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Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER Fleet

Features 4 Qatar Airways variants for the FSP Boeing 777-300ER. Includes regular livery with and without wifi domes, the oneworld livery and special FC Barcelona livery. 38 palabras más


Copa QF: Messi misses PK, Barca's 29-game unbeaten run ends

MADRID (AP) — Lionel Messi missed a penalty and Barcelona conceded late as its 29-match unbeaten streak ended in a 1-0 loss to city rival Espanyol in the first leg of their Copa del Rey quarterfinal on Wednesday. 338 palabras más

La Liga


Spending your days filled with tapas and paella is what comes to mind when visiting the capital of Catalonia. But well, let’s be honest. As delicious as those tiny bites might be, after a few days you might want to go for something else. 318 palabras más


The Science Of Grounding (Video) & 5 Signs You Need Grounding!

Ever wondered why you feel so good after laying down on the beach or after taking a walk barefoot on grass? Here are some good reasons to do it more often. 364 palabras más


In defence of referees: The most hated men in football

Originally published by Soccity in January of 2018

Article by Max Gorynski

In a sport headed by a self-evidently, almost comically corrupt officiating body; a sport so unscrupulous with the whims of private ownership that those owners who are mere wheeler dealers, porn barons or former gangsters seem cuddly in the collective stakes; a sport played by those who rarely shirk from insulting the integrity of their fans or fellow professionals, who will moronically put pen to any paper regardless of the fraud they incur as a result, who will back any organisational cause regardless of what ties it may have to slave labour, corruption, even extremism; you’d think in a sport like this, followers would have a great many legitimate targets if they felt gripped by pangs of hate. 3.055 palabras más



Era en Barcelona, un dos de julio.

Las Ramblas estaban llenas de telecentros con computadoras para internet. Había incluso uno que tenía la particularidad de tener dos entradas (o salidas) y de tener unas escaleras abajo por las que se entraba por el costado del edificio. 253 palabras más


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