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New Zealand: Second Highest in Mass Incarceration

Locked Up Warriors

Al Jazeera (2013)

Film Review


Locked Up Warriors is an Al Jazeera documentary about New Zealand’s mass incarceration of its indigenous people. 97 palabras más

New Zealand

Finally, a prof gets punished for anti-white racism

On June 4, Tucker Carlson of Fox News reported on a Memorial Day party, held in New York by Black Lives Matter, from which non-blacks were explicitly banned. 621 palabras más


Mind-Bending Theory: Forrest Gump Was Biracial

Most people my age have seen the film Forrest Gump. This Tom Hanks classic was dubbed “the ’60s for dummies” by my high school social studies teacher, and it really is all that and more. 894 palabras más


Two Black Cowards and a White Male: Richard Spencer makes a fool out of pro-American Negroes

Why do these two Black males think the closer to get to being like White men they are going forward? And the other coward  wants his children to mate with White racist children?

US Imperialism in Granada (1983)

Rightwing President Ronald Reagan ordered around 7,600 US troops (which unbelievably included a small number of Caribbean troops) to invade the former British colony of Granada on the 25th of October, 1983, under the dubious pretext of stopping the spread of Communism on the island. 246 palabras más

Leftwing Political Analysis

Black Business Spotlight: Ivy’s Tea Co.

Drinking tea is a worldwide custom that goes as far back as you can remember. With many different types of flavors and characteristics that they possess, you are always doing your body justice when you take a sip. 437 palabras más

Black Business Spotlight