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EP Review: Blaise Pascal

Just from the strength of the first soulful effort’ I Can’t Wait’ – featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC last month – BLAISE PASCAL‘s self-titled debut EP seems like a real contender. 81 palabras más


Round table, infinite sphere

Meanwhile at Camelot King Arthur held a feast at Easter: but before the knights of his court would be seated at the long table in the hall, a great strife broke out between them as to where they should sit – for they counted it a greater honour to be near the head of the table than near the foot.

834 palabras más

Manchester By The Sea

Death. Family. Adolescence. Sin. Redemption. Hidden secrets. So many heavy topics touched on in one film. When you think about it, it can overwhelm you. 476 palabras más


The Spectacular Now

Chicago’s Art Institute recently announced that it will soon be displaying the world-famous painting known as Whistler’s Mother. The portrait, known as the “Victorian Mona Lisa… 545 palabras más

March 8

SEARCH thine own heart. What paineth thee
In others, in thyself may be;
All dust is frail, all flesh is weak;
Be thou the true man thou dost seek. 88 palabras más


March 7

LIE not; but let thy heart be true to God,
Thy mouth to it, thy actions to them both:
Cowards tell lies, and those that fear the rod; 143 palabras más

Robert Louis Stevenson

A Life of Worship

Today is Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Only two more days until our Glen Rose weekend!

Quote of the Day

“Man is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness from which he emerges and the infinity in which he is engulfed.” ~ Blaise Pascal… 757 palabras más