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Spring Clean Your Energy

Spring has sprung early

Boundless Energy
Class of Spring 2018
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How did it start?

You know the phrase feel the fear and do it anyway. 823 palabras más


Ayurveda - What's Your Dosha?

When weather changes, life conditions and circumstances change our bodies respond and react. For me, Ayurveda serves as a maintenance and management tool. With a… 1.761 palabras más


Vasant rutu

Vasant rutu or Spring, Known as – ” The King of seasons “, proves the name by its pleasing characteristics. The beauty of the nature is at the peak, in this season, – With new leaves and colourful flowers blooming, birds singing sweetly around – as if all of them are painting the nature’s canvas with their varied colours. 563 palabras más


The Art of Oil Pulling

The first time I ever tried oil pulling I thought I wasn’t going to make it.  I had used solid coconut oil, scooped out a heaping tablespoon of the substance, and then had to maneuver the chunks in my mouth until the heat of my saliva turned it into a liquid. 616 palabras más

Healthy Body

Adventures in Ayurveda

I take a sip of my herbal tea and it takes every iota of my willpower not to spit it out.

“You have got to be kidding!” I mutter loudly. 731 palabras más


7 Amazing Tips to Reduce your Stress! - Our Holistic Health

7 Amazing Tips to Reduce your Stress!

How you handle stress makes a big difference in how you feel. It might even help your blood pressure, blood sugar level, and the rest of you, your body and your mind as well. 478 palabras más