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This quote from Blaise Pascal helps us to understand why some have eyes that can see and ears that can hear and others do not. It is not about the physical senses, but the spiritual ones.


Brief thoughts and quotes on humility and faith

Today, as I came across the two quotes below, it got me thinking a bit about the importance of humility and faith.

I wonder, if we could turn back the pages of history when religions legitimized violence, hatred and war; if instead those who were such certain advocates of these had been more humble in their faith in God and practice of their faith whether much of the darkness of religious history would have been avoided and humankind may have moved a bit closer to perfect shalom; a more concrete manifestation of the realm of God; of God’s will being done on earth as in heaven. 129 palabras más


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“God made humans in His image so that the world would be filled with reflectors of God. Images of God. Seven billion statues of God. So that nobody would miss the point of creation.” —John Piper… 197 palabras más

Men never commit evil so fully and joyfully as when they do it for religious convictions.

– Blaise Pascal



Friday, 7th August 2015

I’m prompted by a discussion on the Moral Maze with Galen Strawson to formulate a ‘free will or determinism’ version of Pascal’s wager:

‘Free will exists or it does not.’ But to which side shall we incline? 48 palabras más


Quote of the Day

Do not mistake yourself by believing that your being has something in it more exalted than that of others.

—Blaise Pascal