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yet again

This has now become the third time that I’ve re-started my blog. However, this will be the last time. I deleted all previous post and chose to start fresh, yet again. 137 palabras más


Because I need some air

Literally and not. It’s been an exhausting week even though I didn’t want to admit it at first. It’s late Saturday morning and I haven’t started on my studying. 896 palabras más


Your Definition

Give me the definition of always.

The teardrops on your lashes? The memories in your mind?
Your hand and mine? Faded photographs on our wall? 88 palabras más


Thoughts While Working Customer Service

Let me tell you a little bit about my job. I work at a dollar store in a college town. Now, unlike Family Dollar, Dollar Express and whatever other misleading dollar stores, this one  516 palabras más


"Coffee Addict"

Addiction to Coffee? Count me in!

Everyday my body system craves for it. This addiction started when I was in high school. Gradually it became an ADDICTION. 120 palabras más


Thank You for 100+ Followers!

Look what popped up in my notifications last week!

True, I’ve never cared about the follower count.  I can safely say that every post on here was written for  194 palabras más

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