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Pigeon, blackberries, chicory, roast beetroot...and black pudding

The Potted Pig, Cardiff, Wales

Blood sausage is often presented simply – on a plate with some frites, on a slice of bread, or with your full English breakfast. 281 palabras más

Blood Sausage

Boudin Noir Terrine

La Cantine du Troquet – Dupleix, Paris, France

Boudin Terrine was a new (and very welcome) discovery for me at the Dupleix (15th arrondissement) branch of this collection of Parisian bistros run by Chef Christian Etchebest.  116 palabras más

Blood Sausage

In Praise of Pintxos (and other Small Dishes)

Pintxos – the small, Basque bar snacks – are one of my favorite things in the world.  For those not familiar with pintxos, the most common form is… 567 palabras más

Blood Sausage

Beuling, asperges, algenboter

Schnitzel Restaurant, Antwerpen, Belgium

Given how rich blood sausage generally is, it’s not an obvious choice as the basis for a springtime dish. On the menu, this was described simply as ‘Beuling, asperges, algenboter’ (blood sausage, asparagus, seaweed butter). 218 palabras más

Blood Sausage

Morcilla, Kiska, Blutwurst, Black pudding, ... blood sausage!

Every Christmas eve my Estonian and German-rooted family would bake some blood sausage, potatoes, and sauerkraut for a special dinner. (and frozen vodka for the adults!) But first, we would sojourn to Denver to buy our Christmas. 1.101 palabras más

Blood Sausage

Réunionnais Spicy Boudin Noir

La Cascade Blanche, Reunion

(There are a few historical posts I’ll be rolling out in the coming months, describing some experiences that occured a while back, but that have stayed with me.   173 palabras más

Blood Sausage

The humble blood sausage

After I was born we spent 1-2 years back in Switzerland, and although it is really hard to remember anything when you are that age, I do remember one thing very vividly – the taste and smell of… 764 palabras más