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Travel Video: The Bachelorette Goes to Taiwan

After my first solo trip, I felt bolder, braver, and better. There was a boost in my confidence–I became overly confident I was able to make an amateur travel video starring me, myself, and I 😂😂😂 24 palabras más


Jasmine and Kevin break their silence - and Bachelor Canada casting opens!

After leaving us with a lot of questions at the end of the first Bachelorette Canada season, Jasmine and Kevin finally broke their media silence with an exclusive ET Canada interview and a few Instagram posts. 373 palabras más


The Christmas Queen returns all December at Vancouver's Improv Centre

The Christmas Queen is back for a third season of uproarious comedy at Vancouver Theatre Sports League. This episode of The Christmas Queen saga sees HRM (Her Royal Meanness) as the star of her own reality show. 311 palabras más


'Bachelor Nation' Alums Becca Tilley & Robert Graham Confirm They're Dating -- Cute Pic

It’s official! After months of speculation, ‘Bachelor Nation’ alums Becca Tilley and Robert Graham confirm they are in a relationship. We are SO happy for them! 349 palabras más

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Felly's Backstreet-Themed Bachelorette

One of the most exciting events for a bride-to-be other than her wedding is her bachelorette party! Planning for this requires a good amount of thought as you want to make it a memorable one for many years to come! 609 palabras más


Ben Higgins & JoJo Fletcher: Secret Phone Calls Behind Lauren & Jordan’s Backs Revealed

You’d better believe that the ‘Bachelor’ drama rages off-screen, too! Ben Higgins and JoJo Fletcher have been stealthily calling each other up, even though they’re both technically engaged…to other people, obviously. 304 palabras más

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Girls Only!

It’s ultimately up to you on if you’d rather have a bachelorette party or bridal shower. A bachelorette party is usually a party with all your girlfriends and bridesmaids. 278 palabras más