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How to Stop Racism

Everyone is Against Racism

The number of students, both black and white, demanding that universities do more to fight racism is on the rise. Many stand with Concerned Student 1950 and similar groups supporting hatred in general. 636 palabras más

Black Lives Matter

The Dawn Of Black Power - 1970

Dartmouth College’s Vice Provost for Student Affairs Inge-Lise Ameer admitted something this week that few administrators do: She monitors what’s posted on Yik Yak. And a recent survey shows the majority of school officials do the same. 43 palabras más

Black Issues

Justice or Else: Black Out Black Friday

Count down to Black Friday. What’s more important to you? Buying gifts or uniting for justice and equality. Stand for something! If 1 million of us don’t shop on Black Friday, on that day alone, we can control well over 500 million dollars in this country. 166 palabras más


University of Missouri Protests

I salute their bravery. Everyone should take a moment to admire the incredible courage of these protestors.