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I was wondering, for a long time, when there would be a good food market in the streets of Santiago, Chile.

Long time I was expecting it, but no one responded my prayers. 466 palabras más


10.28.15: Humiliation

El Nacional published an article yesterday in which it claims that the national government is creating infrastructure deficits through its Mision Vivienda  subsidized housing program in Caracas by failing to provide for parking spaces, recreational and green areas, and schools. 1.557 palabras más

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Himno bicentenario nacimiento Don Bosco

Al final de la Eucaristia se canto el Himno del bicentenario del nacimiento de Don Bosco.

08.16.15: Patria

A video uploaded to YouTube yesterday by DolarToday shows a virtually bare Bicentenario supermarket in Valencia, Carabobo state. While the supermarket’s shelves are empty, the establishment does not appear to be closed as a trickle of shoppers mingle about. 651 palabras más

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Años que han pasado desde que este mundo vio nacer al santo de los jóvenes.

Hay tantas palabras que pueden intentar describir a Don Bosco: Padre, Maestro, Amigo, Sacerdote… Pero Don Bosco es en cierto modo indescriptible. 146 palabras más


08.04.15: The Brink

A video was uploaded to Twitter today by La Patila’s Roman Camacho (@RCamachoPatilla) showing a tense situation in the Bicentenario supermarket in Palo Verde, Caracas. 381 palabras más

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06.27.15: Line of Credit

Maduro announced last night that Iran had agreed to grant Venezuela a $500 million line of credit,  calling it a sign that “Venezuela will never lack friends in the world” 474 palabras más

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