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"Without the light.." #dancequote #MargaretAtwood #dance #image #quote

Today the quote is from Margaret Atwood’s book “The Year of the Flood“. It is ‘Without the light, no chance; without the dark, no dance’. 145 palabras más

Carole Edrich Dance Photography

Sedulous on #wordywednesday #dance #photo

I decided to use the word sedulous after reading it in a Lord Peter Wimsey novel. A sedulous individual is one diligent in application or attention, one who is persevering or assiduous. 183 palabras más

Carole Edrich Dance Photography

Watch the Dot Dot Dots #flamenco #dance

I’ve been following Dot Dot Dot for a while, having come across Yinka Esi Graves while researching one of the long term projects I have on the burn. 404 palabras más

Carole Edrich Dance Photography

Moda flamenca

Comienza la Feria de Abril, y todo está a punto ya en el Real para disfrutar del ambiente típico de esta festividad. En el post de hoy nos vamos a adentrar en la moda flamenca. 331 palabras más


Flamenco Dancers

So far, I’ve already drawn a belly dancer and an Apsara dancer for this ongoing project. And now for Day 17, I came up with a drawing of three flamenco dancers as requested by… 187 palabras más

365 Project

Me & Big B.

It’s been a few weeks since I began working with the bata (a.k.a. “Big Girl” or “Bianca” ) and I think it’s going well. Our relationship has definitely improved since day one, when she was either biting my ankles or simply refusing to cooperate. 250 palabras más


Bata: The Gitana's ThighMaster

It’s Sunday evening and I’m taking a quick blogging break from the couch I’ve been parked on most of the day. I got a little practice time in this morning, but for the majority of the day I was pumped full of  ibuprofen and propped up on my favorite piece of furniture. 332 palabras más