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Capes Rule!

They really do keep you dry.  You may want foot covering to enhance the dry experience and to offer some protection against unexpected splashes and puddles, but the bottom line is that you stay dry even in a steady rain. 46 palabras más


First Ride this Week

Regrettably, I rode neither Monday nor Tuesday. Less regrettably, I did ride today, so let’s focus on that bit of goodness! The wind was stiff, coming directly from the west, at about 11MPH. 65 palabras más


It is Well with My Soul

Today we welcome author Felicia Ferguson to Guest Writer Week at Breath on Paper.

The first time I heard the story behind the hymn by Horatio G. 773 palabras más

Church Of The Highlands

Jesus as the new Bethel. Study 5, part 2 in the "Where Heaven and Earth Meet" series.

This study looks at how the Gospel of John appropriated Jacob’s encounter at Bethel to show Jesus as the typological fulfillment of that event. If you have not read it already, I suggest reading the first part of Study 5’s post from December 27, 2016. 763 palabras más

Gospel Of John

How long do dreams last?

How long do dreams last?

In this season of political polarization, it is tempting to hope that we can unite in celebration of Dr. King. But celebrators ought to know whom they are honoring.

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Semper Fidelis

Quite often these days my heart aches as I’ve been having vivid flashbacks to two of the most important journeys in my life. Almost two years ago, during spring break of my junior year in high school, I hopped on a plane with a handful of friends and leaders from my youth group to serve as missionaries in Guatemala. 1.442 palabras más

Victoria Datanagan

Made for this

Sometimes in life your bff just nails it. As in not only in being a good listener without judgement and loving you with your flaws and all, but also in literally nailing and painting your motto for 2017 on a sign. 1.214 palabras más