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Road Trip!!

For those of you that read my post re Salsa withdrawal yesterday, this trip came about because of exactly that. On Friday in Dartford, Bachata Royale is taking place, an event I wanted to attend, with awesome guest teachers, but for one reason or another I am unable to go to. 497 palabras más

Salsa: Addiction and Withdrawal

The other day I joshed light heartedly about the Cult of Salsa, but failed to touch base on one major factor, the withdrawal symptoms of missing a lesson. 248 palabras más

Fear and loathing in Maidstone

Anyone that has danced with me will know how the words ‘sensual bachata’ fill me with a sense of dread. More often than not my social anxiety kicks in and on a number of occasions I’ve dropped out from the lesson. 625 palabras más

Dancing Therapy

Dance with me,

When times are tough,

When hope doesn’t ever seem enough,

Spin me around in the rain,

Dance with me when my heart is in pain. 169 palabras más

Behind The Curtain, In The Pantomime

It seems like winter keeps coming back to haunt me. No, it hasn’t gotten cold again here in my part of the world, but that short cold spell we did have has left a lot of things behind to remind us that it happened well after the date that the temperature got back above freezing. 2.269 palabras más


p. 30 - a prose: of bachata

does any moment worth the memory ever occur in prose? as an ardent writer of poetry, i would argue not. but today i choose to put muddled thoughts together with every grammatical effort that the strict prose language allows me muster. 442 palabras más