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Empresas cotizadas en las que el Gobierno Vasco podría tomar participaciones

Ha sido en 2018 cuando el ejecutivo vasco ha decidido lanzar un fondo de inversión al más puro estilo del fondo soberano noruego (el mayor del mundo por número de activos y que comenzó su andadura invirtiendo en la petrolera estatal Statoil para después diversificar sus inversiones a todos los sectores a nivel mundial y que se analiza a fondo en… 2.113 palabras más


FR: 5 Foreign Banks Worth Considering

Article: 5 Foreign Banks Worth Considering

The next article in my “Fool Revisited” series is a bit of a departure from previous articles, and a theme you might see come back from time to time over the course of all these articles. 592 palabras más


ShelterSmart workshop with FIT

BBVA and Spring Studio have been working with FIT (the Field Innovation Team) to to design a new toolkit for community shelters after a disaster strikes. 82 palabras más

BBVA tempted to sell its Chilean retail bank

BBVA’s decision to open talks about selling its Chilean retail bank to Scotiabank could lead to a notable retrenchment of its Latin American operations.

BBVA has a large presence in Latin America, with significant banks in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela – as well as Chile where it is the country’s sixth largest. 352 palabras más


Tour de Banco, vol. 2

(EN below)

Nå, men hvad skete der så med den bankkonto, som jeg med så stor besvær forsøgte at få oprettet? Tja, faktisk ikke så meget udover en masse e-mails, der meddelte, at processen var i gang, for senere at meddele at jeg – på meget besværlig vis – skulle fremskaffe den dokumentation, som jeg faktisk havde sendt til dem i første omgang. 763 palabras más

BCN Life

BBVA Foundation Frontiers Knowledge Awards

The awards will consist of € 400.000, a diploma and a commemorative artwork in each prize category.

The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards recognize and encourage fundamental advances in basic and applied research, as materialized in models and theories for understanding the natural and social worlds, technological innovations of broad impact and salient contributions to the creation, performance and conducting of the classical music of our time. 63 palabras más