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One of the major problems of Burundi and other developing countries all over the world is the high demand for energy and this has greatly increased the price of energy worldwide.  504 palabras más


FCH2 JU call for proposals 2015 - Sub-MW demonstration of stationary fuel cells fuelled with biogas from biowaste treatment

This demonstration must not only raise public awareness; it should be used to establish confidence in technology, business models and market readiness with key customers in the food, waste management or other industry accessing biogas from biowaste. 308 palabras más

How the U.S. Can Become Fossil Fuel Free

this is just the way i would approach it. it is not intended to be complete or encompass the full complexity of what is involved in moving off fossil energy and becoming sustainable. 505 palabras más

Vertical Farming(?)

Dr. Dickson Despommier wrote, The Vertical Farm. It is an inspiring book but it is not a concept that will work. Dr. Despommier is a microbiologist, ecologist and a professor of Public Health in Environmental Health Sciences at Columbia University. 1.213 palabras más

How I see us Transitioning off Fossil Fuels

These are in no particular order:

1) Add more bike and walking friendly paths on all the major streets, even if that means having to give up space to cars… 498 palabras más

Biogas, the only true renewable source of energy

If there is one renewable fuel we can all make ourselves simply and in a quality we need, biogas — its the only answer. Forget solar (other than passive). 2.192 palabras más


Hi all

Today’s a drizzly cold day. So I’ve decided to do an update and try once again to get photos from my iPhone. Previously I could do it quite easily, but either Apple or Windows have changed something. 1.234 palabras más