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Betty Boop's May Party

Director: Dave Fleischer
Release Date: May 12, 1933
Stars: Betty Boop, Bimbo, Koko
Rating: ★★★

‘Betty Boop’s May Party’ is one the Fleischer studio’s most surreal cartoons, and one of the last ones containing this type of weird humor, so typical for the studio in the early 1930s. 261 palabras más

Black And White Films

ME: dumb bimbo's perspective

Lol…..I think I blew it beacuse I was being me

I cant stand guys who cant appreciate or look down on a woman who has their own opinion… 272 palabras más

Schubfachprinzip Bar #2 (Fragment #025)

“Get out of the light, bimbo!”

Someone pushed me from behind with much giggling. Why on earth do these idiots call me bimbo 267 palabras más

Tetiana Aleksina

PandoraSissy's Bimbo Dream

Alright, let’s get started with Quality Sissy Hypnos, in 1080p.
Thank you very much for this one, PandoraSissy.

A quote from AnnaMalice:

While I was absent, PandoraSissy released another sissy masterpiece!

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Bimbofication Trance

Time: 11:40