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Counting My Sober Days

I know that I posted a little while back, that I won’t be counting my sober days anymore, but I came to understand, that when I count my sober days, I stay sober for a longer time. 84 palabras más

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I Don’t Know How to Blog

So I don’t know about you, but blogging is becoming super hard for me. I feel like you need to have a certain dedicated and creative personality to own a blog and be really successful with it, and I seem to not have that. 147 palabras más


Beaujolais by Chop Zuey

Chop Zuey

Beaujolais Noir Jewelry

Pose by L.A. BoS – Accessories Duex set


In Defiance

Blogging experts tell me that for every 10 minutes I spend creating content I should spend 90 minutes  promoting.

I mulled over this all evening, in the company of a couple of glasses of red wine. 27 palabras más


About Me, Again?

And number three…

2. Do you like your handwriting?

4. Longest relationship? 

5. Do you still have your tonsils?

When I was little, my younger sister got her tonsils removed. 655 palabras más


3 Tech Devices We Can't Live Without!

On this week’s Wednesday Weekly round-up, we’re sharing technology devices that help add value to a creative business. These are also the essentials we cannot live without, as they have leveled up our game. 381 palabras más


Theatre Talk: The Bodyguard

We will never forget the day that our Queen of the Night, Whitney Houston, left this earth. Her role in The Bodyguard (1992) would be one of the most iconic roles of her ever-expanding career. 386 palabras más