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These are the best Global 500 stocks to buy

When you invest globally, the world’s headaches become yours—but so do the world’s opportunities.

Both sides of that rhetorical equation have been on display this summer. 887 palabras más


The Fallout of Greek Shame

OK, so the news out of Greece is about as bad as one can get, short of military involvement. The financial markets are in turmoil, after somehow actually having been tricked into thinking the Greeks would strike a bargain. 466 palabras más


Congrats Me on Not Killing Someone

Well, day two of my write a blog every day challenge was a bust. As was technically day three since I am writing this after midnight Wednesday but we’ll count it in Chicago time. 1.123 palabras más

Life In Spain

BBVA Digital Banking Leader

Who are leaders in digital banking?  Capital One’s digital endeavors have been well documented.  USAA, serving customers across the globe without branches, have always been on the forefront of digital technology. 376 palabras más


More Digital Labs

At the Digital Banking Summit this week, the watchword is innovation lab.  Is there a bank that doesn’t have one?  Here are the ones who mentioned theirs just at this conference. 92 palabras más


Must Win Weekend 

This season is rapping up and a few more game are happening over this weekend. Let’s talk about who needs it the most.

Must Win: Rafael Benitez and Napoli… 129 palabras más



Ich bin so glücklich darüber, dass wir Meister sind, glücklich darüber dass wir vier Sterne geholt haben. (Galatasaray)
Spanischer Meister, VAAAAAMOS! BARCA; TE QUIERO! 305 palabras más