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Bay City Record Show

Robert took me to a Record Sale down over at the UAW Hall last Saturday.

I was looking for The Carpenters because I am trying to collect all of their albums, but didn’t find any (Robert was looking for The Steve Miller Band). 592 palabras más

Why We Love the Barista Ken Doll

Guys, it’s happened. Mattel has released a barista ken doll. And we’re Thrilled with a capital T.

The first reason is because the official title of the doll is “Careers Ken Barista.” Notice it says “Careers.” That means Mattel (aka society) now sees barista-hood as a proper career! 125 palabras más


Barbie: The Smallest Fashionista

We all know her name. We all know her face. We all know how many careers she has held. And we all know that is a major fashion queen. 820 palabras más

Beach Time For Barbie

It’s February. That means it’s winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Which means it’s probably the worst time of the year to go to the beach. 226 palabras más


DIY: Special Occasion Custom Doll Shoes - Wedding/Prom

Glitter and Glam…need I say more? I’ve had this DIY in my mind for a really long time…I’ve even had all the supplies picked out and stashed in a project box! 190 palabras más


Mattel pushes wellness, eco-consciousness and inclusiveness all in the one week

Talk about staying on-point. Toy giant Mattel has been bandying about all the big buzzwords this past week.

First it announced its range of dolls focused on diversity – including Barbies with bald heads, gold prosthetic limbs, and even vitiligo – a condition which sees patches of skin lose their usual colour. 323 palabras más