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1:Open for anyone and everyone who would like us to! You’re also welcome to leave your website url to your blog too! (P.S.- Next week we’ll be hosting shoutouts to all our bloggers who are following us on Instagram!) 257 palabras más


The More You Know

The more you blog, the more you know. You can learn stuff from one another in the blogosphere. This is indeed post education.

Tony's Posts

But baby, I love ME!

This past year I’ve learned so much about being selfless, about what the important things in life really are, and about appreciating myself. It’s not easy to realize your self worth sometimes especially during times when everything comes crashing down, whether is has to do with work, home, friends, love or yourself. 315 palabras más


The Nice Room

I found an old note the other day, addressed to Dear beautiful girl. 337 palabras más


5 Tips For New Bloggers

It’s hard to believe this is my 50th post here at Words On A Page! I’ve been blogging for over four months now, and there are few things I’ve learned about blogging that I would love to share with any wannabe or newbie bloggers. 351 palabras más


Oh Captain My Captain Was I Way Off Course

Today I was reading a fellow bloggers poetic post

and you know I felt it was a wee bit better than most.

However although I was going to give it a “like” 46 palabras más

Get to know me!

Hello peeps!

I saw this post on Jessica Jade’s  blog – this is her post – and thought it’d be it will amazing to do this post, because I realized it has been almost two years and I haven’t really told you a lot about me! 771 palabras más