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Bach Chats 6/18/18

I really like Blake.

Yay David is back! Now time for Jordan to go.

Wow, poor David his face looks awful.

Aw, I love that she’s giving him a rose! 503 palabras más

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Do People Actually Think the Bachelor/Bachelorette Will End With A Couple Riding Off Happily Ever After Into the Sunset?

I’ve never actually sat down and watched this show. But, I do have friends, family members, and of course social media that give me the unwanted updates. 518 palabras más


The Bachelorette S14 E4: I love you...r cologne

We pick up with the rose ceremony cliffhanger.

The one dude tries to lighten things up by talking about kids…on his bunkbed. Oh wait he’s Blake, but Blake be more smooth than your bunkbed! 682 palabras más

Bachelorette Becca Week 3 - Desperately Searching For Someone to Root For

I just caught up on two weeks of The Bachelorette and WOW these guys are boring. I’ve retyped this opening paragraph 8 times, because I have nothing to say and I don’t know how to start this recap – that’s how little material these dudes are giving me. 2.344 palabras más


New Season of Bachelorette Recap!

Hi guys!

First off, I don’t even know why I watch the bachelorette or the bachelor. It’s very ridiculous, insanely fake, and teaches viewers bad values. 539 palabras más

Mallory's Bachelorette Brunch! ~ Charleston, SC ~

June 16th, 2018: This was hand’s down one of the funnest shoot’s I’ve ever done! I was so excited when Jeanette reached out to me a few months back. 155 palabras más

Current "Bachelorette" Contestant Previously Busted For Assault And Battery

(SL) – One of the contestants on “The Bachelorette” has some history with the law. Twenty-six-year–year-old Lincoln Adim was convicted of indecent assault and battery last month after groping a woman on a cruise ship in 2016. 56 palabras más