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Evening Meditation | 22 May 2015

“Knowlege of God without knowledge of man’s wretchedness leads to pride. Knowledge of man’s wretchedness without knowledge of God leads to despair. Knowledge of Jesus Christ is the middle course, because by it we discover both God and our wretched state.”

Blaise Pascal

Evening Meditation

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Coffee in hand, I make my way out to the deck and sip as I watch the mist lift slowly off the lake. Sunday morning and I’m feeling reflective. 618 palabras más


Quote of the Week/ Pascal

All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.

–Blaise Pascal, Pensées 


This week’s quote continues the theme of silence that showed itself in yesterday’s post where poet… 364 palabras más


The "authenticity" bluff — why our lack of self-knowledge undermines our claims to be authentic

Authenticity. We love it.

We love the gritty, stripped down personality who says it like it is. We love the person who bares their soul. We dig musicians who reveals their innermost thoughts and hurts.

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Blaise Pascal and the Place of the Heart in Public Life

Over the course of the past semester I had the privilege to take a course under the direction of Professor Radner with several brilliant students at Wycliffe College on the turn to modernity in early modern Christian European thought (what a mouthful, right?). 966 palabras más

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L’Évolution des Définitions de l'Infini

In Pensées, Blaise Pascal introduced the concept of the two infinities – the large infinity and the small infinity, the vast infinity of the universe and the immense infinity of nature and the atomic – and man’s disproportion between the two, a nothing compared to everything and an everything compared to nothing.   2.418 palabras más


Notizsammlung zu Pascal's Pensees, Tag III

“Sie haben einen geheimen Trieb, der sie bewegt, äußerliche Zerstreuung und Beschäftigung zu suchen, und der aus dem Gefühl ihres beständigen Elends erwächst. Und sie haben einen weiteren geheimen Trieb, der von der Größe unserer ursprünglichen Natur übriggeblieben ist und der sie erkennen läßt, daß das Glück tatsächlich nur in der Ruhe und nicht im Tumult liegt. 71 palabras más