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Glamour Room Pop Up Event

Imagine a place where a bunch of business owners collaborate together to help local entrepreneurs build and expand there brand?

Well that is what the Glamour Room Pop up shop has started in Los Angeles. 229 palabras más

Black Business

Black Power

Black Power is a prominent gang in New Zealand. Members are predominantly Māori and Polynesian.

It was formed as the “Black Bulls” by Rei Harris and… 147 palabras más

Loving the Black Panthers?

She studied PR and “Leadership Studies” at Hampton University, then got a Master’s Degree in “Music Business” at NYU. She’s now at Yale, earning another Master’s – this one in Divinity. 701 palabras más


Melanin Narratives II Recap

Who: YEGTheComeUp | What: Melanin Narratives II | Where: Art Barns | When: Saturday, March 11, 2017 | Why: To celebrate African/Caribbean achievements, experiences and realities through art, documentation, and education.  67 palabras más


Who really is Wolverine?

Logan Spoilers. My brother and I grew up with the X-men cartoon and comics.  Saturday morning if we missed X-Men, our week was a dried up raisin of a dream deferred.   2.151 palabras más

Ida B. Wells: Anti-lynching Crusader

By Abayomi Azikiwe

The many references by African-American women intellectuals and activists to educational achievement, economic self-reliance, sobriety and religious adherence suggest that Western bourgeois values influenced their thinking and organizational approaches. 1.057 palabras más

Black Power

Black is Beautiful- Money is Power: Picking up Where the Black Power Movement Left Off

Before I begin, let me give a shout out to Lewis H. Michaux whose famous quote sparked a sense of eureka on the topic of economic empowerment and income equality. 620 palabras más

Black Lives Matter