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From packing your life away in a suitcase and stepping outside your cultural comfort zone to learning how to clean and cook and achieving your career aspirations.  141 palabras más


Rimmel Provocalips: PICK UP OR PASS?

So I picked up the Rimmel Provocalips about a month ago because I heard so many people talking about how great they are! Well, I must say I was….Not dissappointed at all! 225 palabras más


Maybe Don't Wear Old Mascara and Nap With It On

I wasn’t ready to part with my L’Oreal Manga Eyes

So I know nobody really abides by the 3 month mascara rule, but I usually do. 144 palabras más


How Baseball Changed My Life

315.4 – that code, emblazoned on my medical charts throughout my childhood means, “motor coordination is substantially below that expected, characterized by clumsiness or poor performance in sports.” While other kids were playing in sandboxes, I was doing weekly physical therapy sessions just to reach “expected.” 795 palabras más


Blogspotlight: Unotaku

After a long time, another special guest for the blogspotlight. Daziigirl from Unotaku takes the stage. 624 palabras más


The confident, get-it-done type 😉

Morning all and apologies for the rather erratic blogging recently.  We have been going through an exciting shift on our farm and it has rather monoplised our thoughts of late. 39 palabras más