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Song of the Day - Type O Negative "SUMMER BREEZE"

Hot, sullen pale guys with long hair make me swoon sometimes. Type O Negative covered this song ‘Summer Breeze’ back in 1993 and it was in their album… 48 palabras más


The Horns Up Top 10: Type O Negative

For this week’s Top 10, I’ve chosen to write about one of my all-time favorite bands: Type O Negative. “Type O” is well known for late frontman Peter Steele, a strapping, six-foot six-inch human being who once posed fully-erect in Playgirl. 838 palabras más

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Loving you was like loving the dead

So, Saturday started a little slowly, with only getting moving around 9:00, rather than 7:30. Such is life, I guess. My walk for a morning coffee didn’t yield the usual excitement, with only finding a single random clothing item at the side of the road: … 378 palabras más

Paranoid and negative

Of all the seminal heavyweight scare-alls you could choose for a Halloween soundtrack, you’d be hard pushed to choose chillier than Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath from Black Sabbath – not just the slowest, most-ominous anti-groove put to tape at that point in heavy rock’s short history, but a track that’s got the imagery to match: the Hammer-horror dread that Ozzy conjures in your shitting-it mind and, of course, the spectral Presence on the album’s cover. 371 palabras más


Musical Monday - Type O Negative: Black # 1 (Little Miss Scare -All)

This Halloween buzz – add some Carnivore, visits from the ex (my wetterhexe) and other Type O songs doing the rounds and we end up with here…



Retrospective: Type O Negative's 'Bloody Kisses'

Welcome to midweek, everyone. Now, as you are all aware at this point, in every episode of the Horns Up Podcast, Dan and I like to take a moment to pay homage to a critical album in our libraries that we had revisited in the previous week. 448 palabras más

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