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“The virtue of a person is measured not by his outstanding efforts, but by his everyday behavior.” -Blaise Pascal.

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Time Spent With the Harvard Classics: Pascal - Discourse On the Passion of Love

We have previously discussed the life and legacy of Blaise Pascal.  This being Valentine’s Day, it seems there might be no better time than today to introduce his  35 palabras más

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Miracle.—It is an effect, which exceeds the natural power of the means which are employed for it; and what is not a miracle is an effect, which does not exceed the natural power of the means which are employed for it. 2.423 palabras más


Blaise Pascal (1623-62)- What is more likely? God exists or not?

Blaise Pascal is best known for being a French mathematician, inventor, physicist, writer and Catholic theologian who held a very convincing argument for the argument of God’s existence. 928 palabras más


Now that I've the Time

A couple days ago, I wrote a painfully long post called The Irrepressible Nature of Irony.

I mean, dude*, it is a massive monster of a missive. 299 palabras más


Pascal's Wager Discussed

Christianity might seem strange to some, particularly to those who haven’t had a revelation of the reality of God. But when we come to understand the Christian worldview, and how it relates to every human being, we are all forced to consider seriously the idea of salvation and whether ignoring what the Bible says about life after death is really an option. 745 palabras más