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Dim Sum in Singapore: Swee Choon review

Swee Choon is a very popular dim sum supper place among the locals because of its cheap and good food. The shop opens at 6pm for the second half of the day. 414 palabras más


Moments #12


Uttar Pradesh, India

Description for visually impaired: A snap of a boulevard with little traffic on it. 


Who I am and why I'm here!

Hello Bloggers

I have always wanted to be one among you. Years before I started a blog, posted my first story and that was it. So, eventually I decided to delete it. 240 palabras más


Who Am I ?


I am Prathamesh Dabre, the software developer from Mumbai, India.

for a bit about me –

I had completed Bachelor’s in Computer Science from University of Mumbai. 50 palabras más


It's a String Thing 243

Welcome back to! It’s time for this week’s It’s a String Thing challenge! This week, Adele Bruno has joined the “Zenbutton” craze! It was the perfect excuse to indulge myself in a couple. 142 palabras más


The Price Interest Point (PIP)

A pip is the standardized unit amount of price movement or change in the rate of a currency pair in forex trading. It measures price movement just like weight is measured in gram or kilogram. 137 palabras más


toxic knowledge..

complications; at day..

during night, further deeper complication..

being single, complication..

being married, with or without kids, complications…

be it happy or sad youth; complicated… 53 palabras más