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Thirteen years ago.

Thirteen years ago, my youngest boy was born in Geneva. It was an emergency C-section as they were little sign or no signs of life of him in his mother’s womb. 541 palabras más


40 Weeks At A Glance

Happy Sunday y’all! As I sat down this week to brainstorm this weeks post, I thought about how this past Wednesday was Ash Wednesday and these next 40 days till Easter are so so special. 789 palabras más


What do I see?

What do I see in these eyes?

Peace. Knowing that the tiny wonder she has been carrying is alive.

What do I see in these eyes? 106 palabras más

"The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering."

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Over 35? Yes, you can still have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby

Dr. Laura Gaudet’s medical residents at the Ottawa Hospital are mostly women in their thirties, she said, and some are in a “personal crisis.”

They’re in the middle of their training, but they’d like to have a baby someday. 590 palabras más


Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 22nd April

Today’s posting has no less than three Popes, two feature in the next paragraph but before we get to them Isabella I of Castile Queen of Spain who started The Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition (or just the Spanish Inquisition) expected her birthday from 1451. 710 palabras más