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Act on impulse

I’ve found that often times when i’ve acted upon things that come to mind it had been not only very freeing but rewarding. I genuinely would surprise myself. 47 palabras más


Drip for Less

Today is your lucky day!! I’m going to share my favorite fashion secret: Ross. It’s my go-to store for trendy, quality clothes and accessories. Let me be the one to tell you all about what I really get into. 956 palabras más


The Underground Railroad: A Novel

Dear Pulitzer Prize judging board, 

The Underground Railroad is the 2017 Pulitzer Prize winning book. It is an excellent literary achievement, an allegory that interludes drama and slavery violence. 567 palabras más


Mumbles ... conundrum

I am running on about 4 hours of sleep… I am “recovering” from a night of cards and a drink or two with a friend from out of state.  179 palabras más

Daily Prompts

The MCU’s Incredible Character Arc for the Hulk (That We Never Got to See)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe marks a remarkable cinematic achievement. Despite a few missteps, the movies accomplished some amazingly in-depth storytelling, stringing together almost two dozen films to tell the stories of dozens of different characters. 70 palabras más


Q.o.t.D. 081919

The Neo-Pagan religious framework is based on a polytheistic outlook- a view that allows differing perspectives and ideas to coexist
~ Margot Adler

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