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Do you need help to hear from God? Some thoughts on Bethel, Selling the Prophetic, and the Prophetic Industry

Havilah Cunnington Prophetic Personalities Course Leader

Just this week, I came across two separate ministries that were promoting a teaching package that was designed to help Christians ‘hear from God’. 1.671 palabras más

I'm No Longer A Slave..

In church on Sunday, we sang ” No Longer A Slave”. The Lord knew my heart needed to hear those lyrics. “I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God.”. 660 palabras más


Shine On Us

I was stumbling in the darkness
Couldn’t see my hand in front of me
I was sending up an SOS
When all was lost, You came running…

977 palabras más

When you get a Love Punch

A good few years ago now, a film came out called The Love Punch. I was talking about it with a friend, and discussing what on earth it might mean to receive a “love punch”… We decided we didn’t like the sound of it, whatever it was, too much of an oxymoron! 781 palabras más



My dream is to go live and work at Bethel when I grow up.  Bethel is the united states branch headquarters of Jehovah’s witnesses.  It is where we make books, videos, paintings, the watchtower magazines, bibles, and much more.  175 palabras más

Resource: Charmley offers a biblical critique of The Passion Translation (TPT)

The biggest New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cults around the globe are encouraging Christians around the world to give up the Christian faith and to embrace the NAR’s ‘The Passion Translation’ (TPT). 357 palabras más