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Didn’t post the writings from last night.

And here I am in the same spot, here in nook, and the novel has gone nowhere, and I’m tired and fanging from the day, all the people that just come in, stay as long as they like, asking “Can I revisit the…Can I revisit THE……..” Annoying. 586 palabras más


Messy Bun Half Up-Do

Something you probably don’t know about me if that my hair is very fine but I have a whole lot of it!! This makes wearing my hair up a huge pain because it will usually slip out of buns and braids, but when I do manage to get it up it weighs a ton and makes my head and neck sore. 166 palabras más

Beauty & Fashion

The Disingenuous Governor of Indiana, And His Openly Discriminatory State

I don’t know if he thinks people are stupid and can’t read some of the conservatives major problems that they have and want STOPPED NOW. 147 palabras más

Social Media

A Troll Has Sprung Forth!

Tea Party Patriot, Troll and almost certainly fake Facebook profile Ben Flynn has this to say about my recent blog on the Final Four being in Indiana. 215 palabras más

Social Media

I am not a Speaker

I don’t speak very well, but I can surely write.

What I mean by that is I may not use the most clear or concise words to articulate a well thought out sentence in person.   320 palabras más


Let me speak my opinion in your ear....

Hello all of my blogger buddies! It is so good to be back and blogging with you all. As you probably guessed it, it is week 2 in my Leadership and Media class. 993 palabras más