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A Tribute to Comrade Jack Jersawitz (1934-2012)

Comrade Jack Jersawitz was born in 1934 in Brooklyn, NY (USA), but lived for a time in England before returning to the US. He protested against all wars. 1.148 palabras más

Leftwing Political Analysis

Panther Cubs? The Black Panthers and Children’s Literature

This week, Artlyst announced that Tate Modern will be holding a summer exhibition on the art of American Black Power ( Tate Britain’s display of photographs, Stan Firm Inna Inglan, has already begun ( 1.160 palabras más

Children's Literature

Misogynoir: what's really destroying the Black community

This is a little (actually long) something that I had written for a friend who is starting up a magazine. Her magazine is focused on modern Black consciousness, but relax, it’s not an ‘ashy… 2.547 palabras más

Freiheit für Angela Davis . . . and So Much More: The Black History Pamphlet Collection

Many times over the course of this blog either I or one of my colleagues has written about an aspect of the job of being an archivist that can best be described as “discovery.” Typically, we find something we’ve never seen before, didn’t know about, or never heard of. 1.740 palabras más

African American History

Black Business Spotlight: Byacole

Having faith in God is an important aspect that many use to help find their calling in life. It may take someone years to know what they can accomplish in life but when getting that sign, amazing feats can happen. 254 palabras más

Black Business Spotlight

The Counter Racist Cul-de-sac

This video points out the ridiculousness of being a “counter-racist codist”. The problem is not so much that these “victims” have a “code”, it is that they have misidentified the solution. 266 palabras más

In Color: Photographic Images and BAME Children in Literature

This week, Kendall Jenner and Pepsi became embroiled in a controversy over an ad that depicted Ms. Jenner joining a protest march (after ditching her blonde wig—an interesting detail for thinking about issues of how race is presented). 1.092 palabras más

Children's Literature