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Basura: Religious Liberty

“The blues ain’t killed me yet,
But they’re doin’ the best they can.”
Chris Smither, musician & poet “Leave The Light On”

Two doctors and the wife of one of the docs were just charged with genital mutilation. 866 palabras más


Basura: 4-15-17 Dementia?


“All will be revealed.” Anon.

What’s going on with Donald Trump? He seems to lack a consistent point of view. In the last few days he’s reversed himself (walked back/flip flopped/pivoted) on numerous positions. 485 palabras más


Basura: You Don't Know Dick

“This life’s hard, but it’s harder if you’re stupid.”
George V. Higgins, The Friends of Eddie Coyle

You Don’t Know Dick
Dick Cheney served Ronald Reagan as Secretary of Defense. 571 palabras más


Querétaro: Crecimiento, caos y pugna

Por: Fernando Corona

Querétaro, cuna de grandes e importantísimos episodios de la historia nacional, testigo silente del triunfo español ante los fieros indígenas locales dando relieve al Cerro del Sangremal, con la divina aparición del Apóstol Santiago, a la postre padre y vigilante de nuestra ciudad. 698 palabras más

Poor Don

Now I’m not one to go around spreading rumors,
I’m just not the gossipy kind,
You’ll never hear me repeating gossip,
So you’d better listen close, the first time. 1.029 palabras más


Basura billiards

Libra is a variety of carom billiards among the Dutch. On Bonaire, off the coast of Venezuela, we found a bar that called Burgers and Beers, owned by Laura, and patronized almost exclusively by Dutch people. 1.469 palabras más



Basura: Dame Fortune smiled at me when I was adopted in ’47

I was adopted in August 1947. I was four months old. I was the first of four adopted children. 608 palabras más