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We Earned It, You Didn't

I’m going to keep this one short, or at least I’ll try.

Earlier this week, Issa Rae was asked who she was rooting for at this year’s Emmys. 621 palabras más

Random Life Events

Black Peeves: We Won't Applaud You, White People

White privilege is a thing, and we all know this. There’s no denying it (I mean, some of them do, but the majority of us know what’s up) because it’s super obvious, and it just needs to go away. 732 palabras más


Everyday Use

ENGL204 BLOG #5: Does Alice Walker believe that the “Everyday Use” of the old quilts is protecting or destroying tradition? Remember from the introduction that we are told that Alice Walker resembles each of the characters in her narrative. 217 palabras más
American Literature

Eyes on the Prize

Excerpt from “The Black Book”

“Untitled” (9/24/16)

Cecil told me that he’s never been more scared at a protest. I initially thought of the unpredictable violence and how it could affect one, but that wasn’t the case. 559 palabras más

Manifesto Of The Movement

Photowalking in London

After Balance UnBalance, I had a great time visiting long time friend and mentor Paul Brown in London. Now I will be honest here – I am not one for big cities and was just a wee bit nervous about negotiating trains etc in such a busy place. 464 palabras más

Art Projects

The 2017 Solar Eclipse Nat Turner and The Pan Original Revolution in North America

During this month of August on August 21st a solar eclipse of the sun was visible  throughout large areas of the United States.  around 1886 years ago around this same time of the year  there was another solar eclipse  in the United States. 237 palabras más