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Using Proofing To Help Your Fiction Diction & More!

Recently on LitWorldInterviews.Com, my book review, author interview, and writing/publishing advice site consisting of a dozen team members, all with experience and/or passion in the field of writing and publishing, author… 786 palabras más


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Great Info from Ron :D

10 most commonly misused words.

Hmm I’m not sure a couple of these are right :P but then I’m probably using them wrong.


'I have Parkinson’s. It’s part of me, but it doesn’t define me. There’s way more to me than that.'

It took me a good six months to a year to go and see a doctor about what my friends and I joked at the time as being my ‘shaky hand’. 324 palabras más


Channel Your Characters

by Franklin Kendrick

There are a lot of books and articles that talk about the craft of writing good characters, their motivations, how to give them personalities, etc. 693 palabras más


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I wanted to share this post because my characters have always had music to help me get right inside their heads, and it's a subject that I've seen few writers ever bring up. You can see some of the music that has helped me shape my characters on my website HERE: :)

My Love For Karaoke

So I mentioned this a few times on this blog already. I just want to mention it again. I love going karaoke with my friends. 50 palabras más


New Day

New day is the beginning of a new start of making better choices and rebuilding your life.

Are You On Snap Chat?

Hello Beauties,

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!! I honestly cannot believe I’m actually writing a post dedicated to snap chat… 470 palabras más