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[Listen] The Bachelorette's Kaitlyn and Shawn Give Us A Relationship Update

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This morning we catch up with the Bachelorette couple Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth on how their relationship is going. 35 palabras más


Bachelorette Party Fun

This weekend I am going to my friend’s bachelorette party and I have known this girl since I was in kindergarten. We have had many sleepovers together, shared in plenty of birthday parties, created our own language, and somehow made it to almost 30 still having a friendship. 447 palabras más


Bachelorette Ep 3: The One With The Reanimated Tongue Corpse

Hola, lovers!  Welcome to week two of Georgia’s quest to find a LOVE that is not automatically associated with her father’s penis business, and day TEN TRILLION of us not having a boxed claret sponsorship. 1.842 palabras más


Bride To Be Makes Out With Guy At Bachelorette Party! Fiance Calls Off The Wedding!

What happens in Mexico doesn’t stay in Mexico, and this is proof of it.

Emma Ayala made a really bad drunk decision when she made out with a guy during her bachelorette party. 37 palabras más


My First Trip to New Orleans

Back in May, I went to NOLA for Juls’ bachelorette party. This was my first time to New Orleans and I researched a little bit and also had a list of recommendations from a coworker. 482 palabras más


Cricut Bachelorette Crafts

I used the Cricut for several crafts at my own bachelorette weekend in April, and was excited to put it to the test again for my friend… 237 palabras más


What I've Been Watching (18/09/16 - 24/09/16)

Rigged elections, living legends, the bachelorette party from Hell, and a shotgun wedding. 3.163 palabras más