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As Easter Sunday approaches, I have finally, after 5 and a half weeks of lent, realized why I gave up social media.

Yes. That’s right. 5 and a half weeks. 675 palabras más



My song of the past two weeks is “Nearness by Bethel Music. It is on their latest album, “We Will Not Be Shaken”.

If you are wondering where God is today and if He hears your cries. 316 palabras más

Church Under Fire

Normally, I try to avoid drama on social media. There are times, however, where you kind of get drawn in anyway and sometimes, need to wade through all the comments, likes, and links to find where you stand. 2.223 palabras más


I am no longer a slave to fear

My friend and past Light Project student who graduated with his FdA in community evangelism a couple of years back now heads up an initiative charity called… 311 palabras más

The Light Project

Van Halen Announces A North American Tour With A Date Not Far From Albany

David Lee Roth and the Van Halen boys will be on the road this summer with a North American tour. They’ll be starting in Seattle, WA and criss crossing all over the country, with a stop not too far from Albany, N.Y. 480 palabras más


On the Road

This time last year Phil and I walked the Worcestershire Way. You can read about it here. This year we are road trippin’ Here’s my road trip musings – part uni exercise – part fill in my non-social media peeps. 674 palabras más

The Collins Connection


So I have this theory about names. It seems to me that the names we’re given as children (and I’m not talking about the mean names we got called in school, I talking about our legitimate, birth-certificate names) have a lot of weight in our lives. 387 palabras más