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It's not easy

Consistent positive attitudes are hard to come by. From my own extensive research and feelings within social media, I believe that those of us who are part of the Black Community are in a cycle state of anger. 266 palabras más


Book 9: Black Feeling Black Talk (1968)--Nikki Giovanni

I always shy away from reading poetry and remember, after I force myself to sit down and read it, why: it’s harder than reading prose. But it’s often so much more gratifying so then I wonder why I don’t read more poetry. 367 palabras más


Race is an illusion

Race is an illusion made up by un-evolved humans centuries ago who didn’t understand skin responses over time to different UV levels at various places on the globe. 262 palabras más

Good For Thee But Not For Me

You just cannot fix this level of stupidity. Who, do you say, is fueling the racist divide? These idiots are a BIG part of it. But also recognize that even though they say they’re ashamed, in reality, they are not. 118 palabras más

Current Events

"Descendants of Slaves" Instead of the Term "African American"

I would never, in any way, regurgitate thoroughly researched and data-rich analysis of another exceedingly hard-working individual, and I certainly won’t start doing so today.  But, I have to gloat over the concept Yvette Carnell formulated.  1.113 palabras más

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SNCC: What We Did

Author: Julian Bond


“Throughout its brief history, SNCC insisted on group-centered leadership and community-based politics. It made clear the connection between economic power and racial oppression.

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Color of Change: Durham

Color of Change has over 1 MILLION members and they are growing. You can get involved with a cause with just a click of a button. 46 palabras más