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भोजनासंदर्भातील विशेष नियम - भाग 1 - चित्राहूती

प्रेक्षकहो नमस्कार

आज पुन्हा आपल्यासमोर आयुर्वेद व अध्यात्म यातील ज्ञानाचा खजिना घेऊन आलोय.
आज आपण जाणून घेऊयात भोजनासंदर्भातील काही विशेष नियम :-

भोजनाच्या आधी आपल्या ताटातील थोडेसे अन्नकण ताटाच्या बाहेर उजव्या हाताला ठेवण्याची प्रथा आहे. 720 palabras más


Authentic Self Retreat, Sedona AZ

The Journey Awaits you…in Sedona, AZ  this January 22 – 26, 2020!

Walk in your truth and discover your true authentic self buried deep inside of you.   116 palabras más

More Reasons to Eat Seasonally!

For State and Month specific produce, Check out:

Seasonal Food is Better for your Health!
Seasonal Food is more nutritious. Produce that has to sit in a shipping container loses nutrients. 327 palabras más

The Magic of Indian food

The Magic of Indian food

I want to share all the wonderful benefits of Indian food through my posts.. each week I will concentrate on one food item and share it’s benefits, recipes and my thoughts with you all because I truly believe Indian food can heal and make us beautiful from within. 767 palabras más


What Is Ayurveda and its Benefits

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that’s truly stood the test of time. First originating in the Vedic culture of India, it’s actually considered by many to be the oldest healing science there is. 760 palabras más


Group Energy Clearing ~

Group Energy Clearing with Margaret Rose Peloquin!

We are so thrilled to have beautiful Margaret back at @Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLC for her Group Energy Clearing and RYSE discussion… 116 palabras más