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Betty Boop: So Where Did Bimbo Come From?

(Also, I reached 17,000 views the past day! Hooray!)

Fearless Fred was Betty Boop’s second or maybe third boyfriend. What about her first? That would be Bimbo the cartoon dog. 292 palabras más


Joker is Poker with a J?

Did you know that Joker is Poker with a J? Hahah what a Jo-incidence.

LOL one of my favourite bimbo moments of Phoebe from FRIENDS. 15 palabras más

Work In Progress

University is over, Bring on the big wide world

After fours years of University and 2 degrees later … I AM FREEEEE.

For those of you who may have read the post about myself, you will know that I have been studying Animal Behaviour and Welfare for the past four years. 295 palabras más

Daisy's Adventures - The Beach

“Daisy’s Adventures”, is going to be a series of blogs about the things that she gets up to, whether they be little or large.

Ok, so home is on the Isle of Man. 353 palabras más


365 FRAMES 2015: Day 106 - The Snake and the Cat

My housemate and his pet snake. Nearly had a heart attack when he didn’t tell me he had it in the kitchen with him.

However, the cat was less scared.

365 Project