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The Stephen King Conundrum

With imminent homelessness looming over me, lack of career and many personal failings, now seems like a good time to vent about Stephen King. I sit here writing now being disturbed by loud neighbours and loud flatmate and her loud offspring. 823 palabras más

We're Here in SM Aura This Weekend!

Visit us in SM Aura and get to taste our latest product, Lemon Zest Yogurt! It’s light and refreshing, with just the right tanginess to excite your tastebuds!

Bazaar Port-Mathurin: Saturday Vibes

Believe it or not; I have never, ever been to Le Marché de Port-Mathurin on a Saturday (Shame…I know) until last week. I’m happy I did though, cause if I waited for this weekend; the cyclonic weather would have messed up everything (Thank God for the rain though, we needed this). 616 palabras más

Ένα παζάρι με βινύλια από τα 80’s!

Είναι 2017 και ακούς ακόμα μουσικές των 80’s; Νοσταλγείς τις μουσικές των εφηβικών σου χρόνων; Τότε αυτό το record bazaar είναι για σένα! Εκατοντάδες τίτλοι από την καλλύτερη (sic) δεκαετία της μουσικής, σε χαμηλές τιμές: pop, rock, soft pop & ballads, pop & rock, new wave, radio hits, funk & soul, disco δισκάκια, σε πολύ καλές καταστάσεις (VG έως και sealed/factory cut items) σε περιμένουν στο ανοιξιάτικο παζάρι του  38 palabras más


Radhika Apte: Yes, I'm doing a film with Dev which I will announce soon

Radhika Apte is an actress whose talent cannot be questioned. Name any of her films and you will see that she has done phenomenal work in each. 116 palabras más


Sahaflar Bazaar in Istanbul

Sahaflar Bazaar is the oldest bookstore bazaar in Istanbul that has survived to the present day from the Ottoman period. The bazaar of antiquities has a history dating back to the 15th century. 242 palabras más


Travelogue Manila: SM Aura Premier, Taguig

Coming from Kuala Lumpur, I can say we have quite a number of shopping malls. But nothing comes close to Manila, where there seems to be one at every corner you turn. 307 palabras más