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10 Cosas que te dirán que esa persona no sabe de Baseball

Sin ánimos de criticar, simplemente reír un poco, todos hemos conocido a alguien así:

1- Pregunta cuanto dura el Partido.

2- Se ríe de las señas que le hace el coach a los jugadores…
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Don't Call Me Fat, Stupid

Our last post began the list of Venezuelan All-Stars, by position. Today, for a special reason, we’ll just cover just two infield positions–at the corners, …

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MLB 2015 Spring Training Preview: AL East XXX Questions

Previously on the AL East… Baltimore was winning the division going away despite a rash of season-ending injuries and a plague of heroin use wreaking havoc on the inner city… Boston was completing the unprecedented worst-to-first-to-worst trifecta, minus the entertaining fried chicken, beer, and Bobby Valentine tomfoolery from the 2012 debacle… New York was missing the playoffs for the 2nd straight season while running possibly the worst player in the league out at shortstop on a daily basis… Tampa Bay was finishing under .500 for the first time since 2007 while continuing to cater to a lackluster fanbase in the worst building ever to host a sporting event… and Toronto continued to struggle for relevancy while continuing to thumb its metaphorical nose at America’s pastime by prominently featuring a Canadian maple leaf on its garb and gear. 1.392 palabras más


MLB 2015 Spring Training Preview: AL Central Questions That Burn

The AL Central for most of its existence has been the red-headed stepchild of the MLB divisions since its inception in 1994; all five if its inhabitants have spent extensive stretches as among the league’s worst franchises, and the Central’s cities are obviously inferior to their glitzier, glammier, all-around superior East- and West-Coast rivals. 1.068 palabras más


El juego de pelota más caliente de la serie (+ Video)

No había sido bueno el empezar. El pitcher abridor hacía el mejor de los esfuerzos pero la 9na contraria llevaba meses entrenando y estaba en mejor forma. 513 palabras más


MLB 2015 Spring Training Preview: AL West Scalding Questions

Previously on the AL West… The Angels were matching their in-city (but not really) rivals the Dodgers by getting ignominiously swept out of the first round of the playoffs in what could only be characterized as ignominious fashion; the Astros were… 1.052 palabras más


MLB 2015 Spring Training Preview: NL West Scorching Questions

The last we saw of the various NL West teams (I count five), the D-Backs were turning in the worst run differential in the National League after a series of questionable 2013/14 winter moves; the Rockies were shitty as per usual, with Troy Tulowitzki on the shelf injured, as per usual; the Padres were finishing a quasi-respectable 3rd at 77-85 despite fielding the lowest scoring team in history (may need someone to fact check me on that); the Dodgers were getting their asses handed to them for the 2nd straight year by America’s Heartland’s Sweethearts, the St. 1.218 palabras más