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regardless of religion, methodologies, & ideologies....

the most important aspect of gaining justice and progress for black America, is unity.

Celebrate diversity among ourselves.

We don’t have to have collective same-ness to accomplish our goals. 96 palabras más

Black Power

What Side are you ON?

So, this happened on my Seminary campus

but then again so did this

What I am expressing is that Life can be raw and ugly or overwhelmingly joyful. 180 palabras más


Malcolm X, Chokwe Lumumba, Black Lives Matter, and The Blueprint For Black Power

Soundtrack: The Last Poets “Niggers Are Scared of Revolution”

My Spirit tugged at me to write these words when I saw this article, “Diddy on #BlackLivesMatter: ‘Black People Are Committing Genocide on Ourselves'”, while taking a break from writing my book. 2.375 palabras más

Cornel West: Why Malcolm X Still Speaks Truth to Power

From Smithsonian online
by Cornel West

Fifty years after his death, Malcolm X remains a towering figure whose passionate writings have enduring resonance.

Malcolm X was music in motion. 415 palabras más

Undoing Racism

Malcolm X - Make It Plain Documentary

Watch this classic documentary exploring Malcolm’s life journey, his family history, environment, and encounters with both subtle and overt white supremacy that ultimately led him to challenge that white supremacy, become the fountainhead of modern day revolutionary black nationalism and developed a radical critique of American hypocrisy both in the US and its wider foreign policy.  9 palabras más

Black Politics

Stuck on my culture

I love my culture.  Recently, I did an DNA test and discovered that I am 75% CoiteD’voire/Ghanian/Malian/Nigerian and 22% British/French/German.  So while I am thankful for all the cultures that have come together to make me the person I am, I am extremely excited about the African part.   145 palabras más

Our Culture Pops!