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Bioenergy Insight Conference to be held in Edinburgh

The Bioenergy Insight Conference & Expo will take place in Edinburgh from 4-5 Oct. The conference is organized by the Bioenergy Insight Magazine.

In the EU, Bioenergy will make up 50% of the 20% renewable energy target, according to the EU’s 2020 objectives. 73 palabras más


Cooking, cooling and cultivating with poop

Decomposing human and animal waste has the power to change lives. While it might sound – and smell – funny, the power of poop lies in biogas, a renewable energy source produced during the breakdown of waste. 112 palabras más


NYTimes: The Compost King of New York

The Compost King Interesting #biogas business model for trash, revolving around the different grades of garbage


Biogas Cost Reductions to Boost Sustainable Transport

While most people will identify electric vehicles as a sustainable form of transport, particularly when paired with renewable electricity generation, biogas also holds great potential to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector. 571 palabras más

Renewable Energy

Make Homemade Biogas Energy

By David William House

Making Biogas Make Sense

The good news is that biogas is easy to make. It’s the only biologically based renewable energy, besides combustion — simple fire — that happens and then persists in nature. 3.800 palabras más


Transition pathways for achieving bioenergy target

The European Commission research programs in partnership with Udayana University and the Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund recently conducted an international workshop in Bali to discuss a wide range of issues related to bioenergy. 822 palabras más