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Nourishing Kitchari

A gentle and warming bowl of Kitchari is one of the best and most loving things you can give to yourself, in my opinion. Full of nutrients, it is easy to digest and every time take my first spoonful, I am so glad I took the time to nourish myself. 890 palabras más

Gluten Free

Bite Size Wellness

Our time is precious.

Our to do lists are giant.

Our busy lives are so full.

My aim is to offer you bite sized morsels. 67 palabras más


7 Habits of a Yogi

Living life as a Yogi in the modern world can certainly present many challenges. The majority of us need to earn an income to pay for housing and food at the most basic level, and most jobs these days also have a certain degree of stress and pressure that come along with them. 392 palabras más


Experts working to globalise ayurveda research and education

International scientists along with experts from the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy and Research Foundation are working on policy recommendations towards globalising and standardising ayurveda research and education across countries. 375 palabras más


Here's to a new beginning ……

Namaste! you pretty soul staring at the screen. I am Anaika, from the vivid lands of India!!!. My mom named me Anaika;an Sanskrit word which means graceful strength, and that’s how she brought me up. 108 palabras más

Skin Care

Twists: Revolving and Evolving

The human body continues to amaze me – our ability to walk upright and to run, hike, ski, twist, turn, kneel, bend, reach, run, swim and more. 812 palabras más


Mindfulness Snack!

Try this short Mindfulness practice that I call “Just Listening”

Practice this whenever you feel the need for some mental space,  5 minutes away from the desk, or to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the chattering “monkey mind” 296 palabras más