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The Bazaar at Istanbul

Between the Black Sea and the smaller Sea of Marmara, there lies the narrow passage of the Bospurus, a shallow gorge only a few hundred metres wide. 1.286 palabras más

Madonna - Hello Harpers Bazaar! 50th Anniversary issue! shot by Luigi ... The Chronic

All you need to do to get informed about all magazine news right away is to follow our site. You can find the details of the post titled Madonna – Hello Harpers Bazaar! 15 palabras más

The Road to Lahic

November 19-20, 2016: When Chris and our friend Medjid’s days off coincide on a Sunday, it’s time for a road trip into the mountains of Azerbaijan. 504 palabras más


Strategy for tomorrow

Hi, friends,
the scenario was as it is. No change in FII activity, still selling the fourth month. But domestic traders are in good form and they are buying at this level. 27 palabras más

Woman tries to put Christmas sweater on pit bull, and pit bull mauls her!

A pit bull named Scarface viciously attacked its owner after she tried to put an ugly Christmas sweater on the pet, police and family said. 204 palabras más


Please Let Me In - Part 1 of 3

She limped inside like a bird with broken wings. The look on her face made the room feel colder.

“They killed him, Rodrik. I saw them hang him. 1.601 palabras más

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