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Methane Emissions and Wastewater: Sources, Effects and Solutions

To the average person, daydreaming about wastewater is something we just don’t do. Do you however consider what it is that you might be flushing down the toilet or pouring down the drain? 872 palabras más



Apprendiamo da fonti stampa (v. qui, qui, qui, qui, qui) che si è verificato nei giorni scorsi un gravissimo episodio di inquinamento e sversamento di digestato di provenienza, presumibilmente, dall’impianto a biogas di Castelbellino. 774 palabras más

India first Bio- CNG fuel plant at Pune

India got its first Bio-CNG fuel plant at Pune. This plant will use agricultural residue to generate CNG which can be used in automobiles as fuel. 544 palabras más

When your 5-year old knows more about biogas than you do

Stockholm has a pretty decent system for household recycling. It still demands that the consumer is motivated to recycle on his/her own accord, but the communities do try to make it easier for inhabitants to access (outdoor) tips where this can be done effectively and on a 24-hour basis. 758 palabras más

Make your own gas - Biogas

Biogas is a combustible mixture of methane and carbon dioxide which is produced through the anaerobic breakdown of organic waste materials such as sewerage, kitchen waste and manure. 153 palabras más


New to Science: July 2016

A few days later than planned – but here are the highlights from the July issue.

To start with this month, scientists from China have isolated a novel Actinobacterium from… 264 palabras más

New To Science