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365 FRAMES 2015: Day 106 - The Snake and the Cat

My housemate and his pet snake. Nearly had a heart attack when he didn’t tell me he had it in the kitchen with him.

However, the cat was less scared.

365 Project

My Blather On.... 'Hillary For America;" April 15th

“That’d Be ‘A First’!”

In ALL her sixty-seven years, EVERYTHING has always been about Hillary!! If were truly about “every family, every small business, and every American,” why~ 686 palabras más

Hillary Clinton

Betty Boop: Dizzy Dishes

Previously entered as the first Betty Boop cartoons:


The Aftermath and Badness

Sometimes, it feels as if I am searching hopelessly for something. I had thought that I might feel new again, after yesterday. But, I don’t. Mostly, I just feel unbearably aroused. 412 palabras más



This is gonna be a super weird update hahahas.

Had a very very busy month preparing for Theatre Nights! Whoohoo

Hmm…I guess I’ve not talked about this a lot, but I’m the Costume Designer for the Theatre Wing of Epiphany. 469 palabras más


A memory is only in the mind

Yesterday, I saw something that I would rather not see. It’s something I cannot describe, with safety, anywhere online that I would care to go. My Owner (the only person that I could face telling) tells me that it was likely fake. 472 palabras más