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Healing Through Pregnancy

If you think you’ve worked through you’re shit in life and have come to a clear, grounded place, become pregnant and watch as the universe unfolds to show you the places you missed. 287 palabras más

Opening To The Boys From Qizhongtao

The last of the winter mists cling to the valley. White clouds dance all around. Dead branches tease promises of resurrection soon to come. Snow lies here and there, relenting to the growing warm of spring. 272 palabras más


Shallow Concerns

I’m just about to hit 35 weeks in my pregnancy journey, so the actual giving birth part is now full front in my mind. So, yes I am worried about the pain, and is my baby going to safe and healthy ? 1.677 palabras más


Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 20th August

Having mentioned, (only yesterday), impeached President of the United States who liked to give a mouthful, today’s births paragraph begins with 23rd holder of the same title, Benjamin Harrison voted with his feet as to when he’d celebrate his birthday from 1833. 807 palabras más

Threats of labour

I “just knew” this baby would be a few days early.

A few days before my due date I had some show and was getting a few niggles here and there. 245 palabras más

Going back to the start... pt1

Going back to the start part1

Going back to the start is hard to write, I suffered horrendously with anxiety after Joshuas birth. In fact Joshuas consultant told me about bits I didn’t remember following his diagnosis. 806 palabras más


I guess it should be expected that after seven pregnancies in fourteen years I would have some form of failing ligaments – but nothing could have prepared me for the pain and discomfort that round ligament pain caused me during six of those seven pregnancies. 1.715 palabras más