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Basura Alabama Vixens (More on Moore)

Breaking News: Leeanne Tweeden accused Sen. Al Franken, D-MN, of kissing her in a way she didn’t like, and staging a photo of her when she was asleep, with his hands on the chest of her flak jacket (it was a USO Tour, back when he was a comedian). 425 palabras más


Basura That Naughty Roy Moore

“It takes a young girl
To make an old man cry”
BB King
The allegations against Roy Moore are unproven. He’s not been charged with a crime. 625 palabras más


Basura Nicknames

I was recently asked to reconsider my harsh treatment of President Trump. I respect the source of the request, and I believe it was made with sincerity without malice. 595 palabras más



Uno de los temas que se discuten actualmente dentro de la agenda de todos los países es el problema de la contaminación, ya que en todo el mundo se están presentando problemas en la calidad del aíre, del suelo y del agua. 497 palabras más

Cosas que no sabías de Malta

Los españoles que decidimos venir a Malta, ya sea de vacaciones o para vivir aquí, traemos la idea preconcebida de que se trata de un país parecido a España. 497 palabras más



“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss
When my son was in elementary school, I served as a parent volunteer coach for soccer in the fall, and baseball (tee ball, coach pitch, kid pitch) in the spring. 801 palabras más


Prize Consolation

This isn’t what I wanted to be writing. I had in mind something about coaching youth soccer at an elementary school. Maybe that’ll still happen. But I can’t seem to let go of the oafishness of Trump in his call to console the young widow of Sgt. 713 palabras más