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Underrated and Influential: Type O Negative

I’ll admit I was late to the party with Type O Negative. Any of the songs I heard growing up I enjoyed but I never delved into their albums until a few years ago. 158 palabras más

Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – October 30, 2015

BEHOLD, all ye false dæmons and gods: ’tis almost the witching hour — the time where you pretend that you are not only okay with death and all it’s filth and gore but the time upon which you pretend you are one of me. 220 palabras más

Daily Heresy

Halloween Week: Day One

You can’t do Halloween without Type O Negative. At least not in my world :)


Song of the Day - Type O Negative "SUMMER BREEZE"

Hot, sullen pale guys with long hair make me swoon sometimes. Type O Negative covered this song ‘Summer Breeze’ back in 1993 and it was in their album… 48 palabras más


The Horns Up Top 10: Type O Negative

For this week’s Top 10, I’ve chosen to write about one of my all-time favorite bands: Type O Negative. “Type O” is well known for late frontman Peter Steele, a strapping, six-foot six-inch human being who once posed fully-erect in Playgirl. 838 palabras más

Daily Heresy

Loving you was like loving the dead

So, Saturday started a little slowly, with only getting moving around 9:00, rather than 7:30. Such is life, I guess. My walk for a morning coffee didn’t yield the usual excitement, with only finding a single random clothing item at the side of the road: … 378 palabras más