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10 Interesting Facts About Cats

  Have you ever noticed your cat going crazy for olives? That’s because olives have a similar chemical compound in them to catnip.

  There’s a cat that lives at a nursing home in Rhode Island U.S. 308 palabras más

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About Me


My name is Polina, I am 19 years old and currently studying Chinese and Global Studies at university with German on the side. To say I have a busy life is an understatement, so a lot of the time when revising, I sit stewing in my own thoughts on the world and how I perceive the things going on around me. 374 palabras más

Catching Up With Los Blancos

Gotta admit, with all the shit going down with the Kavanaugh confirmation clusterfuck, I have not had the will to write about football. JFC, what a mess my country is right now. 312 palabras más

Bits And Bobs


Soooo, today is recognised as World Mental Health Day.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. The truth is that none of us really know how much somebody else is hurting. 270 palabras más


French Martini

A trip to London with one of our daughters recently inspired us to find this recipe. Not one to be boring and simply order wine, said daughter is always happy to try a new cocktail: she ordered this and we both ended up ordering another! 51 palabras más

BBC GoodFood Magazine Recipe

Hey everyone!

For those who haven’t met me just yet, my name is Clarel, and I will be one of your English Language Assistants this year! It’s my first year at this school and I am so excited to be in your classes helping you become awesome English speakers! 80 palabras más

Bits And Bobs