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Accepting/Rejecting Calvinism (Pt. 4b: The Benefit of the Doubt)

We doubt. Doubt is glorious. Only one who can doubt can believe, just as only one who can despair can hope, and only one who can hate can love. 3.474 palabras más


The supreme function of reason is ... (©Blaise Pascal)

The supreme function of reason is to show man that some things are beyond reason. – Blaise Pascal


That we must love one God only is a thing so ... (©Blaise Pascal)

That we must love one God only is a thing so evident that it does not require miracles to prove it. – Blaise Pascal 


The Foes of Joy: Happiness

What robs joy of its joyfulness?

We began to think through this question last week. We started with the affirmation that joy is central to our dogma and practice as Christians. 1.035 palabras más

Theology Corner

“Rivers are roads which move, and which carry us whither we desire to go.” Blaise Pascal

Happiness is a frame of mind, and money can’t buy you happiness. “but it can buy you a boat, and a truck to pull it…” That’s lyrics to a song by Chris Janson. 1.391 palabras más

Don't Believe Everything You Think

Robert Louis Stevenson

The problem of education is twofold: first to know, and then to utter. Every one who lives any semblance of an inner life thinks more nobly and profoundly than he speaks; and the best of teachers can impart only broken images of the truth which they perceive. 1.370 palabras más


Quote of the Day

The sole cause of man’s unhappiness is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his room.

Blaise Pascal, Pensées

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