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Sometimes during the studying process your brain starts speaking to you


I always start every post this way (Well I try to start this way all the time, if there are times where I have lapsed then shame on me I did not mean to), I might have explained it before, or I might not. 622 palabras más

pink hair/pink nips

Just did a video confession for a friend of what a nasty slut I am. WordPress won’t let me upload videos, but here is a teaser pic that I took a screenshot of before sending it. 15 palabras más

Tit Pics

Funny Moment: One

Ever since Ivy got pregnant, she has been quite uncomfortable with her bras. Today she got the chance to go shopping~


"if you can connect with a woman in that manner then she will give you all the clues and hints to open her legs"

How old are you?  46

How many women have you been with?  Close to 100 

Do you have a pick-up technique?

There is no one “technique”. 773 palabras más