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Protecting The Black Family

The FAMILY is the FOUNDATION of every society on earth, and MARRIAGE is the legal, moral, and spiritual COMMITMENT a man and woman make to raise their children within the protection of a stable, committed home. 155 palabras más


1 Stripped, 1 Promoted

On This Day

By Ken Hare

Chicago Defender Staff Writer

On this day, April 28, 1967, New York State Athletic Commission and the World Boxing Association withdrew recognition of… 219 palabras más


Mindfulness of a Different Sort: Radical Coloring Books of the 1970s

We’ve all seen the coloring books—in bookstores, in grocery stores, in gift shops—that purport to make you “mindful” through coloring. These books are everywhere, and come in all sorts of themes (Alice in Wonderland, butterflies, the “original mindfulness” of mandalas). 1.029 palabras más

Children's Literature


Every since Beyonce’s Lemonade album dropped last Saturday social media has been in an uproar about what the hell she is actually talking about. I think she is very transparent about what she is talking about on this album… 751 palabras más

#BSAM2016 welcomes Chairman Fred Hampton Jr

Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr will speak at
#BsaM2016 !!
Saturday, May 7, 2016
3:30p, @HarrisStowe in St Louis!
(Clay Early Childhood Development Ctr)

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr, the son of assassinated Black Panther Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. 119 palabras más


Chioma had a problem she could not see

A severe case of empathy

She forgot- weak needs strong

She adopted everyone’s struggles to a fault… 224 palabras más


Black Girl Business

What is it? What does it mean? Why even bother? Well, glad you asked!
In light of noticing that we live in a world that has the black woman at the bottom of the totem pole I hope this blog can be a platform to express my opinions and discuss with others the issues that have kept us there and hopefully help restore the black woman and her image. 70 palabras más

Black Girls