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Backyard Monsters: Starter Tips

Ive played a lot of Facebook games (FbGames) but as of now, i couldn’t find any facebook games as much challenging as Backyard Monsters.  Unlike any other FbGames, Backyard Monsters allows you to create monsters, build defence on your Backyard against your opponent, conquer other Outpost and level up your monsters. 333 palabras más

Backyard Monsters: Damage Protection

The purpose of this post is to explain how Damage Protection is activated and how long it lasts.

There are two different ways that Damage Protection (DP) kicks in; 633 palabras más

Backyard Monsters sets Facebook ablaze with Inferno expansion

Whoever handles Backyard Monsters’ character design: Just keep doing what you do, seriously. “Our users are fanatical about Backyard Monsters, so we wanted to give them an entirely new realm to wreak havoc in,” executive producer David Scott said in a statement. 54 palabras más