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Loyal subjects, royal souls

One of my all-time favorite songs is called “Who Can Compare to You” by Bethel feat. Matt Stinton, from their newly released album, We Will Not Be Shaken… 399 palabras más


So Much

So much is happening, so much is changing, so much.  I catch myself thinking in fast forward. So much is happening. We had a huge garage sale, sold a bunch of furniture, and gave away a ton of stuff.   984 palabras más


Bethel Music - Ever Be

“You Father the orphan
Your kindness makes us whole
You shoulder our weakness
And Your strength becomes our own
You’re making me like you”


Taking the Terrifying Plunge to Stop Dieting.

A few weeks ago, I decided I would no longer diet. I would no longer call any food off limits. I was terrified. I knew I was going to blow up like a whale.  394 palabras más



This song helped to bring my heart to a deeper place of healing.

When I heard this song for the first time, it was at a pivotal moment in my relationship with Jesus. 433 palabras más

Love God