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Twinkling xmas lights in East Village" on YouTube

Playing around the East Village with Janet and spinning under xmas laser twinkling lights.


Three Day Quote Challenge (IV, Day 2)

Good morning! Happy Wednesday :) Thank you very much, Vintage Sapience for the opportunity to keep posting quotes :) You will find beautiful poems, amazing quotes, and tons of inspiration. 69 palabras más


The Llew Glas Christmas Shopping Experience...

We have lots of yummy and lovely products on sale in the cafe including oils, salts, pates, chutneys, blankets, candles and of course chocolate. These are all beautifully packaged and would certainly be on my Christmas list. 78 palabras más


One day...

All the perhaps and maybes

linger in the distant land of tomorrow,

where one day,

on a sunlit morning,

we will let them go.


The Courage To Be

When I search my soul for the answer to the question what is courage, this is what comes up.


Facing fear.

Facing Life.

Facing death. 128 palabras más


Cancer Cells Survive Treatment by 'Going to Sleep'

One thing that has been puzzling those with cancer and the medical profession for aeons is the fact that one is never cured of cancer, one is always only in remission, with the chances of it returning at any time, even decades later. 510 palabras más