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Ciudad de México

Landing at Mexico City’s airport is quite an experience. Located in the heart of the city, it really lets you know you’ve landed in the Americas’ largest metropolis. 849 palabras más


IrBEA Seeks to Appoint a Chief Executive

A New chief executive is being recruited for the Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA) to champion the case of the growing bioenergy sector, including wood energy, biomass, anaerobic digestion and biogas and energy crops. 308 palabras más


I spent my first week in Mexico in Yucatan – a stunning peninsula of breath-taking scenery, fascinating Mayan ruins, and fat American tourists. My flight is filled with holidaymakers and, bizarrely, former boxer Chris Eubank – dressed head-to-toe in tight black clothing apart from a shiny sheriff’s star on his chest. 753 palabras más



This blog will cover my experiences living and working in Mexico. As a first-time blogger, it will take a few posts for me to strike a balance between Bill Brysonesque anecdotes about Mexican life and cold, hard engineering facts. 242 palabras más


New Engine Helps Eliminate Methane's Growing Contribution to Global Warming

Freedom Motors has developed a version of its Rotapower rotary engine that can use contaminated biogas to generate electricity. Biogas is a major source of man-made methane emissions which now appear to be driving climate change. 285 palabras más

Agro Discovery | how can I treat vegetable oil factory wastewater before use as fertilizer?

In my previous article, I stated that effluent from vegetable oil factories could be reused as cheap organic fertilizer on agricultural fields after they have undergone some treatment. 438 palabras más

Agro Discovery