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So, just forget about it and dance Bachata! (BrainERCISE)

Ah,  this  stress!

Everything  just  feels  like  one  big  mess!

Packing, cleaning, concentrating…..

Many  things  that  I’m  debating.

When  I  feel  overwhelmed  and  life  is  like  a  test, 13 palabras más


Aventura - Obsesion [video]

La Bachata ha avuto un grande ritorno in Italia con il successo, intorno al 2003-2004, del singolo “Obsesion” del gruppo newyorchese di musica latino-americana Aventura… 44 palabras más


Dancing: a Theory

Dear Reader,

I have recently developed a theory that the way a man leads on the dance floor is similar to what he must be like in bed. 451 palabras más

Corso di salsa per principianti, Viareggio 3-4 giugno

La Scuola di Ballo Latino Americano Soy Cubarico di Mascalzone Latino DJ e Cristina Martinelli inaugura i suoi nuovi corsi di Salsa per principianti con prova gratuita per tutti. 108 palabras más


Ok Folks a busy few days ahead

Tonight Thursday 16th April at the Constitution Bar in Constitution Street in Leith


Fiesta Latina at Debating Hall, Teviot Row House, 13 Bristo Square Edinburgh EH8 9AJ. 62 palabras más


Sexy Elbows (Yes, that's what she called it)

There are times on a lesson or a group where something just feels different. I don’t know whether there are days when I’m just more in tune to things or whether some kind of barrier has actually been crossed. 1.389 palabras más

Ballroom Dancing

El Tiguere & Dani D Bachata ||

El Tiguere & Dani D perform to Antony Santo’s, Vete representing Dominican Touch a sexy brand of Dominican Style Bachata. Song: Vete, Antony Santos. Choreography: Ataca & La Alemana