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Hi new WordPress Followers and current,

I am currently going through so much emotions like I have never experienced before. Maybe it’s me getting older and realizing the reality and truth of things or maybe it’s me finally accepting things. 220 palabras más


Blog 9 It’s Starting To Come Together

Friday night rolled around. I had eaten a good pole enabling dinner, I’d had my nanna nap. I was armed with a positive go to attitude, pole would be mine. 733 palabras más


Kendall Jenner Collection: Get It For Cheaper

Kendall Jenner has managed to become one of the most loved models in model history. Whatever she wears looks absolutely fabulous on her, and she has the confidence to carry anything off. 292 palabras más


Our Need for Nollywood

Nollywood films, like all films, are a form of escapism, these films are lost cost production and are made to provide cheap, accessible entertainment for individuals. 511 palabras más