthy and Whole? 172 palabras más


Not about the changes in room or dinner reservations.. Changes about my health. As I said earlier am trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating vegetables,taking triphala tablets, not eating junk foods and not skipping breakfast, reduced sugar intake and some physical activity. 110 palabras más

Where to find Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes - Ayushakti India

Diabetes is termed as a modern disease. The reason it has been termed ‘modern’, is not because it has been seen in people in modern years, but because it it’s prevalence has increased in the population, in the recent years. 472 palabras más

Ayushakti India

Autumn Equinox 2017!!

Hello everyone! We begin to welcome the change of in weather, change in the harvest of vegetables and fruits, shorter days, cooler days and nights, warmer clothing (in most areas), for most families the change in schedules due to school, sports, and maybe even work schedules. 559 palabras más


Vata Season - Fall & Winter

Here in the Northeast it’s hard not to notice the seasonal shift that seems to take place right after Labor Day. The shorter days, cooler mornings and dry falling leaves symbolize the beginning of Vata Season on the Ayurvedic clock. 419 palabras más


Ayurvedic guidelines for balance during Autumn

It’s time to say goodbye to a hectic but wonderful Summer, and I’m exhausted!  I feel like I need to take stock and regroup before the madness of the Festive Season sets in and Autumn is the perfect time to do that. 916 palabras más



CHUTNEY DAY!! by Rushina Ghildiyal for All of Us Foodies..

I have pledged 3 to 5 Chutney Recipes .,.. this is my Third Recipe using Pomegranate….The Super Fruit having importance not only in Ayurveda, Naturopathy but also in every Food Science on Earth!!! 230 palabras más