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Treatment update... It's been a hell of a week! 

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” – Cayla Mills

Not going to lie.. It’s been a rough week!   1.190 palabras más


Guest Post - I Enjoy Stripping

I don’t like having more than one of anything. Feels wasteful. I mean, one hairbrush will do. My wedding dress and cake had no decorations, no ribbon or flower. 248 palabras más


& Other Stories New Campaign featuring Meryl Streep's daughters

Okay first of all, I am SO glad that &OtherStories has finally made it’s way to the US. When I lived in London, I would make my way to the Oxford Street brick and mortar store almost every other week to fawn over their ridiculously chic and minimalist clothing and accessories. 123 palabras más

Currently Craving


I’m sort of stealing this idea from Philip DeFranco, but what he said really got me thinking.

If you could say anything to your five year prior self, what would you say? 679 palabras más


The guy saying Xavi will join NYCFC is the most respected sports journalist in Spain

The internet isn’t sure if Xavi will join NYCFC. Spanish radio, however, is quite confident.

The news in Spain works a little differently than in the United States. 366 palabras más


Five Reasons why you DON'T want to lose that weight this year

I went to KFC so much in high school that they had my order ready before I walked in the door. That is a true story. 2.078 palabras más