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2015; More A than T

I have found this rejuvenated inner self which I thought I had lost years ago, sprout back to life again. Rather smashing I say. I find myself behaving like some testosterone filled 14-year-old who just came across his older brothers porn stash. 510 palabras más

Fetish Acceptance: Taking the Worse with the Bad

I saw and shared an exchange on Tumblr a little while ago in which a young woman reblogged a dominant’s fantasy guide for training submissives into eating disorders to keep them thin. 622 palabras más


One step closer


The journey has begun, I’m on my way to finally becoming

a fully Qualified and Accredited / Fabulous Dog Trainer.

I completed my first qualification with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) in Hatfield, UK. 98 palabras más

Glad You Came

It was almost an hour of waiting for Pretty Boy. He’d called to say that he got held up. When we met up finally, he apologized for making me wait. 303 palabras más


When Bimbo went to Africa

Those of you that know me …. do not fear, I am not expecting you to read this. For everyone else, please enjoy :)

So that people understand why I am not expecting my fellow bimbo lovers to read this post is due to the fact that, when I got back from this adventure it was all they heard from me .. 574 palabras más

What Became Of Pretty Boy

Following that ice cream “date” with Pretty Boy not a lot happened. I got over my crush on him within that month. Our friendship has evolved. 191 palabras más