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Tips&Tricks : Polishing the Idea

Good Thursday everyone, I hope you all had a far less hectic day than me. To get started I know last Thursday we talked about how every great book, or great invention (where ever your passion is) it started with a diamond in the rough idea. 516 palabras más


Blog - Eva's Byte #138: In Fezziwig Mode

I’d be remiss this time of year if I didn’t allude to my all-time favorite holiday story—Charles Dickens’ novella, A Christmas Carol (1843). Taking center stage for this blog, is Fezziwig—a merchant of jolly and jovial temperament under whom young Ebenezer Scrooge apprenticed. 232 palabras más

Indie Author

Don’t Ring that Bell

When men try out to become a part of the Navy Seals Special Forces, they have to pass a very hard and rigorous training. The training which is called BUDS, stands for Basic, Underwater, Demolition and Seal training. 1.870 palabras más


Blogmas Day 14 - It's Ok Not To Be Ok... Bah Humbug!

Hey everyone

How is everyone doing? I hope you all are feeling ok and if you are not remember it is ok not to be ok. 300 palabras más


it is what it is: fuck the Crown i say

Ok, so after such a lovely calm day yesterday (aka, calm before the storm!), I woke up to a fluster fuck this morning … thank fuck yesterday was calm ay! 856 palabras más


Why I’m getting my MPH

In truth, I’m writing this post for selfish reasons. As I gear up for my move to Philadelphia, I’m getting asked at least once a day why I want to get my Masters of Public Health. 1.241 palabras más