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Ancient KEMET - BLACK Egypt

“The average negro will read it but because it says Egypt, he doesn’t identify it with him or him with it” – Malcolm X

“In those days the black man was so dead mentally he would look right at it and wouldn’t know that he was looking at himself” – Malcolm X… 328 palabras más

Black Skin

Projects I'm Supporting, Part Three

It’s Black History Month and I’m back with ongoing list of crowd-funding projects and new works I’m supporting. And you should be supporting, too!  216 palabras más

Black Magician History Month

I love researching topics for these posts. One of the ways I pick topics is to check the dictionary to see what words people are looking up currently. 707 palabras más

Three Women: Yoko Ono, Buffy Sainte-Marie & Nina Simone

Coincidence or likely story, three of the great freedom singers of our time, Yoko Ono, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Nina Simone were born on nearly consecutive days in February. 258 palabras más

Arts And Culture


I wrote this post on August 4, but I fixed it (kinda) last night.

I’m scrolling through Instagram, on the discover page, and I see facts about how studies show that black people are scientifically better than white people at this or that, or that they are superior. 146 palabras más


Black History Month 2017: Blogs Related to Black Power

Happy Black History Month! This year the Rediscovering Black History blog at the National Archives would like to highlight select posts from the past. This public blog was created to inform researchers, scholars, students, and anyone interested in records related to African-American history at the National Archives and Presidential Libraries on the vast amount of textual, electronic, photographs, and special media available for use. 217 palabras más

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