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Organized crime on the rise in Germany

Organized criminals are increasingly active in Germany, with the mafia as well as biker and international gangs making headway in the country, according to a government report. 380 palabras más



Lokalnim slengom nazvani Motoristi ili Bajkeri. Jahači čeličnih konja, bradati, tijelo prekriveno tetovažama, kožne jakne, lanci…. baš zastrašujuće. To nisu obični motociklisti, to su buntovnici i odmetnici modernog društva. 822 palabras más



Pulled Pork Burrito
For years, I have eyed the tiny restaurant nestled in the corner of a strip mall between a laundromat and music shop. I finally seized the opportunity to eat at the tiny Mexican food place when a friend and I were headed to Heartless Bastards at Isis. 204 palabras más


Today in Texas History - May 17

From the Annals of the Outlaws –  In 2015, a deadly biker gang brawl broke out at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco.   The planned gathering of so-called motorcycle enthusiasts started peacefully but escalated into full-fledged gallegedang warfare after a member of the Cossacks ran over the foot of a Bandidos gang member.  225 palabras más

Today In Texas History

Photo shoot

I just got home from a holiday with my personal trainer Nicoline and her pack of bandidos. It was good! It was a bit disappointing that M and P went on a holiday without me, … 163 palabras más


Impeachment... está certo?

Ontem assisti uma das coisas mais estranhas da TV aberta brasileira, o processo de impeachment da Presidente Dilma Roussef. Gostaria de frisar primeiro que não estou falando o que é certo e o que é errado no governo ou qual lado deve apoiar, apenas gostaria de relatar alguns fatos que ocorreram no dia 17 de Abril de 2016 na Câmara dos Deputados em Brasília, Distrito Federal. 455 palabras más