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The Most Wonderful Father of All

Good day all and a happy MONDAY! :)

This week let’s focus on the love of our eternal Father up above.

Jesus calls God “ 823 palabras más


You Crash Over Me

As I am wrapping up the first week of Spring Semester I am beginning to come to terms with just how much work is in front of me. 611 palabras más


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Faculty Senate discusses Campus Master Plan 2.0; questions raised for departments facing relocation.

Marissa Gamache | The Clarion

Plunking away on a neon green silicone keyboard pad covering his Macbook Pro, one faculty member directed his full attention to clearing out his emails and catching up with friends on Facebook.   800 palabras más

Bethel University

When Heaven Invades Earth - Part 1

Desperation is not the virtue of the righteous. Often we have heard in songs and in sermons, “It is when we have nothing left, in our moment of greatest need, in greatest desperation, we reach out and touch God.” Does it sound familiar? 1.148 palabras más

The Enigmatic Case of the Wandering Smoke Alarm

Hands down! A “Chirp-Chirp” is infinitely better than “Fire Fire!” but both are irritating in their own way.

“Now where did I put that durn smoke alarm this time?”

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What God Taught Me Today

With you. 

I remember having a very vivid encounter with God when I was 19 years old. I was in bible college, and all of the students in my class were asked to come forward to be prayed for. 376 palabras más

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