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TA Day 100- River rambling

Today – 18.2km from Hamilton Hut to Harper Campsite

Total- 2206.8

Woke to drizzle and rain and snuggled back in to read more of my book while drinking coffee. 332 palabras más


TA Day 99- The Hamilton Hilton

Today – 15km from Bealey hut to Hamilton Hut

Total- 2188km

After a pretty good nights rest at Bealey Hut, a delightful clean 6bunker about 500m from the carpark, including some fun sleep talking from a fellow TA walker, it was off to walk another day. 455 palabras más


TA Day 98 - Arthur's Pass

Today – 10km from Goat Pass Hut to Greyneys Shelter , Bealey Hut


Ended up being a super full hut last night. Even people sleeping on the floor! 730 palabras más


Travel Diary: Amsterdam

Amsterdam was my first stop on my first-ever solo trip. I’ll admit, as the day I was going to leave got closer, I’d already moved past Amsterdam in my mind and was looking forward to when I’d get to Berlin later in the week. 689 palabras más


Hike 9: Lions Lair Trail to Mount Sanitas, Boulder, CO

Date: Sunday, February 17, 2019

Miles: 4.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 853 feet

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Time: 1hr 35min total

Type: Day hike from Denver… 108 palabras más