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Ethical Gifts so Good, You'll Want Them for Yourself

Ethical is the new black. Companies and products that are fair-trade, organic, eco-friendly, b-corp, vegan and use other ethical practices are IN! Here is a list of our favey ethical gifts for the holidays… 68 palabras más


Ayurvedic Brownies Recipe

True healing happens when the body is at rest, so the harvest and hibernation seasons are ideal for shifting towards a cleaner, more holistic diet. Adding a pinch of awareness to our recipes goes a long way when attempting to get the most nutrients out of what we consume. 461 palabras más


Shifting Anger to Love

This is an excerpt from Breathing Love: Meditation in Action by Jennie Lee © 2018. Used by permission from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.

Consider how upset most of us get when we do not get what we want. 957 palabras más


In Review: The Bruin BikeShare Program

Imagine you’re still on the hill and late for class. You need to make up for lost time and driving definitely isn’t an option. Alternatively, imagine you’re at North Campus, but you get the sudden urge to go see what’s happening in South Campus. 630 palabras más


How to Choose the Right Mala Crystals for Your Personality

Choosing the right mala necklace is usually a challenge, as there so many choices we can make. There are several approaches to choosing a mala, it can be by… 1.180 palabras más


Total Body Yoga Workout with Tim Senesi (Video)

The great thing about Youtube is that there are so many free yoga classes online.  You can practice anywhere, anytime.

Yoga With Tim has a 30 Day Total Yoga Body Challenge that we’re loving right now. 231 palabras más


Adaptogen Spotlight: The Most Powerful Energy Tonic in the World?

Lately, you’ve probably been hearing more and more about adaptogens and all of their superpowers.  Thank goodness Western health and beauty practices have been adopting a more holistic and preventative approach!   501 palabras más