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The Big Day

Lung Infections, suuuck!

And so does losing your whole blog post. I had just written an amazingly detailed, funny and interesting post and somehow lost it all with no backup. 632 palabras más


DAY 79 - Last Day In PA and Hiker Feed

June 6

We stopped for an early lunch at the Kirkridge Shelter with our new friend Big Cat. It was a light day with only 15 miles. 38 palabras más

Appalachian Trail

170719 - A Day in Delft.

Hats. Important things when you’re in this part of the world. You need them. Losing one does not seem like such a big deal until you become about the fourth family statistic in as many weeks….S lost his new one in Australia a few weeks back…M lost the hat I lent him (my fave) a while ago…Y lost her new one we bought in Europe just before this trip started…. 1.769 palabras más


Hurricane Creek Portal Trail & Van De Graaf Park Trails.

Today I decided to go on a mission and submit a couple of trails that are not on AllTrails. The first one was the Approach & Portal Trail at Hurricane Creek. 288 palabras más


GDT - Jasper Skyline Trail

Maligne Lake to Miette River – 87km

July 11 – Jasper Skyline Trail

I have great memories of hiking the Jasper Skyline Trail with good friends a few years ago. 669 palabras más


Pennsylvania Blues

This past week and a half was probably one of my worst on trail. I got hit with some heavy rains that turned everything to mud, and the trail has been nothing but rocks since Duncannon. 607 palabras más

Appalachian Trail

Hey it's okay! Habits all travel addicts stuck at home are guilty of... (second edition)

Travelholics, travel bug victims and wanderlust dreamers, no matter what you are, there’s always a time when you find yourself at home longing to go away but life has a habit of interfering. 613 palabras más