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Happy long weekend!

Happy long weekend awesome people! We hope you’re having a great time with friends & family! Stay safe on the road to you who are traveling 😘. 50 palabras más

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Four Odd Cultural Norms That Will Baffle Civilizations of the Future

At work last night I had a moment of clarity, looked around, and realized how bazaar some of our cultural norms are. We all participate in strange rituals that seem to make no logical sense. 763 palabras más

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In the eve of long weekend...

Jeshua in My Little Casa’s LIMITED EDITION Micah shirt from previous season. What a handsome bloke! 😘😘😘. Thank you for sending us this cute picture @magdalenayulie 💚. 28 palabras más

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Bazaars of Kashgar

Trade in Kashgar is no soulless economic activity, it is a way of life, an art even. Even small supermarkets have no set prices. Haggling is a ritual inherent to the process of trade, turning business into a social happening. 813 palabras más

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Pop up bazaar experience

A few weeks ago, I was asked from the school librarian whether I would be interested in having a stall at the pop up bazaar in the school. 491 palabras más

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Monday Madness? Go shopping!

There’s still time for My Little Casa’s End of Season SALE! Although maybe not enough stocks left… So hurry up!

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There's still time for My Little Casa Sale!

There’s still time for Little Casa’s End of Season SALE 😍. What are you waiting for? Contact us TODAY while it’s hot! The stocks are running out FAST, you don’t want to miss it ❤ 56 palabras más

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