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Black Business Spotlight: I Am Success

In life we all go through certain events that give us a better perspective of society. These events can occur at a young age or way later in life when you’re an adult.   601 palabras más

Black Business Spotlight

NoE: April-Louise Pennant

Name: April-Louise Pennant

Location: Londoner in Birmingham

Occupation: PhD student in Education

My name is April-Louise and I identify as a British-born Nigerian and Jamaican or…

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Mabel & Robert F. Williams: Monroe to Beijing.*

One of the earliest and most important black militant leaders in the modern United States, Robert F. Williams, the civil rights activist and militant revolutionary nationalist moved to China with his wife Mabel at the invitation of Mao Zedong in 1966 at the early stages of the developing Cultural Revolution. 4.057 palabras más


Revolutionary Movements Then and Now: Black Power and Black Lives Matter

In 1966, Black Power emerged as a rallying call for African Americans to shift their focus from freedom now to the embrace of black cultural, political, and economic power. 502 palabras más

Black Power