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QQ: It's All In The Brand Name right?


QQ: It’s All In The Brand Name right?

So, how did you come to select your blog’s brand name and your running tag? What processes went into the selection process? 267 palabras más


Bantering With Inspirational Signs

“No photos allowed inside,” the sullen fudge maker cautioned. She returned to her marble slab kneading the chocolate confectionery. 

Chastened, I wandered out of the sentry’s sight deep into the cluttered souvenir shop. 245 palabras más


A to Z Challenge - Semicolon

S is for Semicolon

April 16th was Project Semicolon Day.  I am sure a lot of you are unaware of what that is.  It is about an awareness of mental health and suicide.  144 palabras más


Tidelands (2018)

I remember when we studied the Odyssey in middle school. It was 1997 and I was in an English class where we read a lot of books that completely and utterly left me spellbound. 838 palabras más


Sweep it under the rug

I’m writing this off the top of my head tonight because (surprise!) I’m once again very tired. I’ll call this Stream of Consciousness Smonday. Totally a word. 206 palabras más


"New camera begins with TX Bluebonnttes."

After attending the Key West photography festival back in February, my thoughts became consumed with updating my Nikon Cool Pix L830, 16-MP, 34x zoom Nikkor lens with full 1080p HD Video, to a higher end digital camera. 353 palabras más

A Pre-published Author

Birthday visit to Northern Ireland

My mum and my son share a birthday in April. Mum is now 85 and expressed a desire to visit Giant’s Causeway. This provided a great excuse for a family trip to Northern Ireland. 292 palabras más