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A Ghim Moh Pasar Pagi

Every so often, the Ghim Moh Food and Wholesale Market would be more hectic than what would usually be expected on a weekend. Saturday sees snaking queues winding outside many of the hawker stalls as families use the time to lunch together, old friends meet up over ice buckets and bottles of chilled beer, and tourists roam the aisles. 676 palabras más


Surviving from day to day

Conversations with men and women running small businesses in Siem Reap (Cambodia). Why did they go into business? Why did they choose their trade? What strategies help them survive? 1.604 palabras más


The Wildest Times of My Life: Catholic School Bazaars in the 1970s

For many people, Catholic school is nuns, confession, communion, getting rapped on the knuckles and being terrorized into submission by adults who have an all-powerful invisible friend that confers on them the ultimate superiority. 2.047 palabras más

Living In The Modern Age

Artesan's Bazaar At The Vegetable Bar 3/25

Hi Everyone,

Join me and 10 other vendors for the first Artesan’s Bazaar on Saturday from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm at The Vegetable Bar (Jacaranda y Paseo 3 de Noviembre (puertas del Sol) 188 palabras más


Bazaar held to raise funds for roof in 1889

Yorkshire Gazette, Saturday July 20, 1889 Church Bazaar At Bolton Percy

p.6 ‘With the laudable object of aiding the fund for repairing the roof of Bolton Percy Parish Church, a sale of work was held yesterday in the Rectory grounds of the Ven. 191 palabras más

Lesser Detritus of Empire

The difference lies in the fact that in Istanbul the remains of a glorious past civilization are everywhere visible.

No matter how ill-kept, no matter how neglected or hemmed in they are by concrete monstrosities, the great mosques and other monuments of the city, as well as the lesser detritus of empire in every side street and corner—the little arches, fountains, and neighborhood mosques—inflict heartache on all who live among them.


Bahay Kawayan

Taytay has been a weekend destination for me whenever some retail therapy is in order.

This place is way better than Divisoria when garments are concerned. 225 palabras más