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How Effective Is Blekko

Blekko offers web search engine with a difference; the company claims it can deliver results faster than competitors like Google. Blekko search engine works using slashtags to get results for the common searches. 180 palabras más


Blekko Makes Navigation Easier with its Revamped and Redesigned Toolbar

Blekko, the new age search engine that made its debut in 2010 with the objective of delivering quality results only from trusted sites, quickly caught the attention of search engine users. 300 palabras más


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Private Search Engines and Privacy Search

So with all of the on going and recent media attention pertaining to privacy online, we wanted to take the time to simply let everyone know that the Gynius search engine is a genuine private search engine. 199 palabras más

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Blekko Search Engine: Trustworthy Results with Quality Content

Blekko search engine strikes our mind when sometimes we find that the search results generated by Google or other engines are not trustworthy. Blekko has come up with a vision to get rid of irrelevant results and that is why it shows only those websites which have good reputation. 223 palabras más


Install Blekko Toolbar For Refined Search Results

Everyone has used Google at some point to find information. It dominates the industry – nearly 90% of global search queries came through Google in April 2014. 347 palabras más


Blekko Sources Content from Tried and Trusted Sites

Search engines are one of the most important of modern inventions. We instantly turn towards the one when looking for any information on the internet. The internet with its most visible component, World Wide Web, has revolutionized the way the world views and processes information. 321 palabras más


Exclusively Categorized Results By Blekko Simplify Web Search

If you are fed up of using colons while searching and are looking forward to a state-of-the-art search engine that lets you use slash tags, then you should try Blekko. 240 palabras más