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Organising my first Hen Party.

In November 2016, one of my oldest friends text me to say that she was engaged. I was thrilled for her and even more thrilled when she asked me to be her Bridesmaid! 639 palabras más


Bachelorette Rachel Week 4

My Monday night last week was so empty! Here are my thoughts after the hiatus.

  • I mean I get Eric being mad, but I also think that he is being a little dramatic about how he is confronting the other men.
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Flash Movie Review: Rough Night

STANDING outside the café waiting for a friend I saw a group of people goofing off across the street. One individual was using a street lamp as a stripper pole. 585 palabras más


Rough Night - Movie Review

Dion: “It’s starting off with a Halloween scene.  Oh yeah…This is gonna be good.”  310 palabras más

Maybe We Shouldn't Have Cast That Racist Dude

After a 2 full weeks without any Bachelor-based content in our lives (excluding everything that went down with Paradise) we finally got back into it this week. 1.181 palabras más


Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #14 Meet Darren

OH dear readers .. we are sooooo close now.  Only one more suitor to be introduced and then that BIG vote!  I am excited to get to the actual challenge.   1.124 palabras más


You or your friend is getting married and you want to throw the best celebration of their ending freedom as bachelor or bachelorette. Okay just kidding but you want to give him/her a special day for them before they get married. 235 palabras más