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The uncomfortable truth about Australian 'diversity'

My family is Muslim, but you’d never know that by looking at them. And that seems to be a problem.

Source: The uncomfortable truth about Australian ‘diversity’


This feels real.

Its 1:48 am and I feel EXTREMELY Happy!

A dream has come true. Speaking of it, after asking my mother for a hundred + days ( I am lying , I asked maybe 4 times)  to allow me to create a YouTube Channel, I finally did manage to create one. 273 palabras más

Being Muslim.

#AtoZChallenge Day 1: Awkward Moments

A is for Awkward Moments

Being asked “How do they do this in your culture?”  (uhm, which one? Muslim? Indian? American?)

The imam makes a mistake in recitation but you don’t want to correct it because suddenly you’re questioning every ayah you ever knew.   260 palabras más



A cheerful and optimistic attitude.

Dear Reader,

Imagine a garden. A garden full of plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, buds, butterflies, cocoons, tiny little insects and an ambiance that makes you fall in love with nature the minute you step into it. 1.084 palabras más

Being Muslim.

The Only Daughter Crisis

The Only Daughter Crisis.
After days of praying for that one bag, I could not get out of my mind, more so for its unaffordable brand price than its totally worth classy sassy look. 492 palabras más

Being Muslim.


Do not Despair.

“I am feeling so depressed because the internet connection has been low this entire week” as I heard my little sister use the word “ 591 palabras más

Being Muslim.

Lack of In betweens 

She loves both deep and fast With all of herself, or not one bit.

To give people all of her light,in turn struggle to understand when they don’t pay that back. 44 palabras más

Being Muslim.