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EPIC Weekend! Our dance family escape with a teepee, beach, B1 and Bachata.

This weekend we were blessed to be spending the weekend with our dance family at the 2015 Portsea Summer Latin Festival.  We had an EPIC time together!  186 palabras más

Bachata Melbourne Dance Classes

Stupid European in Colombia!

Don`t! Under any circumstances, do not go there!  Are you insane?! Haven`t you heard whats going on there? You are not watching television?! You wanna die so young? 930 palabras más



Well I am currently far away from the frozen wasteland that I call home. Technically, by this time of year, it really shouldn’t be a frozen wasteland anymore but this winter is last winter without the snow. 540 palabras más

Ballroom Dancing

Day 31

Today a new phase of my trip began: I started my volunteer work in Oaxaca. For the next two weeks I will “work” for a few hours each day in a children’s center. 321 palabras más

Typical night in MK's Kitchen

I’m the kind of person who can never follow recipes. If I do, I will end up changing or adding something along the way. When I cook, I use my senses and imagination. 66 palabras más