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We are writers, creators, we express ourselves openly. We are all different, yet we connect in a very special way. Like Anonymous, we are legion. We are bloggers. 768 palabras más



When you treat the person who cares for you the most like garbage don’t expect to get treasure afterwards.


There is a fine line between good leadership and manipulation.

Great leaders are known for empowering and building people. Manipulators are masters of stealing the talent of others for self-proclamation.

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Dr. A's Blog

LoveRotica Book Challenge - Series

Hi LoveBirds,

This week’s challenge is focusing on a series by author Kassandra Klay. I was first introduced to Kassandra’s writing in the Christmas Kisses Anthology that I was a part of. 726 palabras más


Winter to Spring Transitional OOTD -- Collab with Life of Angela


I have another collab which I’m so excited about! It took Angela and I quite a while to decide what we should do together, and when we decided on a OOTD, we still struggled to come up with a theme that we could both achieve! 533 palabras más


Thankful Thursday: Blogger’s edition #6

Hello again!

Pop in for a visit at

Today I am grateful for Minister Aldtric Johnson’s blog.

Minister Johnson loves the Word of God and he enjoys sharing it. 94 palabras más

Thankful Thursday

30 Days of Makeup — Day 19: YouTube Recreation (RawBeautyKristi)

Happy Thursday!

I’m so tired today! I stayed up doing this look and working on another post that will be dropping at noon, so don’t miss it because it’s a collab. 426 palabras más