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As I sit in my room listening to little sibling being tested her kalimahs by mum, I realize something profound.
When we’re younger, our parents are always there to nudge us onto the right track. 278 palabras más


God, what's in a name?

When I was about 10, my mum put me into a children’s dars (religious lessons) class every Friday. There were a number of things that happened during those lessons. 1.046 palabras más

Being Muslim

Crawling - towards Eid.

This past Friday, I was at work and needed a place to get to for Jumah prayers (Friday congregation). I decided to go back to the same mosque I’d gone to the Friday before because even though I wanted to try a number of new places of worship, there was something really serene about Bait ul  Aziz mosque in Southwark. 796 palabras más

Being Muslim

Crawling - III.

I’ve been to some random places to pray this past month.

Like when I was working on a project report at the British Library – one of my most favourite places in the world, forget just in London – and found a hole in the wall called… 316 palabras más

Being Muslim

Crawling - II.

I haven’t written in many days because:

  • It’s been the end of Ramadan, which requires a very particular kind of focus on spirituality
  • I was laying to rest an earlier project from Pakistan…
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Being Muslim

Crawling - I.

About a week ago, I mentioned I was going on a mosque crawl. About two days later, I got a tweet from an anonymous reader suggesting I visit the Westbourne Park mosque in West London. 852 palabras más

Being Muslim

Sounds of Ramadan.

I’ve been known to run 5ks day after day without a single note of music. That’s how I focused enough to finish my dissertation back in Dec 2016/Jan 2017. 587 palabras más

Being Muslim