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bachata ain't grinding

Here we are again. In the wee hours. Well, actually I tend to think of 3am as the wee hours. 2 is just a late night. 558 palabras más

bachata, salsa, and weak ankles

I am writing this post so as to have accountability with you folks on the internet. Even if I don’t have someone specifically reaching out to me and making sure I’m not doing too much too fast, at least I put this out there; even if it’s just for my own benefit. 445 palabras más


is good for the soul. I dreamt about it last night. I am still on cloud9 from dancing bachata and salsa the other night. Bachata can get a little sensual, which I could presume, but have to be careful of next time I go. 657 palabras más

Agenda 13.09.2018

Many dance schools are announcing their program… many of us will meet at a party to talk about it!

Thursday 13/9:

Dos Mundos @ Enzzo De Cuba… 208 palabras más

hurricane and bachata

So. I live in Virginia and am going to be hit with this hurricane pretty soon. Over the next few days, actually. And I have a way out if I want. 1.224 palabras más

Editorial avec Morgan et Monique par Sonikem

Morgan et Monique se rencontrent lors d’une scène d’un grand Spectacle Brésilien basé à Paris. Le coeur et la danse s’entremêlent pour laisser place à une magie artistique. 108 palabras más


Bachata footwork: Svetlana Ovchinina

Svetlana Ovchinina from the Danceliker Dance School in Moscow has made a series of 10 rather unique Bachata videos. She dances solo doing advanced footwork exercises. 254 palabras más