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When Bimbo went to Africa

Those of you that know me …. do not fear, I am not expecting you to read this. For everyone else, please enjoy :)

So that people understand why I am not expecting my fellow bimbo lovers to read this post is due to the fact that, when I got back from this adventure it was all they heard from me .. 574 palabras más

What Became Of Pretty Boy

Following that ice cream “date” with Pretty Boy not a lot happened. I got over my crush on him within that month. Our friendship has evolved. 191 palabras más


Don't worry, be Happy

Just to cheer everyone’s day up because it’s Monday





The 'Twirl'

The Twirl’

I am guessing you are trying to work out what this post is going to be about. Toys? Food? Another dog perhaps? The answer is no, to all of those. 314 palabras más


Double B Moment

I had 2 B moments today. I had the “God I am such a brat” moment and “Why am I such a dumb bimbo” moment all because of the same issue. 281 palabras más


When Daisy met Curious George 

Ok, so you’re probably asking who is this ‘Curious George’.

Well Curious George is the newest addition to the Lowe family. He is a few months old and he is a Chinese Dwarf Hamster. 317 palabras más