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Little Bones’ Misha

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Second Life

Revenge (Part 6)

This is the life. I wonder why I never used that pink stuff before now? Craig wondered to himself absentmindedly, admiring the four blonde beauties kneeling before him, cum dripping down their tits to their naughty bits. 229 palabras más


Revenge (Part 5)

Craig groaned as he shot another load over Lynn and Linda’s faces, savouring the sight of the two horny bitches licking up his cum. He’d been taking turns fucking each of his conquests for the better part of the day, taking them in every position, hole, and room of Linda’s house. 441 palabras más


Revenge (Part 4)

And then her grandmother.

Craig had always though Linda looked good for her age. Even in her 60s, the woman had a handsome smile, full breasts, and a toned body. 402 palabras más