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The 39th Talkartoon: A Hunting We Will Go

I’m down to the last four of the Talkartoon series and don’t go thinking that I’m not as worried as you all are what I’ll do when the sequence is done. 744 palabras más


The 38th Talkartoon: Chess-Nuts; could this be the end of Old King Cole?

Today’s Talkartoon is another from April of 1932. And it’s another animated by Shamus Culhane. The other animator was William Henning, who hasn’t been credited on a Talkartoon before. 683 palabras más


The 37th Talkartoon: The Dancing Fool, The Rarest Kind Of Betty Boop Cartoon

This week’s Talkartoon is an unusual one. Not in content; in content it’s a dance party cartoon, with the characters ultimately playing to music until the Fleischer Studio meets the contractually obligated length. 672 palabras más


Bimbo Harem - The Complete Coll - Alice Locke

Table of Content
Cindy’s Dream
Cindy wants to change her life, and what’s better than having a cosmetic surgeon give her the body she always wanted? 61.561 palabras más


The 36th Talkartoon: Crazy Town, a place to visit

So after that weirdness of two Talkartoons released the same day, the Fleischer Studios went to a more relaxed pace. They didn’t release the next short until the 25th of March, 1932. 830 palabras más


Vornado Fan Accessory

I don’t think the missus would appreciate it, but it’s on my bucket list.