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Everyday Sophistication

Last week we talked a lot about investing in high quality basics. It’s something that’s still resonating with us this week, especially since we seem to be piling on more and more layers! 97 palabras más


What a day it was.. Part 2

After their first meeting in the restaurant with a little bit of romanticness, they were in awe with each other.

Always trying to create the chances to meet with each other, even trying to meet their eyes whenever they happen to pass one another. 181 palabras más


Lei de SP que obriga cobrança de estacionamento a cada 15 minutos é inconstitucional.

O Órgão Especial do TJ/SP julgou inconstitucional, nesta quarta-feira, 26, a lei estadual 16.127/16, que obriga estacionamentos de SP a cobrarem de forma fracionada e manterem relógios visíveis para que o motorista faça o controle. 350 palabras más

Review on "The Walking Dead" TV Show

This show is probably one of the best shows I have ever seen. It deals with gruesome  “walkers” and how a group of people survives in a world full of them. 229 palabras más



If you have seen season two of the TV show “Flash”, then you know that there have been some dramatic irony throughout the show. I’m warning you to not read my article if you do not want me to spoil anything for you. 320 palabras más


Autumn Walk

So it’s Autumn, my fave time of year! The colours, Pumpkin Spice, crunchy leaves underfoot and all those cliche white girl things!

From a photographers point of view, I absolutely l-o-v-e taking autumnal photos and coming to think of it so does half of Instagram, however no matter how good the photo looks, sometimes the elements don’t play to your side making it a constant battle to try and take the perfect photo, as I found out today.  140 palabras más


What's up, snow?!

We just got first snow today, in October. It was unexpected but hey, I’m not complaining. Seeing the snow made me really happy and I’m so thankful for this long weekend we’re getting. 220 palabras más