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Life Update!!! 2 months left in Japan :-(

Hello everyone!

It has been over 2 months since I published my last post about my share house experience in Japan. Since then I moved back to Kawagoe and began attending Tokyo International University again for my second and final semester of the Japan Studies Program (JSP). 831 palabras más

A Classic Bait-and-Switch

Caveate Emptor
(Let the Buyer Beware)

I included this bit of wisdom in a post to Judy Dykstra brown and she was so thrilled to learn a new expression she even wrote a post on the topic. 514 palabras más


The Sunshine Blogger Award-Part 4

Hi, everyone! :)

I’ve been nominated yet again for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Alex Charming! Thank you for nominating me. She posts a lot of fun things on her blog. 258 palabras más


Departing to Dublin "16"

This is the first time I went away with my best friends James and Nick. All I’m going to say it was definitely an experience, me and James were the crazy people there. 384 palabras más


My Fitness transformation pt. I

Hey guys!

Carol here! I decided that my first proper blog post would be about the first stage of my transformation.

I will be honest with you, I have absolutely no idea how much I was weighting. 349 palabras más


20 Practical tips to become a confident person

1.Decide to be confident

Each and every one of us has the power to decide what we want to be.Confidence is a choice-So what do you choose? 579 palabras más