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Weekly Makeup Inspiration #2

Here are the makeup items in my collection that I pulled out last week because I felt inspired to create with & use them.

I mostly base my section on what inspires me, but also realistically looking at my calendar and seeing what will work with my schedule for that week. 321 palabras más


Incredible Things by Laurent Le Guernec for Taylor Swift 2014

Kate Apted

Hello APJ folk!
I went through a phase last year of buying up random perfumes to store in a pile of unopened ones under my bed. 509 palabras más



Switched up my skincare routine a bit, and my skin has never felt so good! I’m definitely no expert, but I highly recommend these products! I have pretty normal skin, which has its flare ups here and there. 231 palabras más



Welcome to my FIRST BLOG EVER!!!

This is the time were my space becomes your space too. Let’s go and join me in my adventures. In my future blogs, you’ll see here all things about  69 palabras más


Know your skin

We’ve all heard the mantra ‘love the skin you’re in’ and to do that properly, you need to know exactly what your skin needs. This means knowing your skin type It sounds easy, but it’s actually the most common skincare mistake people make. 353 palabras más


Winging It

So I’m feeling good today because I got all my college stuff situated so I wanted to dress up today. I did my makeup and everything. 64 palabras más