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Black Business Spotlight: Lachele Cosmetics

The makeup industry has been a flourishing business for many years. Women of all shades use makeup to enhance their beauty and show creativity on their face. 310 palabras más

Black Business Spotlight

Why Get Free or Die Writing...

So…I wrote two posts and they both got deleted. I am not typing that shit again. I am here to write. It will be raw, it will be real and I am not open to debate my thoughts views or opinions. 298 palabras más

Black Power

A Black Man’s Cold War

At odds with ourselves
Trying to realize our wealth
Race Relations strained
Like “Che” in his prime
We lock arms and make a way
heaven’s gate, may we pray. 85 palabras más

Black Fiction

the pull of nationalism and the drift from king

the pull of nationalism and the drift from king

by fabiorojas

A very good article about the Civil Rights Movement (CRM) and how teenagers perceive it, how a lot of people equate non-violence with passivity (when it’s not), and how nationalism (Black Power) has more appeal than CRM.


The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense

The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense

by Panther Members

This is a very good short explanation about the formation and history of the Black Panther Part for Self-Defense.


A Seat At The Table

Solange brought us to the edge of our headphones with ” A Seat Of The Table” which I might add is hands down the most BLACK album of the year. 381 palabras más


Lessons from the Past

Watching the unfolding of the so-called ‘alt-right’ tendency across the globe during the decade since the 2008 Crash, can seem scary. First, let us call a spade a bloody shovel, as those of us from England’s north-east would do: this tendency is a form of fascism re-designed and adapted in an opportunistic manner for the present day. 250 palabras más

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