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The Bachelorette S8 E5: Doth Arie the Actor in tights

Off to London! Tea! Scones! British people!

So there are only 10 guys left. Let’s see if I can name them all:

Arie, Jef, Sean, Chris, Doug, Ryan, Kalon, Alejandro…….and two others! 710 palabras más

The Bachelorette S8 E4: Arie on a boat

OMG there’s a two-on-one this episode. YASSSSSSSs.

Remember how we were staying in Charlotte for Ricki, well we should probably start a worldwide trip in Bermuda right now, because Ricki doesn’t need to go to school or anything. 1.098 palabras más

Cream of the Crop: Bachelor Contestants

I know we’re all still reeling from the shit storm that was Bachelor In Paradise this year and the moronic and devastating decision by ABC to pick a five-seasons-ago-has-been instead of a man chiseled by the gods, Peter Gap-Tooth (that’s his last name I checked). 1.744 palabras más


Brands You Need to Know – Everyday Essentials – Pinch Provisions Emergency Kits

Good things come in tiny packages and Pinch Provisions is no exception. Pinch Provisions sells a line of personal care kits and mini emergency packets that will help anyone in a pinch. 699 palabras más



Hey guys and welcome back!!

I’m so excited it’s the holidays and time is flying by till our wedding day! My bridesmaids and I have been working on planning a great bachelorette party for my last hoorah as a single lady. 152 palabras más

The Bachelorette Recap S8 E3: Arie on a one-on-one

Time for another installment of Arie’s backstory.

There are two one-on-ones this week and one group date.

Chris B gets the first one-on-one. They get to walk around downtown Charlotte. 765 palabras más


Singapore model-actress Sheila Sim enjoys bachelorette party with celebrity friends


Singapore actress and model Sheila Sim had a bachelorette party with celebrity friends over the weekend. (Photo: Sheila Sim/Facebook)

Singapore actress and model Sheila Sim enjoyed an intimate bachelorette party in the company of close celebrity friends such as actors Nathaniel Ho and Chen Han Wei over the weekend. 196 palabras más

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