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Man’s difficulties

“All of the man’s difficulties are caused by his inability to sit, quietly, in a room by himself.” Blaise Pascal



zajmowała mnie dzisiaj

egzaltacja Blaise’a Pascala

jeśli to prawda co o nim mówią

– że umierając chciał leżeć koło bezdomnego –

był człowiekiem nieprzeciętnych emocji… 62 palabras más

I Love Beer and Jesus

“I like to have fun and a lot of Christians seem like duds.”

I could have written that quote.  As a high school freshman, I wanted nothing more than to have fun.   3.176 palabras más

Biblical Prophecy


All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.

~Blaise Pascal

Why we need to be able to be alone with our thoughts

Lingering inside our own heads is a habit which is, at least in the world of work and commute, becoming less and less common. On the way to work adverts are everywhere, telling us how to think and pulling us away from entertaining any thoughts of our own. 205 palabras más


mommy, there's nothing to do

it’s change that makes things different
from the things they used to be
and restlessness that makes us wander
sea to shining sea

it’s craving makes us want for want… 127 palabras más


Crab Nebula

” We run heedlessly into the abyss after putting something in front of us to stop us seeing it “.  Blaise Pascal- Pensées.

Original : 30 palabras más