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Bethel - 2015 - Without Words - Synesthesia

Bethel released the “Without Words – Synesthesia” second instrumental album on July 31, 2015.

Artist: BETHEL
Year: 2015
CD: Without Words – Synesthesia

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The one good thing about The Passion Bible "Translation" . . .

. . . is that it will make it easy to spot wolves.  It is bad as The Message, just for different reasons.  From… 243 palabras más


Word & Worship - Abba (Arms of a Father)

Today we take time to reflect on a precious verse and a beautiful song.   We call it Word & Worship.

OUR WORD for TODAY: 170 palabras más
Word & Worship

Today's Video: "Build My Life"

Greetings and blessings to you!

We hope you enjoy this beautiful worship song titled “Build My House” by Amanda Cook!

Remember to Smile 🙂 God loves you!


Most charismatics are closet cessationists

Until recently I was a fence-sitter on the continuation/cessation of spiritual gifts debate topic, never really researching it enough to pick a side.  My position was that while the gifts could continue, I’d never seen them done properly (e.g., those enamored with the gift of tongues never obeyed the handful of verses governing their use, the faith healers were obvious fakes, etc.).  961 palabras más


Bethel's Location?

Reading through the Old Testament, the location of Bethel is significant. It’s the place where God speaks to Abraham, Jacob, Gideon, etc. Translated, Bethel means… 254 palabras más