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Istanbul, not Constantinople

I arrived in Istanbul this past Sunday and it has been quite the whirlwind of a trip. I’m just going to throw out tips left and right because I definitely learned a lot from my two days here and had I stayed longer I would have put these tips to use. 2.101 palabras más

Tastes of Istanbul - part. 1

Turkish cuisine is definitely one of the best and the richest in the world. If you like good food Turkey is a heaven for you. 227 palabras más

Travelling & Places

Acara-acara Seru Buat Kamu yang Gampang Bosan — Orang yang gampang bosen sama aktivitas sehari-hari emang perlu sesuatu yang variatif. Bener nggak Cool People? 303 palabras más

Goers Recommendation

STYLES AND BITES 2016: FOOD, FLAIR, FINDS (A Bazaar to Remember)

I have been to many bazaars, in fact I love going to one.  Not only will you get good stuff at a cheaper price, you will also get to haggle if you know how.   232 palabras más


7 Ramadan Food Bazaars in the Klang Valley to Check Out

One of the best things during Ramadan is the food, and one does not have to be a Muslim to enjoy the variety of food and drinks available at the nightly bazaars, that usually sprout up around the Klang Valley during this time of the year. 368 palabras más


Php 1,000 Outfit Challenge at The Trendsetter's Bazaar

Last July 9, 2016, I went to the Trendsetter’s Bazaar held at the World Trade Center. This 3-day event, from July 7-10, 2016, gave me an idea to challenge myself and to find out whether I could get a whole outfit for only Php 1,000. 581 palabras más



It is customary for the Profilian bazaar to be held at night, so wearing hats is not required (Pawns are extremely sensitive to sunlight and must wear some sort of head covering outside that throws a shadow). 633 palabras más