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Pretty amazing digital restoration job on the kind of film we’re used to hearing through a rainstorm of pensive crackle, the image fuzzed and degraded — here, only the occasional winking sparkle hints at an analog origin. 43 palabras más


The Bimbo vs The Geek or Only Dead Fish

Sarah Palin is smarter than Bill Nye, the Science Guy???  “Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am,” says Palin, America’s #2 bimbo.  “He’s a kids’ show actor, he’s not a scientist.”  Before we go any further, let us take a look at Mr. 538 palabras más

Social Commentary

We like our bodies, in different sizes.

Its fair to say, that quite often in mind control stories, its not just the mind that gets changed. Quite often, especially with women, the body tends to undergo a fair bit of change too. 398 palabras más




Like urchin peasants
We look for others
Skin them
Use them
Then die

When I awake, I ponder… 487 palabras más

The Life Of Omar - Yeezus

Living The Dream! Omar Ayala – Born in Harvey, Illinois (about 20 minutes away from Chicago.) Raised in Norristown, Pennsylvania. I am a soccer athlete that has been playing soccer since he was 4. 178 palabras más

The Village Bicycle

For the purpose of this blog posting, names of the people involved have been changed to protect their identities.

However, the communication between the parties involved remain verbatim — unchanged and unedited — copied and pasted for your reading pleasure & pure entertainment… 495 palabras más