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The Ninth Talkartoon: Swing You Sinners!

I’m not figuring to wholly abandon order in these reviews of Fleischer Studios Talkartoons. It’s just that it is Halloween, and it is the Fleischer Studios, and surely they’ve got some cartoon with a nice dose of spirits and demons and graveyards and the sorts of merry gruesomeness that makes for the fun of Halloween. 953 palabras más


Human Error

The other day I was having dinner with a close friend and his bimbo, yes, you know the type- loud as a motorbike when the open their mouth, pair that with a condescending attitude and an empty mind. 518 palabras más


23rd of September 2017 New World Order Revealed - JUDGMENT DAY END OF THE WORLD

Im an Adult Model, writer and own my PaySite.

My best fictive world i made up until now. Dark Orwellian Dystopia on the Fetish side. 2.891 palabras más

Get ready brother, your time has come

This cartoon is so iconic that it’s been copied a lot for faux vintage cartoon projects, but I don’t think I’ve ever posted it before. 30 palabras más

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Cartoon Creeps: Why Horror Lovers Are Obsessed with Max Fleischer

Finally, I get to do something spooky for Halloween. Again, I apologize for how unexpectedly eventful this month has been, but we finally get to talk about creepy stuff that’s totally relevant. 743 palabras más


13 Jenama Produk Ini Bunyinya Sangat Pelik dan Lucah!

Pemilihan jenama memang sangat penting dalam memastikan sesebuah produk atau perkhidmatan (servis) yang dilakukan mampu menarik minat orang untuk membelinya.

Akan tetapi, ada juga pengusaha atau pemilik syarikat yang memilih nama yang bersifat lucah,  jelik dan pelik dalam memasarkan produk serta perkhidmatan mereka.

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Got Wood

With another entry in my library of slightly shorter short stories at roughly 11,000 words, Got Wood explores a more magical means of fast transformation. This is another story of mine that addresses the reader as “you” in narration all the way to the end. 156 palabras más

Linear Story