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My Favorite Things of the Week Vol. 2

Here is the beginning of what I hope to be a growing archive of some of my favorite things that I see that I want to share with all of you.   1.396 palabras más
The Black Community

Dark Nation Rising: #RiseUpOctober

Coming in October 2015, the dark nation will rise in the form of a national march focused on shining the light on the oppressions of black and brown people in NYC and across the country – with a demand to end the systematic annihilation of a people. 865 palabras más


Who is SmileyFacedRevolutionary?

A little about me and why I started


American Pride

Living in America for over 26 years now, I was lucky to meet all types of people from all walks of life, including cultures, religions, and personal backgrounds. 144 palabras más

African American Artists: from history to art

Professional sports love to wrap themselves in the American flag. They assume that spectators and television viewers are super patriotic and that they will appreciate their favorite sport's devotion to the spirit of nationalism and gratitude towards those who made sacrifices for our country. 37 palabras más

Black History

Activist Grace Lee Boggs Turns 100

Dedicated to the process of transformation through activism for over 70 years, Grace Lee Boggs turned 100 last month. Amy Goodman covers the story.

To mark her 100th birthday, we pay tribute to the legendary activist and Detroit-based community organizer Grace Lee Boggs.

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