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On the Beach in 2016

It’s always a hodgepodge.

There is the ever-present basura that I continue to obsessively gather. This year there were even more of the small styrofoam beads and I was dismayed to learn that they formed the core of the concrete walls of the Hotel Hotel that had been undermined by the high tides. 438 palabras más


NBA Trash Players Power Rankings: Inaugural Edition

If there’s one thing on which anyone who follows the NBA can agree, it’s that Steph Curry and the Warriors are killing the game of basketball and youths are literally dying in swaths in gyms and on blacktops across America every day Pete Maravich-style in their attempts to mimic his game. 2.025 palabras más


Tras una encuesta realizada a los vecinos de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, el 74% de ellos conocía que el gobierno porteño se encarga de la basura verde. 52 palabras más

¿Qué tan verde sos?

Entra y contesta esta encuesta.

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