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My picks of ZARAs new season collection

Distressed Navy Cricket Jumper

Leather Jacket with cream trim coming soon

Cat Print Top & Trousers

Poplin Dress

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How to be a Successful Business Writer

Make Life Happen with Kristy Morrison

When Kristy wrote her first book she had gone from being a vet tech to becoming an entrepreneur home staging and later would become a successful three-time author. 858 palabras más

Is Blogging Fake? Why I'm Tired of the Tactics & Games in this Industry 

I feel like this post has been bubbling away under the surface for quite some time now, itching to come out, and yet, after finally writing it all down, I hesitated before hitting publish. 908 palabras más

All About Me

Summer cocktails you'll love.

Hi everybody!

I’m coming at you fresh off of a weekend down the Jersey Shore and I’m completely inspired by these summer cocktail concoctions. I wanted to share my top favorites right now & my must try list with you all. 395 palabras más


Sunshine Blogger Award & recognising smaller bloggers! 

I’ve taken quite a liking to doing these “Award Tag” posts but actually using them for something else: helping to promote and recognise smaller bloggers in the industry. 735 palabras más


What I Learnt After 4 Months of Blogging/Advice to Other Newbie Bloggers

1. Draft, draft, draft!!!

Quicker things like my This Week in Links posts, I can usually just write, spell-check and then publish immediately. But with longer posts (like my Wonder Woman series) I will write several drafts before I can finally pummel my writing into something coherent. 690 palabras más

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