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Berries, dates, and greens - Be well -

My very first post for this series I’d like to start. Simply titled “Be well” – an ode to feeling our best, fueling our bodies and minds with nourishing vitamins and minerals. 381 palabras más

What the Masters Say About Love

We oft forget the brave rebellion that inspired the holiday of Saint Valentine. According to legend, he was imprisoned during the Roman Empire for performing weddings for soldiers, after Claudius II forbade the young men from marrying in fear that it would weaken them. 287 palabras más


The One Magic Ingredient to Add to Your Beauty Regimen

Several years back, I took control of my health and eliminated all processed foods from my diet. This then carried over to my beauty products as well. 454 palabras más


Rewind: Jay Z's Most Zen Moment in That NYT Interview

If there’s one thing Hov knows, it’s people. He’s maneuvered his way out of Marcy to the Grammy stage he once publicly protested to hitting the awards show this year with an ethereal takeover — 8 nominations. 483 palabras más


Combating Veterans Issues through Gardening

Encompassing 14 acres behind Jackie Robinson Stadium on the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs (VA) Campus is a garden undergoing restoration. At one time, this space was a fully functional sanctuary for veterans, as well as a food source for local restaurants. 737 palabras más


Virginia Woolf's Most Yogic Quotes

Born on this day, January 25th in 1882, Adeline Virginia Stephen became one of the foremost and most beloved voices to embody the roar of the woman: Virginia Woolf. 419 palabras más


Your Personality Is Changing, But You're Probably Still 'Agreeable'

Modern psychologists agree: humans change as we age, not just physically, but socially as well.

Our “Big Five” personality traits tend to shift as we get older, according to a new study of some 50,000 people from the United States, Europe and Scandinavia, reports… 405 palabras más