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Word In Five EP 006 Bethel by Rev Wole Owolabi

There’s a name every Christian should add too their names …





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Sunday Funday

It was so GOOD to be in church yesterday.  Having traipsed all over during the month after our wedding and being ill a good amount of the time, Ted and I had barely had a moment for good, congregational fellowship. 366 palabras más


Worship This Week: Carry Me On Your Back

(Sorry fam, couldn’t find a YouTube link!)

This week is midterm week, which means lots of long hours of studying and very few hours of sleep. 183 palabras más

It's Possible to Walk Away from God While Listening to Bethel

It is entirely possibly to walk away from God while  singing worship songs and leading ministries and discipling other people.

Just ask me.

It’s possible to be in the midst of the presence of God while simultaneously wishing very terrible things on the the person next to you. 663 palabras más

What Worship Can Do

Whenever you feel like you can’t see anymore, put the garments of praise then start worshipping God.

As what Brian Johnson said “whenever we do worship it clears the airways so we can see again”. 37 palabras más


Runners, Rascals and Rivers

Genesis 28 has Jacob running from his brother Esau who has just been tricked by Jacob and his mother. Through some deceptive help of his mother Rebekah, Jacob escapes with the Birthright and Blessing of the Promised family. 709 palabras más

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